Does The Shower Curtain Go Inside The Tub?

A shower curtain’s primary purpose is to beautify your space, provide privacy, and prevent water from flooding the floor. But, you may be stuck in thought, does the shower curtain go inside the tub? When the shower curtain gets wet, it drips to the floor, leaving it damp.

Moreover, putting the shower curtain inside the tub makes it soak in soap and water. Hence, it becomes an excellent environment for mold to grow, harboring bacteria and mildew.

So, how can the shower curtain serve the purpose of keeping your bathing moments private and still beautifying your bathroom? You can maintain dryness on your curtain by installing an inside shower curtain (shower curtain liner) to control water spills in the bathroom.

Does The Shower Curtain Go Inside The Tub
Does The Shower Curtain Go Inside The Tub

Where should a shower curtain hang on the tub?

Since a shower curtain prevents water from getting to your floor and making it rot over time, it should hang inside the tab. The decorative curtain should hang outside the tub to serve its purpose, while the water-blocking inner curtain should hang inside.

Therefore, you need to hang it six inches down the inside of a tub for maximum protection from water leaking onto the floor. Place the curtain rod in the right place by hanging shower curtain from ceiling. It will protect you and the floor alike from a water spill.

Shower curtain liners are made from waterproof materials, vinyl or polyester. Its purpose is to prevent water from going outside the tub. You can have both the shower curtain and liner, where the outer curtain serves as decoration, whereas the liner is thin and transparent. Both will help prevent wetting the floor and keep your bathroom fashionable.

Does The Shower Curtain Go Inside The Tub
Where should a shower curtain hang on the tub?

Does the shower curtain rod go inside the tub?

The shower curtain rod can be hung above the bathtub as support for the shower curtain. To hang a shower curtain properly on the tub, you must consider the rod’s height, the type of shower (shower pan or shower with sidewall), and how to level the rods. Your bathroom space will determine the ways to hang a shower curtain appropriately.

You can either line it up with the outer edge or center of the tub to give room for the curtain outside the shower to hang well. The inner waterproof curtain or liner can hang inside the tub’s edge to prevent water from splashing and give you more space in the shower.

Does the shower curtain rod go inside the tub?

How do I keep my shower curtain in the bathtub?

Use shower curtain magnets to hold it in place and avoid blowing in when you’re in the shower. You can purchase them in stores, place them along the bottom of the curtain edges, and adhere to them any time you shower.

During your shower, steam from the hot water fills the air, which raises the temperature. Hence, air supply gets depleted. Thus, new air enters the shower area, and if it’s unable to do so freely, it blows in the curtain. This is why you should pull it back to allow air in, and it goes back to shape.

The other way to deal with this issue is to purchase a weighted shower curtain that remains in place even when swayed. Don’t just spend a few dollars for the thin options; go for high gauge thickness in shower curtains and give yourself peace when taking a shower.

How do I keep my shower curtain in the bathtub?

How are shower curtains supposed to hang?

It’s a rule of thumb to add three to five inches to the curtain length when installing the shower curtain rod. The shower curtain should hang at least six inches below the tub’s edge. Moreover, hanging the curtain rod higher creates an effect that makes the ceiling appear taller. In addition, installing shower curtain rods higher prevents them from touching the floor to avoid dirt accumulation and moisture.

You can use a fabric shower curtain and allow it to dry before subsequent use. But, for plastic or vinyl options, you can spray them with white distilled vinegar and wipe them off to prevent the mold or mildew from growing. After a shower, ensure that the curtain or liner is in a position to dry completely, with fewer folds and creases. Once you notice mold or mildew growing on your curtain, dispose of it, as mold is hazardous.

When your shower curtain hangs appropriately, it’s easy to practice shower curtain etiquette to ensure it hangs outside the tub when dry, it shouldn’t be left open, and you should tuck it inside the bathtub when wet to avoid wetting the floor. Although you can decide to find alternative methods to control water from soaking the floor, your shower curtain or liner should be inside the tub to protect the floor.

Does The Shower Curtain Go Inside The Tub?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long should shower liner be?

The typical shower curtain liner is 70 by 72” while the extra long is 70” by 84” or 72” by 84”. You can also find liners that are designed for shower stalls measuring 54” by 78”.

Can you wash a plastic shower liner?

You can wash a plastic shower curtain. But ensure that you do so in a cool setting and add one or two bath towels to the washer. Also, remember to refer to the washing instructions before throwing it into the machine.

How often should you wash a fabric shower curtain liner?

Wash your shower curtain and liner every once a month. However, you should keep the shower liner free from mold and mildew by wiping them with distilled white vinegar, as both can disintegrate the fabric. 

How often should you change shower liner?

Replace your shower liner every six weeks. This is because a fabric that keeps getting wet can accumulate humidity, creating a suitable environment for mold and mildew, which are health hazards. However, before then, wash the shower liner or clean it with a white vinegar solution to prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

Final Verdict

So, does the shower curtain go inside the tub? The shower curtain should go outside the tub, but they should sandwich at the bathtub’s edge. Alternatively, you can install both a shower curtain and liner.

The former hangs outside the tub to serve as decor, while the latter shields water from flooding your bathroom floor. Hence, the liner hangs inside the tub about six inches from the tub’s edge.

Moreover, purchase shower curtain magnets, and place them on the wall to hold the liner from the edges to avoid blowing in when you’re showering.

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