What Can I Drink After Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is a popular way to make the teeth brighter. However, it’s important to know about what I can drink after whitening or brightening my teeth.

You know teeth whitening is a temporary solution. Nevertheless, to make it last for a longer time, you should be careful about what you are drinking after completing the teeth-brightening process.

Hence, we are going to discuss the major facts regarding the matter including its beneficial purposes and side effects, and also what can be eaten after that.

To learn all these things in just a few minutes, stay tuned till the end.

What Can I Drink After Teeth Whitening?

What drinks can I have after teeth whitening?

To avoid situations like accidentally drinking coffee after teeth whitening, you should be concerned before drinking anything. Being conscious, you may ask: Is drinking milk good after tooth extraction?

Most of the time experts suggest drinking only milk and water after the treatment. Since both of them contain no artificial color, acidic formulations, or caffeine.

What Can I Drink After Teeth Whitening?

There is a question that arises often after tooth extraction treatment: are tea and coffee bad for teeth? Definitely yes. Because the remaining caffeine in tea and coffee stains teeth easily. Including tea and coffee, you must avoid drinks that contain the following components:

  • Caffeine
  • Artificial colors
  • Acidic ingredients
  • Fizzy chemicals
  • Carbonate

Your eating, drinking and oral hygiene habits can impact on the whole whitening process. Avoiding colored drinks for a specific time limit can keep your teeth looking healthier.

What are some of the best foods to eat after teeth whitening?

After doing teeth bleaching, your teeth tend to get colored quickly. Hence, you need to be aware of the things to stay away from after the teeth-whitening procedure.

What Can I Drink After Teeth Whitening?

However, you may get confused and wonder: can I eat chocolate after teeth whitening? Hold on! Take a look at the table below, where you may get a clear idea about what to eat and what not to eat.

On the whole, we can say that you should avoid foods that contain color, whether it is artificial or natural. Even white-colored beverages like 7-Up and Sprite also should be avoided as they are fizzy.

What are the side effects of using teeth-whitening drinks?

Teeth-whitening drinks consist of chemicals. These chemicals break down the compounds (called “chromogenic compounds”) of dentin that are causing discoloration and make teeth lighter. These chemicals may damage the entire oral health in the following ways:

Damage tooth enamel:

The bleaching that occurs during teeth whitening causes permanent and irreversible damage to teeth.

Increases the sensitivity:

After brightening treatment, 57% of people suffer from tooth sensitivity. Most of the whitening chemicals enter the dentin tubules, known as microscope channels in the enamel, that lead to nerves and cause sensitivity.

Irritates the soft tissues:

The use of a significant amount of peroxide during teeth brightening irritates the soft tissues in the mouth.

Makes unhealthy teeth worse:

If there is a presence of cracks and cavities in teeth, whitening treatment makes the result worse.

Needs periodic reapplication:

Teeth whitening is not a permanent treatment. You need to do it every few months or once a year. Doing so, your teeth may get weaker day by day.

knowing about the side effects as an alternative, you may think, “Is it safe to use whitening toothpaste? Of course, yes. It’s the most effective way for daily use to make your teeth whiter. The process may take an extended period of time but has no side effects at all.

From the table you will get the exact amount of chemical agents that are used in teeth whitening purposes:

Who is not suitable for teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is a kind of treatment that risks the oral health of certain people. The use of strong chemicals and the application of led light during the treatment cause severe issues. So the patient with the following conditions may not eligible to take the treatment:

  1. Pregnant of lactating women
  2. Children under the age of 16
  3. An adult who has weak teeth
  4. carrying cavities, decays, exposed roots and periodontal diseases.
  5. carrying receding gum and yellow roots
  6. suffering from teeth sensitivity
  7. allergic to bleaching agent like peroxide


Why don’t my teeth stay white after whitening!

Teeth whitening never lasts more than 2-3 years. Even it may remain only for 6 months. So it’s normal not to be shiny and white after whitening treatment. 

Is it safe to drink milk after teeth whitening?

Definitely. Milk and water is the safest to drink after teeth whitening.

How long should I wait before drinking after teeth whitening?

You have to wait around 3-4 hours to drink after teeth whitening.

How does teeth whitening light work?

First the bleaching agent is applied in the teeth, then laser light, halo light, led light are casted. The led light speeds up the tooth whitening process and breaks down the peroxide faster and finally forms free radical and whiten the teeth.

Is the teeth whitening process painful?

No, not at all. You will never go through any kind of pain during the teeth whitening process.

Who should not use teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is not applicable under the age of 16. Moreover, during pregnancy or lactation, it’s not allowed. And also not eligible for those who are already suffering from oral problems like cavities, gum recession, teeth restoration and allergic to bleaching agents.


Through the article, I hope you have gotten a clear idea of what you can drink and eat after teeth whitening treatment. You know the whitening procedure is safe if there is no overdose of chemicals.

Additionally, there are other factors that will make your time and money investments beneficial if you avoid consuming particular meals and beverages for a specific period of time. Follow them. Have a healthier, brighter, shinier smile.

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