Can You Wash Jeans With Towels?

Jeans and towels are two of the most common items found in our laundry baskets. While washing them together might seem convenient to save time and effort, knowing the potential consequences is important.

You can wash jeans with towels, but you should not. Jeans and towels are different types of fabrics, so it’s better to wash them separately. However, there are situations when you can wash jeans and towels together by taking some precautionary measures.

In this article, I’ll take a closer look at the question of whether or not you can wash jeans with towels. I will also discuss why you shouldn’t wash jeans with towels and what you should do if necessary. I will also touch on relevant topics such as clothes you wash together and whatnot. Let’s get started!

Can You Wash Jeans With Towels?

Why Should You Not Wash Jeans With Towels?

Jeans and towels are different clothes in all aspects. You should wash all your clothes together to save energy(both electricity and your energy) and time. But Washing them together isn’t a good idea for some crucial reasons. ; let’s have a look:

  • Contamination

Cross-contamination is one of the major concerns if you wash jeans with towels. Jeans are meant for rough usage; we wear them anywhere and everywhere.

What do you pick if you go to a friend’s house for a party? Formal shirt with a tailor-made suit? No, you grab one of your weary old jeans that you’ve been wearing for god knows how long. Dating? No problem, jeans got your back.

I wear jeans everywhere; even in formal gatherings where everybody is boasting their fancy suits, I wear my trusted pair of jeans with a suitable topwear. We wear jeans so much that they become dirty easily and catch all sorts of germs from places. Also, we wash jeans less frequently to retain their shape, color, and quality for as long as possible.

So naturally, it becomes more contaminated. On the other hand, we use a towel to wipe and dry our bodies. We don’t think twice before rubbing sensitive body parts with towels. That’s why we should keep towels clean and aseptic.

So as you can understand, mixing jeans with a towel can transform the germs from the jeans to your towel, which can then transform into your body when you use the towel. That’s one of the key reasons you shouldn’t wash jeans with towels.

  • Degradation of Fabric

Mixing your fluffy, likely light-colored towels with your coarsely textured jeans could cause both the hues and fluffiness to diminish. I love my jeans, and there is no way I want them to degrade, even the slightest. Although the towels are the victim here, it’s better to be safe than sorry, especially if you love your jeans collection as I do. Jeans are made of denim. It is a thick and durable fabric that can withstand harsh washing conditions.

Towels are made of soft and absorbent material. If you, for some reason, wash jeans with towels; the rough texture of the denim can rub against the towels, causing friction and creating small tears and holes. As much as I’m not obsessed with my towels like I am with my jeans, there is no reason to ruin my perfectly good towels when I can easily avoid them.

Can You Wash Jeans With Towels?

  • Lint Buildup

Towels can be a real hassle when it comes to lint. Even after one wash, you may find yourself staring at a dryer screen filled with fuzz. As I’m a neat freak, that sight is enough to freak me out and make me wonder, “What about my favorite clothes??!!”

And let’s not forget about the lint that somehow always finds its way onto your favorite sweater or delicate garments. It’s a nightmare to deal with, especially if you’re someone who likes to keep things looking neat like I do.

Can You Wash Jeans With Towels?

How Can You Wash Jeans With Towels?

If there is less time, or you want to save some electricity bills, you can wash jeans with towels occasionally. Although I advise against it, you can do it if you really need to. However, you must follow some basic guidelines to wash jeans and towels together. Let’s have a look:

Step 1: Sort By Fabric Type And Color

Sorting clothes accordingly is crucial, even if you are washing the same types of clothes together. If you are washing seven t-shirts together, even then, proper sorting out is necessary. I first divide them by colors; light and dark. Then I separate them by fabric type. But you can only sort jeans and towels by fabric type if there are different fabrics. So, wash dark-colored jeans and towels together and light-colored jeans and towels in a separate group.

Step 2: Turn The Jeans Inside Out

I always turn the jeans inside out Before putting the jeans in the washing machine. This trait becomes even more important when washing jeans and towels together. Not only towels; the rule stays the same for any other clothes you mix with jeans. It will prevent color loss and fabric degradation. For similar reasons, you will use formal shirts in their wash instructions to iron the shirt on the reverse side.

Can You Wash Jeans With Towels?

Step 3: Use A Gentle Cycle

Always a mild or delicate cycle to minimize friction and prevent shrinking or stretching. You may think jeans should be washed under a heavy cycle, but that’s not true. Using a heavy-duty or high-spin cycle can cause pilling and wear over time.

Step 4: Use Cold Or Warm Water

It’s best to wash jeans and towels in cold or warm water. It will keep your jeans and towels looking new and feeling soft. I personally never use hot water for any clothes, except for a few. Using hot water can result in shrinkage, fading, and damage to the fabric.

Step 5: Use Mild Detergent

Use a gentle detergent and use it sparingly to prevent buildup. Don’t use fabric softeners for your jeans. They can cause stiffness and even discoloration.

Can You Wash The Towel With Other Clothes?

I sort clothes before washing them because they differ in fabric type, color, and usage. If you wash jeans with a microfiber cloth, the latter is highly likely to be torn. If you wash towels with substantially dirty clothes, the towel will likely get contaminated.

However, there are clothes that you can wash with a towel without any second thought. I always wash curtains, handkerchiefs, etc., with towels. The point is you should avoid mixing towels with dirtier and rough textured clothes. Anything else, you can wash with towels. Here are some items you can wash together with towels:


You can wash towels and sheets together in the washing machine. When you do, keeping a few things in mind is important. Make sure that your machine is large enough to handle the load. I only put a few clothes in the machine at a time. I wash clothes at two-thirds of the washing machine’s capacity at a time. Always use a detergent specifically formulated for these types of textiles.

Linen Cloths

Many argue that you shouldn’t wash linen and towels together, but I never faced any problems. As long as you take the same precautions as mine, there won’t be any problem. Use a delicate cycle and avoid overloading the machine with towels. Also, use a gentle detergent and not hot water, as it may cause linen fabrics to shrink.


always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when washing curtains and towels together. Curtains are heavy and washed less frequently than towels. Use enough detergent for all the fabrics. Use a gentle wash cycle and warm water. Sometimes I use softener as it helps the towel retain its natural texture.


The handkerchief and towel are from the same family. We use both to wipe our hands and face dry after washing. As handkerchiefs are meant for outside usage and require mobility, they are made from delicate fabric and have less water-absorbing capacity. If you use mild detergent and a gentle cycle, you can wash the towel and handkerchief together without any worries.

Everyday Items You Should Never Wash Together

Some clothes should always be washed separately. It is for sanitary reasons and the longevity purpose of either of the clothes. Let’s take a look:

  • Tea Towels and Towels

Tea towels come into contact with various surfaces and tend to collect a bunch of germs. If you wash these towels with your bath and hand towels, those germs can easily transfer.

So always separate your towels when washing them. So remember to keep your towels separate and give them a good hot wash for maximum cleanliness and hygiene.

  • Cloths With Bath Mats

Bath mats are for rubbing your feet for drying after you come out of the bath. Although it isn’t as dirty as it sounds, you shouldn’t wash bath mats with any other clothes, especially those you wear. You can wash bath mats with a tea towel, tablecloth, etc.

But it’s better to avoid washing it with the clothes you wear. I suggest washing bath mats at 40 degrees or higher on a regular spin cycle.

  • Clothes And Sheets

The urge to toss your sheets in with your weekly load can be very tempting. But you should know the possible consequences. Due to their large size, sheets may roll up and trap smaller items inside the washer or dryer.

It prevents them from properly moving and brushing against each other during washing. As a result, items stuck within the dryer may come out damp, even if the outer sheet appears dry. It’s best to wash your sheets separately to ensure a thorough and effective wash.

  • Denim Jeans With Anything

Jeans are our favorite, but many don’t know how often we should wash jeans. Clothing giant Levi’s recommends washing your jeans only once a month. Not only that, they also suggest spot-cleaning any stains instead of washing the entire garment. It is because denim is a durable fabric that doesn’t require cleaning frequently.

Also, washing your jeans inside out can help preserve their color and prevent fading. As we already know, jeans are rough and need to get really, really dirty before full-on washing. So it’s best to avoid mixing it with any other clothes.

  • Undergarments With Literally Anything

Undergarments carry more germs than any of our other clothes for obvious reasons. Also, parts of undergarments like bras can damage other clothes. The hooks on bras can easily snag on other garments, causing them to lose shape or stretch out. So it’s better to hand-wash your bras and lay them flat to dry. The same applies to any other undergarments.


After reading this far, some obvious questions might be wandering around in your mind. Here are some frequently asked questions with answers to ease your mind:

Do Jeans Need To Be Washed Separately?

Jeans pants are rough and tough. Also, the jeans washing routine is less frequent. We don’t wash jeans unless it gets really dirty. Jeans’ rough texture can damage other delicate clothes. Due to these reasons, it’s best if you wash jeans separately.

What Is The Best Way To Wash Jeans?

Jeans look all heavy and rough, but that doesn’t mean you should use a heavy-duty wash cycle. Go for a delicate wash cycle, pick a mild detergent, and use cold water.

Can I Wash Towels With Blankets?

You can wash towels with bedding items such as blankets, bed sheets, etc. But please don’t. Towels become dirtier than bedding items, so washing towels separately is best.


Washing jeans with towels is possible, but it is important to consider the type of material and color of the jeans and the quality of the towels. Separating jeans and towels into different loads is recommended to prevent damage to both items. Additionally, using a gentle detergent and washing on a delicate cycle can help extend the life of both jeans and towels. Properly washing these items can lead to longer-lasting and well-maintained clothing and linens.

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