Scalp Burn From A Hair Dryer

Although hair dryer seems the easiest way to get your hair done, allowing you to get outdoors quickly, it has negative sides, like damaging your scalp. Most people prefer blow-drying because it gives them excellent-looking hair, but it’s not good for them.

You should know blow-drying can damage your hair. Its heat also disrupts your hair cuticles and can cause your scalp to be under strain. That’s why you should take precautions whenever you’re blow-drying to avoid the hair dryer burning your skin.

To prevent serious damage to your hair like a burnt scalp or even hair loss, read on this article!

Scalp Burn From A Hair Dryer
Scalp Burn From A Hair Dryer

Can a hairdryer burn your scalp?

Yes, a hair dryer will burn your scalp. Whenever you’re blow-drying, you should keep in mind that you are heating the moisture in your scalp and hair. And as a result, it turns the water in your hair fiber into steam, which can cause permanent damage to blisters.

Your blow-dryer may raise temperatures to 500 degrees. That blow-dry heat causes your scalp to dry, which is a sign that your scalp is out of balance. You may experience irritation, itching, damaged hair, and flakes when you have a dry scalp. A dry scalp may also result in hair loss in extreme cases.

This doesn’t mean you should not blow dry your hair, but you need moisturizer since it’s very important for your scalp. Your scalp must be moisturized to have strong hair.

So get a good shampoo for your scalp that will moisturize and tackle itching and flaking.

Let’s check the precaution you should take when blow-drying your hair.

Scalp Burn From A Hair Dryer
Can a hairdryer burn your scalp?

The safest way to blow dry your hair

Since the hair dryer affects scalp, and you cannot stay without blow-drying your hair, you should take these precautions.

  • Always blow dry on a low setting to where you should point the flow on your hand without feeling excessive heat.
  • Ensure you don’t blow dry in one spot for a long time, since it will lead to heat build-up.
  • Blow dry your hair less often.

Additionally, you can boost your scalp and hair by using a repairing hair shampoo to ensure your hair and scalp stays moisturized. You can use a smoothing conditioner when you blow dry to avoid frizz.

What do you do if you burn your scalp with a hair dryer?

Scalp Burn From A Hair Dryer
What do you do if you burn your scalp with a hair dryer?

If you get a scalp burn from a hair dryer, gently rub coconut or aloe vera oil on the burnt area. The oil helps in relieving pain and helps in healing faster. Although these natural oils make your hair look greasy, they are essential in soothing the hair dryer burn.

Instead of washing your hair with hot water, use cold water because hot water may increase hair dryer burn discomfort.

Avoid hair shampoos with sulfates because they will increase scalp irritation. You are supposed to avoid Dimethicone conditioners because it blocks pores, trapping more heat and increasing scalp damage. You should stay away from these products until your scalp gets healed.

Now that you know that hair dryers burn skin, so go for products labeled as heat protectants to lessen hair dryer damage.

Will hair grow back after scalp burn?

Hair dryer burns are mostly minor, meaning your scalp heals completely with time. After that, your follicles start producing hair; this only happens after your scalps heal completely. Your hair may start to regrow within three months. If your hair doesn’t regrow after one year after burning your scalp, it simply means the hair won’t grow in the scar.

Although the hair may grow within three and six months, the new hair in the pigmentation may appear white or show signs of stress. Even though the hair in the burnt area may change color, it will regain its color after the hair growth cycle.

Scalp Burn From A Hair Dryer
Will hair grow back after scalp burn?

Can hair dryer damage hair follicles?

No, the blow-dryer heat cannot permanently damage your follicle. What it does is it damages the shaft of your hair, causing your hair to look dull, brittle and causing hair breakage. Although the damage may not look serious, you might lose a lot of hair if overdone. A study shows every time you blow dry your hair, you shed 100 hair.

So no matter how sleek your hair looks after blow-drying, you shouldn’t blow-dry your hair daily. This is because it robs your hair’s moisture, making it easily breakable. You should also avoid other heat hair therapies like perming and flat ironing.

Other things you shouldn’t do to your hair regularly include straightening and curling irons, especially when your hair is wet. This means you should let your hair dry naturally. This way, your hair will be healthy, and your scalp will stay protected.

Can hair dryer damage hair follicles?

Can a burnt scalp cause hair loss?

Yes, a burnt scalp from a blow-dryer will irritate, sometimes a blister, and finally, hair loss. What a blow-dryer doesn’t do is affect your hair growth cycle. So if you stop using the blow-dryer for some time, your hair will grow back and regain its moisture.

You lose your hair when the skin is peeling after getting a blister. However, that shouldn’t worry you because your hair will grow back after some time.

Can a burnt scalp cause hair loss?


How long does it take for a scalp burn to go away?

Scalp burns will heal according to the intensity of the burn. Mild scalp burns will take 3 to five days, while serious ones may take up to one week. When your scalp is healing, you may experience hair loss or flaking, mimicking dandruff. That should worry you, though the flakes will repair themselves.

Does a burnt scalp itch?

Yes, a burnt scalp may itch along with other symptoms like a fluid-filled blister, pain, and redness. You should use natural oils like coconut oil to soothe the burnt scalp, which will help with quick healing.

Final Verdict

Although it’s almost every woman’s routine to use a hair dryer to get a quick, gorgeous look, you can get a scalp burn from a hair dryer. Even though you have a blow-dryer at home and use it almost daily, keep in mind that it can cause serious damage to your hair, like split ends, hair burn, dryness, and scalp burn.

So always take precautions when using your hair dryer and ensure you use low heat to avoid damaging your scalp and hair moisture.

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