Dish Soap For Bubble Bath! Good or Bad?

To make your bath experience more relaxing, calming, and fun, taking a bubble bath is unparalleled. Moreover, after going through a stressful day, a bubble bath is the best way to relax your mind and refresh your mood. Now let’s explore some facts about why dish soap bubble bath should be normalized. 

Bubble baths with warm water can reduce pain and hydrate skin. But what if foaming body soap is not available for a bubble bath? No worries, you can use dish soap.

Yes, you read it right!

dish soap is used to clean dishes. We all know that. But many of you can’t deny that you have used it as hand soap also. Just like that, taking a bath using dish soap is quite a simple fact. It sounds weird but the formula of both soaps is more or less the same.

Dish Soap For Bubble Bath! Good or Bad?

Can you take a bubble bath with dish soap?

There is a common question that arises, whether can you use it for bubble bath or not. Except for the children, it’s ok to take a bath with dish soap following some instructions.

Due to some similarities between bubble bath soap and dish soap, bubble baths can be taken with dish soap. Hence, both of them performs followingly:

  • works as a surfactant (surface active agent);
  • can remove dirt from the body
  • has foaming properties
  • contains sodium alkyl benzene sulfonate
  • Spreads fragrance
  • Non-harmful to skin

Why should you put dish soap in your bathtub?

Just like dish soap removes all the grime, stains, dirt, and greases from dishes and sinks; there is a great way to keep the bathtub clean by putting dish soap in it. The cleaning properties of dish soap will work similarly to keep the bathtub clean. 

Just take a broom and rub the bathtub with dish soap.

Putting dish soap in bath removes all the stubborn stains from the bathtub, keeps bathtub virus and bacteria-free, and makes the bathtub shinier than before.

Dish Soap For Bubble Bath! Good or Bad?

How to make bubble bath with dish soap

Bubble bath soap or liquids are milder than dish soap. Due to this fact, you will need some necessary ingredients like Epsom salt and glycerin. Epsom salt softens dry skin, exfoliates dead skin cells, and glycerin moisturizes your skin. 

The solution can be made with:

  • 1 cup dish soap.
  • 2/3 cup liquid glycerin or coconut oil.
  • 2 tbsp Epsom salt
  • 1/4 cup water.
  • a sprinkle with dried lavender (optional)

Steps To Follow

Keep all of them in a plastic container and stir until the ingredients are dissolved.

This homemade bubble bath dish soap is now ready to use and you will get plenty of bubbles that will tend to last and will make the bath more fun. 

Is it safe to use dawn dish soap for a bubble bath

Dawn dish soap is usually used to remove stubborn stains and greases in the kitchen, bathroom, and bathtub as it contains harsh chemicals like methylisothiazolinone and 1,4-dioxane

1 4-dioxane is considered a groundwater contaminant. It is cancerous, causes tumors of the liver, nasal cavity and damages kidneys.

Methylisothiazolinone is a corrosive chemical that is harmful to the eyes, irritates skin, and causes hair damage.

Despite these problems, it’s hard to rinse off completely. 

Whatever the advantages of dawn soaps, it is said to be avoided in day-to-day life, for its side effects.

Therefore, dawn it is not safe at all for a bubble bath.

Is it bad to use dish soap for a bubble bath

Some natural dish soaps are available in the market. And These work excellently as bubble bath soap and are almost made with the same formula as bath soap.

For the human body. Some dish soap in the bath makes the skin dry and rough. In that case, adding Epsom salt and glycerin or coconut oil can lend a hand and make it usable for a bubble bath. 

Another thing that needs to be said,

Bubble bath with dish soap costs less than the actual bubble bath soap and the ingredients which are used in it are available at your home. The whole process serves the purpose and also saves money. So a win-win outcome occurs through the process.


Can you have a bubble bath with dish soap?

Yes. Of course.

Dish soaps contain almost the same ingredients as bubble bath soap. Dish soap contains foaming properties, removes dirt from any surface, and has sweet fragrances. Though there are a few more things to follow while dish soap applies as a bubble bath soap; and taking bath with dish soap is normal.

Can you use hand soap as a bubble bath?

Yes. But there are some facts.

All kinds of soaps are used to remove dirt. However, hand soap is quite different as it is a little astringent that can shrink skin. To avoid the shrinking of skin after taking a bath with hand soap, applying a good moisturizer is the only solution. But for the oily skin type, hand soap works great as bubble soap. Thus, hand soap can be used as a bubble bath.

What can I use for a bubble bath?

Instead of several bubble bath soaps in online-based markets or near shops, some kind of soaps (except toilet cleaner/dawn dish soaps), that have excess foaming with cleaning properties can be used for a bubble bath. 


On the whole, with so many pros and cons, there are nothing unusual. Just need to be conscious according to skin type.

As long as dish soap is making bubbles and possesses all the qualities of soap, with certainty, enjoy the bubble bath with dish soap.

More of that if you comply with the “a penny saved is a penny earned” theory, then you must go for the dish soap for a bubble bath.

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