Benefits of Cold Air Hair Dryer You Should Know

Have you ever tried the “cold air” mode in your hair dryer to dry hair? If not, then you must try it. However, you will be surprised to know the cold air hair dryer benefits. The interesting fact is, once you get used to it, you will never use the hot air mode again!!!

Cold air hair dryers cause less damage to hair as they maintain a little higher temperature than the room temperature. It seals the cuticle of the hair and gives your hair a shiny finish. Besides all these facts, there is something more to say about the advantages of choosing the cold air mode on a hair dryer.

Continue reading to learn more information about the hair dryer and its cold air modes.

Benefits of Cold Air Hair Dryer You Should Know

What is the use of cold air in a hair dryer?

What is the use of cold air in a hair dryer?

Cold air is a much-needed option in every hair dryer. Before thinking about whether a cold hair dryer is good or bad, you should know the importance of cold air.

High heat temperature from a hot dryer such as 300°F, changes hair keratin strands. That leads your hair ⍺-keratin to β-keratin. As a result, your hair becomes weaker, lose its elasticity and is prone to damage. 

To avoid this kind of complication, you need cold air to dry the hair, especially the hair that is near the scalp. Except for this fact, cold air also seals the cuticle of the hair and locks the styles into place more prominently than hot air.

Drying hair with cold air vs hot air?

Most of the hair dryers have the both option of cold air and hot air. If you don’t use cold air yet, that means you don’t use your hair dryer very well. Using both of the functions, you may notice some differences.

Hot air definitely dries your hair faster than cold air. Except that, hot air makes the hair fragile, weaker, on the other hand cold air does less damage.

To learn more, checkout the table below. You will get some clear ideas on drying hair with cold air vs hot air.

How to make a hair dryer blow cold air?

Every hair dryer has three main components; a heating element, an on/off switch, and a fan. As you know, modern hair dryers have both hot air and cold air modes, so it’s easy to make a hair dryer blow cold air. 

Just turn on the cold mode, and it starts to blow cool air. When you turn on the “cold air” mode, it simply doesn’t turn on the heating coil. This is how you can make a hair dryer with cold air.

Does cold hair dryer damage hair?

Unfortunately, any hair dryer that blows hot or cold air, damages the hair. Comparatively, cold hair dryers cause less damage than hot hair dryers.

However, following some precautions before drying hair in a cold mode can decrease the damage significantly and help avoid cold hair dryer side effects. The precautions are:

Prepare your hair before blow drying:

Don’t blow air into the wet hair at first. Press the towel gently on your hair. When your hair is 60 percent dry, it will be ready to be blown dry.

Use a hair protectant:

Cold Air Mode actually does not blow cool air through your hair. It blows air, whether it is room temperature or a little hotter than room temperature. As a result, using a heat protectant on your hair is essential.

Separate hair:

Section your hair into little parts.

Use nozzle and a suitable hair brush:

Choose a nozzle and a suitable hair brush according to your hair type. It helps direct airflow to the part you want to dry.

Apply finishing product:

After the hairstyle you make with the blow dryer, apply a finishing product like hair serum. It helps the style you make last longer.

Now you may ask: “can I use cold hair dryer every day?” Of course, yes! Your little efforts and this simple decision of using cool air instead of hot can prevent damage to hair.

Remember, a little goes a long way. Drying hair in cold air is a long process.  But the time you spend makes it worthwhile when you see a good outcome.


Is there any hair dryer which blows cold air only?

There are few hair dryers that only blow cold air. But modern hair dryers have both hot and cold air functions.

Can I use cold dryer everyday

Yes, q least 60% dry.

Does a blow dryer in the cold use less electricity?

Turning on the cold mode of the blow dryer, the heating elements simply don’t activate. That causes less electricity.

What is the difference between a blow dryer and a hair dryer?

There is no difference between blow dryers and hair dryers. They’re both the same device. The only fact is the term, “blow dryer” is used in America.

Is there any battery operated hair dryer available?

Yes! But most of them only blow cool air. These are cordless, portable, rechargeable, lightweight, handy, and lucrative gadgets for travel.


We hope that you have been informed about all the advantages of using a cold air mode in a hair dryer.  You will not face any complications in hair drying by following the steps we have shared above.

However, it is not good to overdo it.  So, don’t overdo hair drying even with cold air. Set a limit and keep shining all day.

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