What Is The Energy Transformation Of A Hair Dryer?

A hair dryer basically requires three different types of energy to work: electrical energy, heat energy, and kinetic energy. Now a question may arise: what is the energy transformation of a hair dryer?

Well, there are basically two types of energy transformation that happen in a hair dryer, while it is connected to electricity. The first transformation is, electricity into heat, and the second is, electricity into movement.

You will be amazed to know that there are many mechanisms and facts that come in between. Let’s learn the key insights of the facts together.

What is The Energy Transformation of A Hair Dryer?

What type of energy transformation is a dryer?

The main purpose of a hair dryer is to produce heat. You may think, a dryer converts what energy into what energy! So, here we are going to tell you how it works and what actually happens. 

What is The Energy Transformation of A Hair Dryer?

First of all, it requires electricity to be operated. After that, the electricity converts into thermal energy. Hence, heat is created by circulating electricity through a resistor. Here, heat is created in the form of losses, which are given by r*12. So we hope now it’s clear to you whether a hair dryer thermal energy or not.

Secondly, through the conversion of electricity into kinetic energy or mechanical energy, the motor starts to run a fan. At the same time, the heat is produced by the coil and the air is produced by the fan. Therefore, when the fan starts to spin, it distributes the thermal energy through the air with its tiny blade.

So the energy transformations of a dryer are: electricity to heat and electricity to kinetic energy. They both combine their energy and as a result, blow hot air.

What are the 2 types of useful energy in a hair dryer?

Useful energy is the energy that is required for the hair dryer to work. The most important energy in a blow dryer is heat energy. Including that, another important energy is kinetic energy. With the combination of both energies, hair dryers become eligible to flow hot air. However, the energy use of a typical hair dryer, depends on which model it is. There are basically two models of hair dryers: unheated and heated hair dryers.

When using a unheated hair dryer

The dryer, which flows unheated air, only requires kinetic energy to run the fan. This type of hair dryer uses a minimum of 70 watts of power.

In the case of a hair dryer, this results in the production of heat

A hairdryer on high heat requires both electrical and kinetic energy. It will use around 1500 watts.

There is other energy produced by both types of hair dryers. That is called sound energy. Which is considered wasted energy.

Are most dryers gas or electric?

All of the hair dryers are operated with electricity or battery. There are no gas-powered hair dryers available. In the case of the laundry dryer, the facts are different. Though most of the laundry dryers operate with electricity, some of them use propane gas or natural gas to run. However, the hair dryer, which is run with a battery, costs less energy, works more efficiently, moreover, they are lightweight, portable, and easy-to-use.

What is the output energy of a hair dryer?

The hair dryer needs low power consumption, high energy efficiency, and good compatibility. As we know, the hair dryer needs electric energy to run, besides this fact, you should know much more about the outcome of a hair dryer and the electric saw energy transformation. Check the points accordingly:

  • Hair dryers can range from 500W to 3600W.
  • A hair dryer typically uses 1875 watts on the highest power setting.

Look at the table below to learn about the output energies of each hair dryer mode in watts (energy per unit time).


Does a hair dryer use a lot of electricity?

Definitely, but most of the time, it depends on how often you use it. You might be surprised to learn that using a hair dryer for an hour is equivalent to watching television for 40 hours straight!

Hair dryers use heat energy?

Most hair dryers dry hair by producing heat. So definitely, hair dryers use heat energy.

What type of electromagnetic energy do hair dryers use?

A hair dryer emits a different type of electromagnetic field (EMF) called magnetic field radiation. Electrical flows, by definition, generate another type of EMF.That is radio waves.

What is the wasted energy in a hair dryer?

Sound energy that comes from a motor is the wasted energy in a hair dryer.

How many watts are in a good hair dryer?

Professional hair dryers go up to 3600 watts. But for regular use, an 1800-watt hair dryer is preferable.


Overall, we hope you now understand how energy is transformed or converted in a hair dryer. Any machine can be operated with the help of gas or electricity. But electricity will not dry your hair.

That’s why, to dry your hair, electricity works as a source of power and then converts it into thermal energy and kinetic energy. This is how through some mechanism, a blow dryer makes your hair dry!

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