Dish Soap In Gas Tank – Safe Or Not!

If you want to increase the longevity of your vehicle; proper maintenance is a must. Cleaning the gas tank of the fuel system is one of the most compulsory things of maintenance.

There are different ways to clean up the gas tank. But if you think about putting dish soap in gas tank, some issues can stand in the way.

In a word, just put dish soap in the gas tank only when you want to ruin your vehicle. Do you really want to do that! Most probably not.

Today we are going to talk about these facts specifically and also show some alternative ways to clean gas tanks here.

dish soap in gas tank

What Happens After You Put Dish Soap In The Gas Tank?

You may think to clean the gas tank through dish soap, as dish soap contains all the cleaning agents. But it’s not applicable in gas tank cleaning.

Dish soap is basically used to remove oil and grease. Hence, a gas tank also carries oil and grease, but you will be surprised to know that dish soap in a gas tank can cause more damage than cleaning.

While the gas tank is damaged, the whole fuel system of the engine will be damaged. Thus, putting dish soap in the gas tank should be avoided.

Without beating around the bush, let’s get deep insight.

Soap In Gas Tank Effects

Soap might be eligible to wash our bodies, clothes, and dishes but it can be a nightmare for the fuel system of vehicles. You may think to yourself what happens when you put soap in a gas tank?

So Here Is The Answer:

When soap is put in the gas tank, it sticks to the fuel and starts burning. From this occurrence, several things may happen as followingly

  • Creates lots of blue smoke that is hazardous to the environment.
  • Causes corrosion of the engine parts that leads to loss of engine efficiency, drivability, and power.
  • The vehicle executes poorly.
  • Clogs up the engine filter.
  • Decreases the longevity of the car.
  • Increases the risk of accidents.
  • The oil can’t lubricate the engine properly.

Car Blue Smoke

Washing a gas tank is a tricky thing to do. You can apply other ways to clean it. Hence it’s better to avoid putting soaps in it.

What Happens After You Mix Gasoline And Dish Soap?

You already know that dish soap is avoidable in the gas tank, another thing you should know is actually what happens if you mix gasoline and dish soap.

A small amount of dish soap causes nothing if it is mixed with gasoline. Yet unusual things can happen if dish soap mixes in large amounts with gasoline.

Usually, before starting the engine, soap just dissolves in gasoline and decreases the lubricant. But when the engine starts, at that point, possible things can happen like:

  • Carburetor jet becomes clogged and instantly starts producing black smoke, causing poor performance of the engine.
  • Fuel system as well as the fuel filter, fuel lines, and fuel pump  can be damaged.
  • Most probably the vehicle will not run.

In the engine, each part is interconnected with each other. Consequently, if one part is hampered, it can cause damage to another part.

Since the dish soap breaks down the chemical bond of the gasoline, the full process will undoubtedly be disrupted.

Simple Ways To Clean Gas Tank

Research says, when the engine completes 60,000 to 90,000 miles, it becomes mandatory to clean the gas tank. There are so many ways to clean a gas tank.

To clean gas tank, you can do the following things:

Use Vinegar And Baking Soda:

Apply the mixture of vinegar and baking soda into the gas tank. Wait until the bubbles rise and change the color with the rust particles. Then rinse it properly.

Spray High-Pressure Water:

While spraying water with high pressure, any kind of accumulation will break on the bottom of the tank.

Use White Vinegar:

The acidic acid of white vinegar is a strong component to remove stubborn rust from the tank. Pour white vinegar until the tank gets full, leave it for 2-3 hours, and then rinse it off from the tank.Use White Vinegar in Gas Tank

Apply Fuel System Cleaner Available In The Shop:

Fuel system cleaner contains Polyether Amine, Polyisobutylene, and Polyisobutylene amine (PEA).

All of these work to reduce misfiring and knocking from the engine, and can dissolve solid deposits in the fuel lines and pumps. Solid deposits can clog up the fuel system and reduce the drivability of the car.Fuel System Cleaner

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Add Muriatic Acid To The Water:

Mix 50:50 proportion muriatic acid with water. Let it sit for 24hours-48 hours and then rinse it off perfectly.Cleaned Gas Tank

Different Ways To Clean Gas Tank


Does Dawn Dish Soap Break Down Gasoline?

Yes, of course. Dawn dish soap has powerful enzymes which can break down oil, grease as well as gasoline.

What Happens When You Put Bleach Into A Gas Tank?

Bleach is made of water and chlorine. So when bleach is put into the gas tank, it stays at the bottom. Because the main component of bleach is chlorine. Chlorine is denser than water. Hence, chlorine reacts with the fuel and causes corrosion of the parts of the gas tank.

What Happens When You Put Laundry Detergent In The Gas Tank?

If you put laundry detergent in the gas tank; it will stick to the fuel and start burning. As a result, the vehicle ran with lots of harmful blue smoke.

Can You Put Dish Soap In The Toilet Tank?

Yes. A small amount of dish soap mixed with hot water can clean out the toilet tank. But too much dish soap in the toilet tank can loosen up some pipes and can ruin the flushing mechanism system of a toilet tank.


In general, you should always remember, except fuel or oil, anything can damage the gas tank. After cleaning with any components, the gas tank should be rinsed off thoroughly. Otherwise, the thing will get worse if there are any single particles left behind in the gas tank.

Before putting dish soap in gas tank, you should be more concerned about safety. Safety for not only humans but also for the car. To avoid any kind of hazardous situation, dish soap should be avoided in the gas tank.

If accidentally dish soap falls in the gas tank or is intentionally done by someone to ruin your car; immediately drop the tank and clean it. If the situation is beyond your control, call a mechanic.

Taking steps at the primary stage of damage can save your time, money, vehicle, and most importantly it can save your life too.

We know dish soap can clean several items but what happen if you clean your bike chain?

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