How Many Bath Mats Do I Need?

Bath mats are a great addition to making your bathroom space look better and warm. But how many bath mats do I need? Two bath mats are enough to interchange after washing and keep your bathroom fresh and receptive. So, do bath mats have to match? You can buy two of the same bath mats for continuity or a different decoration for variety and replace them when they wear out. Besides decorating the bathroom floor, bath mats prevent you from stepping on the cold tiles.

How Many Bath Mats Do I Need?

How Many Mats Are Needed In A Bathroom?

The size of your bathroom may influence the number of mats you need. However, you need a double for each mat in your bathroom for a changeover when one is in the wash. But, you don’t have to cover the entire bathroom floor, which will encourage mold growth. Two mats in a bathroom are sufficient; if there’s space, you can place one more in the middle of the bathroom. The best Small bathroom rug placement is in front of the sink and another outside the shower or tab in a small bathroom.

Why You Need A Bathroom Rug?

Bath mats serve different purposes; beauty or decor, and absorb water from the bathroom floor. When buying mats for your bathroom, you need to have these factors in mind. If it’s for beauty, choose what appeals to you, matches your curtains, tiles, and space size, and place it in the middle of the room. However, if you need bath mats to absorb water on the bathroom floor, you must use absorbent materials to place them in front of your shower. If you wish to know how to keep bath mats in place, use an underlay to prevent the mat from moving unnecessarily.

How Many Bath Mats Do I Need?

How Often Should You Get A New Bath Mat?

Your bathroom mats are the most used in your house, but they’re also durable. So, how long do bath mats last? Depending on the frequency of use or how many people are in your home, bath mats should be washed weekly. As for a replacement, it’s a rule of thumb that bath mats be replaced every two years. This is because, with a consistent wash, the mats will wear out, and you’ll notice by the end of two years replacing them is inevitable.

Should You Put A Rug In Front Of The Toilet?

Placing a rug in front of the toilet is unhygienic, as it can easily harbor germs that can spread in the washroom. But, if you decide to place it there, high hygiene standards are necessary to prevent contamination. Once you go shopping, there are many options to place in front of the toilet. You’ll note that frequent washing of bathroom rugs wears them out fast. However, you can slow down the fast deterioration by skipping the dryer and hanging it to dry. This applies to bathroom rugs with a rubbery backing, but you still need to replace them every two years.

How Many Bath Mats Do I Need?

Where Should Bath Mats Go In A Bathroom?

You can place your bathroom rug near the shower or bath to absorb excess water that drips after bathing. Moreover, you can also place another in front of your sink to absorb water droplets after washing your hands or hair. Further, the placement of both mats will also prevent you from slipping with your wet feet. To decorate your bathroom, you can place another mat in the middle to make the space pop.

Are Bath Mats Necessary?

Some people may argue that bath mats are old school, but are bath mats out of style? Bath mats are necessary because they prevent you from slipping and getting injuries. Further, the bathroom can easily accumulate bacteria, mold, and mildew because the floor is often wet. Your bathroom is more hygienic and safe for you if you have the right options. Invest in a good bathroom mat for your safety, beauty, and prevention of harmful bacterial growth. If you wish to know what size rug for bathroom vanity, a 2′ x 3′ or 3′ x 5′ in front of your sink is ideal.

Frequency Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it ok to use the same towel for a week?

According to the Cleaning Institute, you should wash your bath towel after three uses. Hence, you should wash your bath towel at least twice a week. Wash your bath towel with the regular laundry to remove germs that might be accumulating.

Why shouldn’t you wash bath mats in the washing machine?

You shouldn’t put bathroom mats in a washing machine because they’ll get damaged. This is because the bottom of bath mats is made from rubber, which disintegrates in the washing machine. The tiny rubber pieces block the drain pump and clog the motor and drain line.

Can I use a towel instead of a bath mat?

An old towel from your linen closet or a thrift store will work well as a bath mat. You can also buy an extra towel to make matching mats for your bathroom. Using towels as bathroom mats will save you money and give you a chance to make something you love.

Do bath mats go in the shower?

Bath mats don’t go in the shower, but outside the tub or shower to absorb excess water that drips from your body after a shower. For safety, the best options are those made from super absorbent and non-slippery materials.

Can you leave a bath mat in the tub?

Avoid leaving bath mats in the tub, as they can scratch or damage the delicate finish, especially if they’re made of hard plastic. Some bath mats are fitted with plastic suction cups to keep them in place. These caps can leave marks or harbor mold and mildew if they’re constantly wet and not cleaned often.

Final Verdict

Bathrooms are like private sanctuaries where you find calm and relief after a long day’s hassle. You can add accessories like bath mats, rugs, and matching curtains to make them more comfortable and appealing. So, how many bath mats do I need to make my bathroom comfortable? Two bath mats are enough for your bathroom. However, if the space is massive, you can add one more in the middle to make the glossy tiles pop.

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