Will Purple Shampoo Fix Orange Roots?

Yes, when your hair gets the orange or yellow color after coloring, purple shampoo is the most Ideal to fix the problem. Purple shampoo is a great DIY home option that neutralizes the yellowish-orange tones on your hair roots. You can use it to tone your blonde or dyed hair.

The purple shampoo maintains the blonde color and neutralizes the yellow-orange tones on your hair. However, if your hair is dark orange, the best shampoo to use is bluFche shampoo. You can use the shampoo once or twice a week to eliminate the bright orange undertones and maintain the blonde.

To maximize the shampoo effect on your hair, apply and leave it for 15 minutes before washing it.

Will Purple Shampoo Fix Orange Roots?

Will Purple Shampoo Work On Orange Hair?

If your hair has orange undertones, and you don’t want to use a toner, use blue shampoo. This is because blue shampoo works better on orange hair than purple shampoo. It depends on the color chart to know the trick behind using shampoo, either blue or purple.

You should use the color chat, and to find the right color to neutralize your hair, you should use the exact opposite. So if your hair has orange undertones, the best shampoo is blue. Because blue is the opposite of orange, and yellow is the opposite of purple.

Will purple shampoo fix orange roots? Instead of purple, use blue shampoo to get rid of the orange. Blue shampoo is primarily used in darker hair. Alternatively, if both shampoos don’t work effectively, you should use a toner or anti-brassy cleansing treatment. It works perfectly for all tones of treated blonde hair.

Apply the treatment to your wet hair, lather it, and leave for a minute. Ensure you rinse well and repeat it up to three times a week.

Will Purple Shampoo Fix Orange Roots?

Sometimes you find your hair turning orange, and here are tips to minimize your hair becoming orange.

  • Avoid direct exposure to sunlight: By spending a lot of time in direct sunlight, you get exposure to UV rays that can cause different hair tones. To avoid brassy undertones from surfacing, avoid staying in the sun for a long time before coloring your hair.
  • Keep your hair off pool and ocean water: salty or chlorinated water may oxidize your hair, changing it to a color you don’t like whenever you’re swimming. Avoid submerging your hair under the water to maintain your hair color.
  • Wash your hair with filtered water: unfiltered water contains minerals that may cause brassy tones in the hair.

What Happens When You Put Purple Shampoo On Orange Hair?

The purple shampoo will not change tone when used on hair that turns orange after coloring. Instead, you will end up with purple hair. This is caused by a color-based theory you learned in elementary school.

Do you remember the color chart? In the chart, colors vary from warm to cool colors. Most hair colorists will use the color chart to decide which color will eliminate unwanted tones in their clients’ hair.

Among those tones include orange, red, and yellow. With the help of a chart, purple shampoo should cancel the yellow color. This is because purple is made out of blue and red. Orange, a blend of yellow and red.

Will Purple Shampoo Fix Orange Roots?

As you have seen, red is active in both orange and purple. If you add purple shampoo to orange hair with red, you will change the orange hair into purple because there will be more red than blue. 

Will blue shampoo fix orange roots? Yes, the ideal shampoo to cancel the orange color is blue shampoo. This is because different colors have complementary colors that would cancel them. For example, 

  1. Purple cancels yellow
  2. Green cancels red
  3. Blue cancels out yellow

 That’s why in most cases, blue shampoo is used to wash bleached dark hair because it mostly remains with an orange undertone. And since blue shampoo is the easiest and safest to remove the orange color, most colorists recommend it.

How Many Times Can You Use Purple Shampoo Before It Works?

Use the purple shampoo twice or three times a week. You shouldn’t replace your regular shampoo with purple shampoo, but after eliminating the excess yellow in your hair, you can return to your regular shampoo.

You can also alternate purple shampoo with regular shampoo. Additionally, you can mix the purple and regular shampoo, adding violet pigment in a regular cleansing hair routine.

How Do You Go From Orange To Honey Blonde?

The easiest way to change your hair from orange to blond is by re-bleaching it after two weeks. It helps bring down the orange tones, which is more accessible than neutralizing. You can also use ash blonde dye to neutralize it.

Your hair is still orange after bleaching blonde because the bleach wasn’t enough. So the solution is recoloring it, and you can ask for help from your stylist or a friend. They will ensure the dye or bleach is evenly applied.

How To Fix Orange Roots After Bleaching?

The only remedy for orange roots after bleaching is to use blue shampoo. It will eliminate brassiness and the orange color on your hair roots. Additionally, a blonde may have an orange shade after bleaching because of mineral build-up. Here are extra steps for removing the orange color.

  • Use the toner
  • Lighten your hair more
  • Dye it darker

These methods can also remove the orange color from your hair.


How long should I leave the purple shampoo to get rid of the orange?

Different products will recommend the use of purple shampoo in different time spans. Some would advise immediately, others 5 minutes, and others longer, so read the instructions carefully for the purple shampoo you’re using.

What happens if I leave the purple shampoo in my hair for 30 minutes?

Leaving purple shampoo for long on your hair is not recommended. This is because the longer it stays on your hair, it may leave pigments, leading to permanent stains. Ensure not to leave the purple shampoo on your hair for more than 15 minutes unless you have gray or white hair.

Why doesn’t purple shampoo work on my roots?

Maybe your application method is wrong. You should wet your hair, apply enough shampoo, and spread it from roots to ends. After that, leave the shampoo on your hair for at least five minutes, and from that, it should be able to work.


Will purple shampoo fix orange roots? No, Unless your hair is yellowish-orange. If the bleaching goes wrong and your hair is orange, the best shampoo to use is blue shampoo. It will neutralize the orange color. Using the purple shampoo on your orange hair turns purple instead of getting rid of the orange. So before using any shampoo on your hair, research color theory and learn which color cancels which color.

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