Weed Eater Leaking Gas From Air Filter: What To Do?

Recently, you have noticed that your weed eater is acting weird. And after investigating, you have discovered that the weed eater is leaking gas from the air filter.

You know this is a common issue of a weed eater. However, such a condition not only damages the fresh grass or other machine components but also bears potential fire risks, if not fixed on time.

Well, to fix the leaky air filter, find out the reasons and solve them. Hence, tilting the weed eater at the right side is the most effective solution for this problem. In addition, replacement of the weed eater fuel system components on time can prevent the gas flooding into the air filter.

In this article, you will get to know how to solve the air filter issues of your weed eater. Also, we will help you with the air-fuel mixture adjustment methods. So, don’t skip and read till the end!

Weed Eater Leaking Gas From Air Filter: What To Do?
Weed Eater Leaking Gas From Air Filter: What To Do?

Why is gas coming out of the air filter of a weedeater?

This may happen if the gas enters the air filter chamber. However, how that happens is described in detail below.

  • While cleaning the clogged grass from your weed eater, you might have tilted it on the side with the carburetor facing down. This way the gas leaks out of the carburetor and flows toward the air filter.
  • When the plastic gas tap located between the gas tank and the carburetor starts degrading, it fails to stop the gas from flooding. As a result, the gas gets into the carburetor and the air filter.
  • A choke helps to balance the air-fuel ratio (14.7:1) in cold weather and the cold engine to start smoothly. If it is sticking in its position, the gas will start flooding and leaking out of the air filter.
  • The carburetor bowl has a rubber-tipped float needle that closes when the carburetor bowl has enough gas to start the engine. When the rubber tip degrades, the float needle fails to seal the gas inlet port. Consequently, the carburetor bowl overfills and the air filter gets soaked.
  • If the carburetor bowl is too tight or the carburetor seal is incorrectly placed or degrading, the fuel will flow into the carburetor and the air filter.
  • Sometimes, ethanol-blended fuels damage the non-metal components of a fuel system. This is another reason of a leaky air filter.
  • If the plastic gas tank of a weed eater is left under the strong sun for too long, it will perish and cause the gas to flow out.
  • When the plastic gas caps start to perish, it leaks fuel and soaks the air filter.
Weed Eater Leaking Gas From Air Filter: What To Do?
Why is gas coming out of the air filter of a weedeater?

How do you stop leaking gas from the air filter of weed eaters?

Whatever the cause is, you can fix the issue so that gas in the air filter doesn’t leak. And here is the steps to follow to fix this problem:

  • When you tilt the weed eater, make sure the carburetor side is facing up.
  • Remove the soaked air filter and dry it under the sun. Replace it if necessary.
  • Replace the worn-out gas tap. You must evacuate the gas tank before you do that.
  • If the choke is stuck, release the stuck choke cable.
  • Replace all the worn-out rubber-tipped or plastic components of a weed eater.
  • Never leave the weed eater under the direct sun for too long. It will save the plastic gas tank.
  • Try not to use ethanol-based fuel in your weed eater.

Is it normal for the air filter to smell like gas?

Not at all. A smelly air filter indicates a faulty weed eater. If the air filter of your weed eater smells like gas, the most common reason is that the filter is broken and the fuel is flowing out.

Other faulty parts of a carburetor, low-quality fuel, spilled fuel can also be responsible for a smelly air filter. However, a smelly air filter causes the weed eater to perform poorly, and also invites accidents.

Is it normal for the air filter to smell like gas?

How do you adjust the air fuel mixture on a weedeater?

To adjust the air fuel mixture on a weed eater, turn the HI-LO screws in an anti-clockwise motion. You can do this when the engine is cold or when the engine is warm beforehand.

Here’s one thing to keep in mind, adjusting the air-fuel mixture does not indicate adjusting its screws only. You need to check the air filter and spark plug of your weed eater and fix them if necessary.

They must be fixed before you adjust the air-fuel mixture section. If you fix them later, you have to readjust the air-fuel mixture, which you might not want to do.

Below are the step-by-step methods of the air-fuel mixture adjustment of a weed eater.

How do you adjust the air fuel mixture on a weedeater?

Method 1 – adjust the air-fuel mixture when the engine is cold

Step 1 

Find the adjustment screws of the air-fuel mixture of your weed eater. They are named as HI-LO and located on the side of the air-fuel mixture.

Step 2

Take a small screwdriver and tighten the HI-LO screws in a clockwise motion until you feel resistance.

Step 3

Start adjusting the HI screw first. Give it a 1½ turn in an anti-clockwise motion.

Step 4

Next, give the LO screw 1 turn in an anticlockwise motion.

Step 5

Remove the screwdriver and start the engine. It will sound rough at first, keep the engine on for a few minutes to warm it up.

Step 6

Turn the LO screw in an anti-clockwise motion slowly. This will smoothen the idling engine. Also, the engine will run smoothly without turning the weed eater’s head.

Step 7

Now open the gas throttle to the full setting and see whether the engine sputter. If it sputters, turn the HI screw in a clockwise motion to stop the sputtering sound. You may need to do it a few times until the sound stops.

Step 8

After the sputtering has stopped, turn off the engine and cool down it for several hours. Turn on the engine again, your weed eater now should work seamlessly.

Step 9

If the weed eater is still showing issues, you need to clean the carburetor thoroughly.

Method 2 – adjust the air-fuel mixture after warming the engine

Step 1

Start the weed eater and keep it on for a few minutes. The engine should be running but the trimmer head should be still.

Step 2

Turn the LO screw in an anti-clockwise motion to adjust the idling engine. You may need to turn the screw a few times until the engine runs smooth.

Step 3

Give the HI screw a ¼ anti-clockwise turn and check whether the engine sound is still there. Keep doing it until the engine smooths out. For a weed eater with a string trimmer, set the trimmer in a safe position and lock the throttle before adjusting the HI screw. After the adjustment, unlock the throttle.


Should a carburetor smell like gas?

No, unless the carburetor is designed in a way that smells like gas. Old-model carburetors have a float bowl that contains some residual fuel. When the engine is shut off, this fuel evaporates and produces a temporary smell. New model carburetors come with a built-in evaporative-emission system, therefore a gas-like smell in them indicates a warning sign.

What happens when a carburetor gets too much fuel?

If a carburetor gets too much fuel, it will cause an idle or damaged engine, faulty spark plugs, a gas-like smell, and power shortages.

What to do if carburetor is leaking gas?

If gas comes out of carburetor intake, you need to fix the fuel connection, connection fitting, or carburetor itself. Most of the time tightening a loose fuel connection solves the leaking gas issue of a carburetor. If it does not help, replace the worn-out fuel line connection fitting or rebuild the existing carburetor.


We hope the solutions we suggest in this article will stop your weed eater from leaking gas from air filter. Just a friendly reminder that never delay or ignore a faulty air filter.

Check the weed eater regularly and maintain it properly. These actions will ensure long life of the air filter as well as other parts of your weed eater.

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