How to Make Water Come Out of Shower Head?

Almost everyone may have experienced that the shower water stopped running while taking a shower. If so, it’s necessary to know how to make water come out of a showerhead to deal with this type of unwanted situation.

First, the exact reason behind the problem should be figured out, and then you need to take the necessary steps to fix the problem. A few things are basically the reason behind this kind of reality. For instance, the shower head may be clogged, or the valve is disconnected from the main line, there may be an improper joint between the shower head and the shower arm, or even a more serious water line problem can occur.

Here we are going to share some awesome ideas to get rid of these problems. The function of the shower system is too simple, even with minimal skill you can fix it.

So let’s take a look at the potential problems and find out the ways to fix these.

How to Make Water Come Out of Shower Head?
How to Make Water Come Out of Shower Head?

What controls water flow to the shower head?

To control the shower head through valves, some facts come first. They are:

All these facts can be controlled by valves internally. Most of the time, these functionalities of valves are operated by handles, push buttons, pull buttons, or clockwise buttons. Through these, not only the water flow but also the temperature can be controlled.

How to Make Water Come Out of Shower Head?
How to Make Water Come Out of Shower Head?

How do you activate a shower head?

When you are in a new place, such as in a hotel, there may be a particular shower system which is unfamiliar to you. In that case, the maximum time it may be that there is no water in shower but sinks are fine.

Hence, based on some unusual shower systems like Delta faucets, here we will show you how to activate the shower head with the multifunctional controller.

Take a look.

How to Make Water Come Out of Shower Head?
How to Make Water Come Out of Shower Head?

First of all, check out the two control handles. The little one controls temperature and the big one controls the water flow by pulling up.

Secondly, the big handle turns on the water faucet. Are you still wondering how to turn on the shower head? Wait! There is a twist waiting for you.

Here, the water tap will work as a part to turn on the shower head. You may see a lever on the top of the water tap. Just pull it up. And you can see the water coming out of the shower head.

If there is no lever on the faucet, then there must be a ring underneath the faucet where water flows. Pull on the ring. Now your shower head will be activated. And you can see water is starting to flow from the shower.

How do I fix water not coming out of my shower head?

How do I fix water not coming out of my shower head?

Before starting to fix anything regarding shower system, find out why water is barely coming out of the shower head. These are the possible things that happen as listed below as the reason for the problems.

  • Leaked pipes
  • There is a loose connection between the showerhead and the shower arm.
  • Valves are turned off that are connected to main water lines.
  • Clogged shower head.

Now here we are going to share the wonderful solutions to fix these problems. Here we go.

Leaked pipes

Leaked pipes

Without cutting and threading, you can easily deal with a leaking pipe. Christy’s Slick Pipe Repair Kit is an excellent sealant to repair a cracked or leaked pipe.

Loose connections in joints:

Using thread sealing tape like Procuru, wrap the thread of the shower arm. And reinstall the shower head.

The disabled valves:

Check out whether the valve is connected to the main valve or not. If the valve is turned off, turn it on.

Clogged shower head

A clogged shower head causes less water to come out. So it’s necessary to separate the shower head from the shower arm and clean it.

According to the problem, choose any of the ideas to solve the problem.

How do you unclog a shower head without vinegar?

Cleaning with vinegar is the most convenient way to unclog a shower head. You may think about cleaning the shower head without vinegar. However, if vinegar is not available, you can use baking soda instead.

How do you unclog a shower head without vinegar?

Additionally, baking soda is cheap, easy to apply, more effective and also represents a natural cleaning solution. Let’s learn the steps to clean the shower head.

Step 1: Separate the showerhead from the shower arm.

Step 2: Make a paste with baking soda and water.

Step 3: apply the mixture on the shower head

Step 4: Use a toothbrush to clean it.

Step 5: Thoroughly rinse with water until the shower head becomes clean.

In case, if you don’t want to separate the shower head from shower arm, you can tie a polybag with the shower head that carries a baking soda water solution. Keep it for 30 minutes and then untie it and clean with a toothbrush.

This way, you can easily unclog a shower head by cleaning with baking soda.

Why is my shower mixer tap not working?

Why is my shower mixer tap not working?

The shower mixer tap is used to combine hot and cold water and supply according to your desired temperature of water through the valve and bring out the water from the shower head.

Most probably, the shower mixer is not working because of internal damage. Except for the fact that water is not coming out of the shower head properly, you may experience this problem of the mixer tap, for the damage of the things as followingly.

  • A faulty non-return valve
  • Faulty seal.
  • Clogged shower head
  • Blocked inlet filters.
  • Collapsed shower hoses are also the reason behind the disabled mixer tap.

To solve these problems, you can’t fix them. What you can do is replace them and reinstall the new one. The same goes for bath shower mixer tap diverter repair. Fixing it is not a permanent solution. In the case of long term use, replacement is better than fixing.


Do rain shower heads have good pressure?

Rain shower heads have gentle pressure, which feels good. These shower heads are designed to have a soothing bathing experience.

Does a flow restrictor increase pressure?

Yes. A flow restrictor increases pressure if you live in an area with low water pressure.

What can I use to pump out water?

You can use a utility pump for moving water. If your water contains debris, and solids go with a sewage pump or thrush pump instead of a utility pump.

What does a flow restrictor look like?

A flow restrictor comes in a variety of colors. The center of the restrictor looks like a star or similar shape. It’s a flat, circular, plastic material.


Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to figure out how to make water come out of the shower head during bathing time. I hope, through this article, you can find some ways to solve the problem.

However, if you are unable to do so, it would be best to call a professional, especially in the case of the installation of any parts to reduce the risk of any single damage. Have a great day.

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