Are Shower Mats Sanitary?

Shower mats are essential in your bathroom since they provide safety and comfort, preventing falls and slips. But are shower mats sanitary? No, these mats can be unsanitary if you do not clean them properly.

This may lead to bacteria build-up, grime and dirt. They can also cause foot fungus and smelly feet. The good news is cleaning these mats is an easy job and doesn’t take much of your time.

All you need is to put your shower mat with a towel in the washing machine; it helps to clean it easily. Use suitable detergent for thorough cleaning to wash your mat and towel to give your rug a hygienic and swift clean.

Are Shower Mats Safe?

Yes, most of these mats are made of rubber and are placed on the bathroom floor of the bathtub or shower. Do you need a shower mat? They play an important role since they prevent slips when walking in or out of the bathroom.

A shower mat can also mean a rectangular piece of cloth placed outside your shower or tab. This fabric is used to help you dry your feet and prevent slips. These two types of shower mats are cleaned differently.

The rubber mats are difficult to clean, especially underneath. This is because they have suction pads that help them stay in one fixed place. Mostly, they start getting blackish molds, which may be dangerous to you if you have a mold allergy. It’s not safe, too, to let your baby sit on it.

Let’s check out the easy way to wash the shower with the two types of mats

Cleaning the rubber shower mats using the bathtub method

You can use different methods to wash your rubber shower mat, but let’s check the bathtub method, which is the easiest

  • Lift your mat from the floor and lay it at the bottom of your tub.
  • Fill the tub with warm water.
  • Wear protective rubber gloves and add two cups of bleach (preferred chlorine) into the bath water.
  • Using a bristle brush, thoroughly scrub your bath mat.
  • Scrub the top than the bottom of the entire mat then, drain water from the bathtub then, and rinse your rubber bath mat.

In case your mat has an unpleasant odor or visible mildew, let it sit on the bleach solution for some hours. Additionally, when using bleach, ensure you open your bathroom windows to allow airflow. Before using the bleach, you must read the label and follow safety guidelines.

Cleaning the rubber shower mats using the washing machine

A washing machine is another perfect solution for washing your shower mat. Follow these guidelines

  • Place the shower mat inside your washing machine and add other soft items like washcloths and towels. These items will help in scrubbing the bathtub during the washing process.
  • Ensure you set your washing machine gentle, hot cycle.
  • After washing, you can hang your shower mat to dry.

You should never place your rubber mat in your machine dryer to prevent it from being warped and damaged.

Cleaning fabric shower mats

  • Cleaning them is easy; you can place them in your washing machine. Add other linens and wash together, but first check your mat’s care instructions before washing.
  • You must wash the shower mat using hot water to kill bacteria and mildew, then air dry your rug.
  • If it has pesky stains, go for stronger removers by adding to the affected area. Leave it in the solution for five minutes, then wash.
  • Or use laundry detergent with stain remover properties to remove dirt or stains. However, always follow the instructions on the detergent’s label.

Do Shower Mats Hold Bacteria?

Shower mats hold and breed bacteria. Due to their nature of catching water, they keep moisture, and they start producing bacteria up to the day you will wash them. The more you shower, the more times your bath mat traps moisture. So you should clean it if you use it often.

However, if you have a non-skid rubber backing mat, you can wash it after three or four weeks. Alternatively, you can spritz it with white vinegar once a week; it helps kill the bacteria without damaging your mat.

But if your mat does have a rubber backing, you can wash it weekly or bi-weekly.

How Dirty are Bath Mats?

Though sometimes they may not look dirty, bath mats are very dirty, especially the fabric math mats. In your entire household, the bath mats are the dirtiest. This is because Every time you shower, they collect moisture from your bathroom, hair dust, bacteria, and dirt. It’s disgusting, and it can also cause serious health consequences.

Additionally, the bath mats also get bacterial splash from the flushing toilet. From the mats, You can get fungus and yeast from the carpet to your feet, causing toenail fungus or athlete’s foot. That is why you should clean your mat regularly to kill the bacteria.

Are Shower Mats Sanitary?

How do I Keep Mold from Growing Under My Shower Mat?

The best way to prevent your shower mat from getting moldy is to control your bathroom from getting moldy. Ensure you clean your bathroom and bath mat frequently, wiping puddles of water, cracking the door, turning the exhaust fan, and drying wet items like the mat.

However, how often you should wash your mats depends on how many people are using the bath mat. The more time your rugs get wet, the more chances mold will grow under your mat.

The wetness and moisture in your bathroom are a breeding nest for fungi, mildew, and mold. Humidity from the shower will cause black mildew on your bath mat if it stays without drying.

Your bath mat sits against the floor with no circulation to help it dry. This causes unhealthy mold and mildew growth.

So avoid your mat from being wet by opening the windows. You can wash it regularly using suitable detergents to minimize mildew and mold growth.

Are Shower Mats Sanitary?

Should You Wash Your Bath Mats Separately?

It depends. Before washing your mats, check out the care label. Depending on your bath mat material and construction, care instructions may differ. You can clean other mats with soft items, but others must be washed strictly separately.

Some bath mats have instructions like a gentle cycle, don’t bleach and use detergents recommended for colors. So ensure you read the care label carefully to know how to wash your bath mat.


Do you need to wipe the shower every time?

No, you must wipe your tub and shower at least once a week. But this doesn’t apply to glass shower doors; it needs more attention to prevent soap buildup and keep your glass crystal clear. To maintain a spotless look, use a squeegee to wipe it after every shower.

Does vinegar prevent mold in shower?

Yes, vinegar has antifungal and antibacterial properties. It’s effective in killing various types of molds in your shower. Using white vinegar with 5% to 8% acetic acid prevents the growth of fungi and other microorganisms.

Final verdict

Are shower mats sanitary? No, they are one of the dirtiest household items. And cleaning them regularly is the only remedy how for keeping shower mats clean. You can machine wash them using a brush or scrub them with white vinegar to kill the fungi and bacteria. Ensure you clean your bath mats once a week or after two weeks, and you will be healthy away from foot athletes or smelly feet.

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