How To Hang A Towel Rack Without Screws?

You may have time to revamp your bathroom walls to a fresh look, but without a towel rack, its beauty can be overshadowed by randomly placed towels. Heaping towels on the wall leaves the room looking untidy, and they can grow mildew or mold.

Hanging a towel rack might seem daunting, especially if it’s your first time doing so. However, the process is straightforward; you only need a few essential tools and a drill bit to get it done.

Mounting a towel rack without screws is the best option because it leaves the wall looking sharp, untouched, yet organized.

Determine the exact position to place your towel rack away from bathroom fixtures like electric sockets, mark the position, then mount. Hence, it’s essential to know the process of mounting on tile without drilling a towel rack, and this guide explains the entire process in bits.

How To Hang A Towel Rack Without Screws?
How To Hang A Towel Rack Without Screws?

How do you hang a towel rack without screws?

A towel rack is one of those items that is in constant use in the home. Therefore, a bathroom towel rack without screws can be an effective way to avoid messing with the walls. The alternative to screws is a quality adhesive that holds the rack to the wall permanently to ensure it’s in place for a long time.

How to install towel rack without screws

If you have to install a towel bar, select a non-mechanical option so that you don’t have to drill. Installing a towel bar on tile without drilling is easy because the mounting system has adhesive strips. Most of these adhesive strips are weak, and using them means the towel rack won’t stay on the wall for long.

Therefore, buy a stronger adhesive to secure your towel rack for longer life. Here are the steps to follow when installing a bathroom towel rack without screws.

  1. Determine where you want the towel rack.
  2. Mark the exact spot on the wall where your towel rack will be hung.
  3. Take the mounting bracket, squeeze a little glue and place it on the back of the mounting brackets or directly on the towel rack.
  4. Now press it into place firmly.
  5. Once the towel rack is in place, clean up the extra glue on the edges before it dries out.
  6. Your new towel rack is ready for use, but you need to leave it for some te without use to dry.

Read the adhesive instructions, as they always provide guidelines on how much glue to use.

How to attach towel rack to tile wall?

How to attach towel rack to tile wall?

Before installing the towel rack, find a convenient spot to hang towels near the sink, tub, and shower. Proximity to these bathroom areas helps avoid straining the rack when one struggles to reach or hang a towel. Follow the guidelines below to attach the towel rack with a potent adhesive.

  1. Hold the towel rack to the wall to get the correct position and height. The rack’s top bar should be about 48 inches for adults and 36 inches for the lowest bar for the easy reach by children.
  2. Use masking tape to mark where to place the mounting brackets.
  3. For easy attachment, use denatured alcohol to clean the wall before using silicon caulk for support.
  4. Apply pressure to place the supports and use masking tape to reinforce the caulk until it cures.
  5. Put a bead of caulk around the seam between the wall and anchors on both edges.
  6. Now use a damp cloth to clean up any excess glue before it dries up to keep the wall tidy.
  7. After 12 hours, prepare the second spot for the second bar for both edges.
  8. Firmly apply pressure and place the second support in the marked spot. Give the glue time to dry and let it sit for an hour.
  9. Clean excess caulk, smooth the perimeter, and allow it to cure before removing the masking tape.
  10. Allow the caulk to sit for 12 hours before contact with water or use.

How to secure towel rack to drywall

Position the towel rack, then mark the proper position to place it. Inspect the towel rack to determine its design and the best way to mount it on drywall. Hold the mount to the wall, use a pencil to mark the perimeter, and repeat the same for the second mount.

Mark the location

Make holes in drywall (appropriate for ceramic walls and if the mount has rectangular protrusion). If the mount is flat, don’t cut the drywall.

Using a utility knife, make a hole in the marked area of the drywall. But be cautious when cutting to avoid messing the drywall with unnecessary cuts. This step is for the rectangle protrusion for the mount’s appropriate placement.

Smoothen the drywall edges by scrapping using the utility knife and holding in the mount to ensure it’s the right size, and repeat for the second mount.

How to secure towel rack to drywall

Apply adhesive

Secure the towel rack mounts with adhesive to the wall. If the mount is flat at the back, use a thin layer of adhesive on the mount’s back. Allow the rack to stay unused for a day to allow it to dry up and be strong.

How do you hang towels in a small bathroom?

Make use of the limited space in a small bathroom by;

  • Using small baskets
  • Placing a towel rack on the wall
  • Towel bars or rings near the sink or tub
  • Utilize the space under the sink
  • Use the space above your toilet
How to secure towel rack to drywall

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I glue a towel rack to drywall?

You can use adhesive or a towel bar mounting plate to glue a towel rack to drywall. You can glue the bar to the drywall, which sticks firmly even without studs or screws to hold it in place. 

What can I use instead of a towel bar?

You can use towel hooks or rings instead of a towel bar, and your bathroom will look even better. Towel hooks or rings will serve the same purpose, and your bathroom will be functional like those with traditional racks.

Do towels dry better on hooks or bars?

Towels dry better on bars than hooks because the latter allows for free air and heat circulation. On the other hand, towels on hooks are bunched up and will dry slowly because there’s no free air circulation. 

How To Hang A Towel Rack Without Screws
Do towels dry better on hooks or bars?

How do you hang towels nicely in a bathroom?

Hanging towels nicely in a bathroom makes it look neat and appealing, whether it’s a small or big space. You should install towel bars, racks, or rings conveniently near the sink or tub for easy reach. If you’re with small or big spaces, place bars on the longer walls.


After remodeling or new construction, bathroom accessories are the final steps to making it complete and usable. It’s easy to make mistakes here and mess up the new walls but knowing how to hang a towel rack without screws is the best way to maintain the beauty of your beautiful walls.

Before initiating DIY hacks to install bathroom accessories, you need to know what you need or prefer and how to make the best of the available space, big or small. Once you have the correct information, a picture of the end product, and the determination to carry out the whole plan, get to work and improve your bathroom.

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