All Types of Shower Heads

Certainly, the type of shower head you choose considerably affects the quality of the overall showering experience. In the market, there are many types of shower heads. One more expensive than the other. Usually, the most expensive ones include additional benefits that you won’t find on conventional models.

For example, some shower heads can improve the water quality, by adding beneficial ingredients. Other can filter toxic substances and pathogens to prevent health problems. And the best ones can also ionize water, helping to soften skin and reduce high stress levels.

So, if you want to take your showering experience to the next level, you should replace your old shower head and look for something fancier. In this article, you’ll know all types of shower heads that you can find on the market so you can choose the more appropriate for you.

All Types of Shower Heads

Types of Shower Heads

Maybe you didn’t know that there are many types of shower heads. Each type with its pros and cons. Below, you’ll find a list with the 8 more popular:

  • Panel
  • Low pressure
  • Handheld
  • Ceiling mount
  • Rain
  • Multi-function
  • Dual spray
  • Single spray
  • Sliding bar
  • Filter


All Types of Shower Heads
All Types of Shower Heads

Panel shower heads are directly installed in the wall, providing multiple water strings in different directions. Most advanced models also include LED lights, an electronic control panel and a handheld shower head.

In addition, panel shower heads reduce the average time you spend on showering. They’re also modern and improve the aesthetics of your bathroom.

Low Pressure

All Types of Shower Heads
All Types of Shower Heads

Low pressure shower heads help reduce water consumption and regulate excessive water pressure. For example, too high water pressure may be uncomfortable for people with sensitive skin. Best models also allow you to manually control water pressure at your own convenience.


All Types of Shower Heads
All Types of Shower Heads

Handheld shower heads allow you focus the water string in certain areas of your body. Some models can even change the shape of the water string, turning your shower into a spa. Above all, these models allow you to freely move inside the shower area.

Also, handheld shower heads are the most appropriate to bathe kids, pets and elderly. It you have a tub, these gadgets certainly can’t be missing.

Ceiling Mount

Ceiling Mount

Certainly, using a ceiling mount shower head is the closest experience to taking a shower under the rain. They provide more comfort, spreading water in a wider area. These models also help reducing the showering time and water consumption.

In addition, ceiling mount shower heads blend well with glass doors, adding a slight touch of elegance to your toilets.


Rain Shower Head

Rain shower heads work the same way as ceiling mount models, spreading water in a wider area. But, they’re installed in the usual position of a common shower head. These models also mix water with air, providing a relaxing experience and reducing water consumption.


Multi-function Shower Head

Multi-function shower heads are the best for technology lovers. They use sophisticated control panels to regulate water temperature, pressure and shape of the string. In addition, most advanced models include touch screens, LED lights and multiple water outputs.

Dual Spray

Dual Spray Shower Head

Dual spray shower heads combine a conventional stationary shower head and a handheld shower head. These models also allow you to focus a high pressure water string in certain areas of your body while you still enjoy your normal shower.

As handheld shower heads, they’re perfect to bathe kids, pets and elderly. In addition, they allow you to move freely inside the shower area.

Single Spray

All Types of Shower Heads

Single spray shower heads are those common models that most people have in their bathrooms. They’re also available in a wide variety of models to blend with different décor styles. They’re usually made of stainless steel, brass, aluminum and plastic.

In addition, some models include silicone water jets to prevent accumulation of limescale and other residue. Above all, a single spray shower head is the more affordable option for people with low budget. They’re also durable and include long-lasting warranties.

Sliding Bar

Sliding Bar Shower Head

Sliding bar models allow varying the height of the shower head. Also, it can be detached from the bar and be used like a handheld shower head. They’re certainly perfect for families with members of different sizes. They also reduce the showering time and water consumption.


Filter Shower Head

Filter shower heads improve the water quality by removing toxic substances and adding vitamins and minerals. They also use multiple filtering stages to remove different pollutants. Best models use magnetite balls to ionize water. This helps to soften skin and reduce high stress levels.


Certainly, you have so many options of shower heads to choose from. And each model is more appropriate in certain circumstances. So, it depends on you to choose the more convenient model according to your requirements. Before buying, also consider the amount of money you’re able to spend.

Usually, the more features a shower head has, the more expensive it will be. So, if you want something with too many gadgets, you’ll certainly have to pay more.

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