How To Fix A Towel Rack That Is Loose?

At one point in your house, you may find yourself with a loose bathroom towel rack that needs repair. You know bathroom towel racks that are secured on the drywall become loose over time.

The pressure inserted on them by wet towels or grabbing weakens them with time. Also if the towel racks were not installed firmly on the wall from the start, they may become loose.

Repair towel racks as soon as they are loose to avoid further damage to the wall. You can use toggle bolts or adhesive to secure your loose bathroom towel rack firmly on the wall.

How To Fix A Towel Rack That Is Loose?How To Fix A Towel Rack That Is Loose?
How To Fix A Towel Rack That Is Loose?

How to Fix a Loose Towel Rack?

You can use adhesive or toggle bolts to fix loose or broken bathroom towel racks. Access the damage first before you decide how you will repair your loose towel racks.

How to Fix Wobbly Towel Rack?

A wobbly towel rack if not repaired on time may scar your bathroom wall or cause damage that would be expensive to repair. Use the following steps to repair unstable towel racks.

  1. Loosen the secures of the towel rack and remove it from the wall
  2. Loosen the bracket screws and remove the bracket from the wall. use toggle bolts on each bracket.
  3. If brackets holes are small, enlarge them with a screwdriver and use the toggle bolts in the holes
  4. Tighten the toggle bolts to secure the sets firmly
  5. Mount the towel rail on the wall and tighten up the screws

How Do You Tighten a Towel Rack Without Screw?

Drilling your wall to repair loose towel rack may damage to your solid wall. And to avoid this, use a strong adhesive to firmly stick the towel rack on the wall.

Apply a bead size glue to the back of the towel rack brackets and press the towel rack firmly. Clean excess glue on the towel rack surfaces and let the adhesive to set fully before using the towel rack.

How Do You Tighten a Towel Rack Without Screw

How Do You Keep a Towel Rack from Falling off?

Anchor your loose towel bars firmly on the drywall to prevent them from falling off. Use heavy-duty anchors to keep the towel rack in place and firm.

Replace the old anchors with new ones by unscrewing the mounting plate that is on the wall. And of course, do not use a towel rack as a handrail.

How Do You Tighten a Loose Wall Anchor?

Check whether it’s your anchors that are loose or the screw. if it’s the anchors that are loose, use a screw-in anchor or toggle bolt to lock the towel rack on the wall.

If the anchor hole is too big, fill it in with putty or caulk. Put your anchor and screw it until it is firm

How to Repair Towel Rack with Adhesive

To prevent scarring the wal,l use glue to put your towel rack in place. And here is the process to go through

  • Remove the towel rack and fill the holes on the wall with sealant
  • Mark on the wall where you want to install your towel racks
  • Apply a small amount of glue to the back of the towel rack and press it on the wall
  • Wipe the excess glue and allow the adhesive to dry before you use it

How to Repair a Loose Towel Rack with Anchors?

How To Fix A Towel Rack That Is Loose

Newer anchors don’t require drilling. Remove the old anchors and pry them out with a screwdriver. Toggle are self-drilling and have a t clamp folds and enlarge the original hole.

Hence, anchors have a sharp end that can be forced to drywall and then use. plastic threads that will make the anchors tighter.

How to Permanently Fix Bathroom Rack?

Use heavy-duty anchors that keep racks in place for long without getting loose. Use sturdy anchors that are meant for heavy-duty. Don’t use the plastic anchors that are packaged with a towel rack because they become loose easily.

Ultimate Towel Bar Repair Hacks

  • Use thread around the screw and a few drops of adhesive to hold the towel rack in place.
  • Use two or three wooden toothpicks on the edge of the anchors then tighten them with a screwdriver. The toothpick pushes outward and tightens the screw against the anchor.
  • Putty and caulk come in handy when you want to reduce the size of the holes on the wall.

How to Quickly Fix Towel Rack?

Mount your loose towel rack by placing the rack firmly on the wall to prevent it from falling off. If the holes become big, reduce the size by adding filler in the holes. Screw the towel rack back firmly. Let the rack cure before using the towel bar.

How To Fix A Towel Rack That Is Loose

How Do You Repair a Loose Towel Rack?

Identify where the problem is if it’s on the anchor or the screws are loose. If the screws are loose, tighten the screws that hold the plate to secure the towel bar.

For a faulty anchor, loosen the screws and remove the mounting plate. Pry the old anchors with a screwdriver to remove them. Replace the old anchors with stronger ones


Do towel racks need a stud?

A stud provides a strong place to mount your towel rack. However, if your wall doesn’t have a stud, use anchors to mount your towel rack. The anchors will serve the same purpose as the stud.

Why won’t my screws stay on the wall?

The constant use of the towel rack makes the screw loose over time. The holes that hold screws become loose and fall. Secure your towel rack firmly by using an anchor on your drywall. And don’t use your towel rail for grabbing.

How can I quickly fix my towel rack without screws?

You can quickly fix your towel rack without set screws by using adhesive. Put bead-size glue on the back of the towel rack and press it on the wall. Let the towel rack dry before using it.

Fix your bathroom towel rack immediately if it is loose to avoid wobbly racks causing further damage to the wall. Use toggle anchors or adhesive to quickly fix your towel rails. For a long-lasting solution to your towel racks, use anchors to fix the towel racks on the wall.

Use the towel racks for the intended purpose for them to last longer. Do not use them as grab rails.

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