How To Stop Shower Head Drooping Down?

Imagine, you have just started taking a shower and the shower head fallen down! If you are unlucky, the shower head may fall on your head. Yes, it may happen to you!

Hence, after such an experience, the first thing you should do is to know how to stop the shower head from drooping. 

Loose shower fittings, broken thread tape, incorrect shower head installation, etc are responsible for making the shower head hang downward. However, you have to identify where the problem is and fix the shower head accordingly. 

In this article, we are going to to discuss the possible causes of the shower head falling and their solutions.

How To Stop Shower Head Drooping Down?
How To Stop Shower Head Drooping Down?

What Can Cause A Drooping Shower Head?

In a word, faults in the shower settings cause a drooping shower head. Along with that, there may be several reasons behind it. Here is a list of the causes for you.

  • An incorrect installation of the shower head.
  • A heavier shower head.
  • In the shower rail system, clamps support the weight of the shower head. Poor quality or damaged clamps lead the shower head to go downward.
  • A loose rubber seal or thread tape (basically, it connects the shower head to the hose).
  • A cracked or broken hose causes water to leak and get inside the rubber seal, followed by a drooping shower head.
  • Baking – There is a backing that holds your shower pipes firmly. If it is installed improperly or worn out, the pipes will be loose and cause the shower head sagging.
  • Screws – Your shower pipes are attached firm to the wall with some small U-shaped brackets. When the screws of those brackets become loose, both the shower pipes and the head will move and fall.
  • Water line – Faulty or clogged water lines slow down the water pressure. If you keep turning the shower tap aggressively to get the desired water pressure, it can create an additional pressure on the shower pipes and the shower head. Such an action may cause the shower head to fall off, if done for a long time.
  • Shower head opening – Some large shower heads have large openings. If the diameter of a shower head opening mismatch with the diameter of the hose, the shower head will droop.
How To Stop Shower Head Drooping Down?
What Can Cause A Drooping Shower Head?

How do you fix a drooping shower head?

As you know now the possible reasons of shower head dropping down, you can fix all the problems yourself that cause the shower head to droop. However, you should use the shower with caution to avoid such a situation.

  • Install the shower head by an experienced worker.
  • Choose a shower head that is not heavier than its holder.
  • Ties – Tie the shower head to the holder with elastic bands, cable ties, or ropes. Though this hack may prevent the drooping, you have to untie the shower head to adjust it to your height.
  • Check if the shower head holder is getting loose or has cracks and fix it accordingly. Get a new one or upgrade the existing holder if necessary.
  • Change the thread tape if the existing one is broken.
  • Fix the loose settings – Check the shower riser rail clamps, screws of the U-shaped brackets or the other parts, shower hose, and shower pipes. Tighten them if they are loose or replace them if they are broken.
  • Waterproof expanding foam – If your shower head has a large opening, use waterproof expanding foam to smallen it. Spray the foam into the opening, let it expand and dry, and attach the shower head to the hose.
  • Reinstall or replace the damaged baking.
  • Fix the water line – Unclog the water line to ensure an even water pressure. Also, don’t overload your shower head to avoid malfunction.
  • Sometimes rust may cause the shower head to fall off from its connectors. So clean the joints regularly.
How do you fix a drooping shower head?

How do you use plumber’s shower head tape?

Find out the exposed or male threads of the pipe. Wrap the plumber’s tape around these threads tightly two or three times (at least) in a clockwise motion. Make sure not to over tighten the tape to avoid breakage.

How do you tighten a shower arm without scratching it?

The best way to tighten a shower arm without scratching it is to use your own hands as the lever. Just grip the loose shower arm and connect it forcibly to the shower setting by your hands.

Note that the ‘hand’ method works better if the shower pipe has a bent arm that is loose. And before screwing it in by hand, check whether the shower arm needs a new installation of teflon tape.

Another great thing to use on the shower arm is a Channellock. This slip-joint plier has a smooth jaw design and doesn’t scratch metal.

You can use an adjustable pipe wrench  on chrome fittings instead of a channellock. But use something else with the wrench to avoid scratching while tightening the shower arm.

For instance, use  damp microfiber cloth, thin slip of silicone, silicone muffin cup, or duct tape. Wrap the shower arm with any of these, fit the wrench around the arm, and tighten it.       

How do you tighten a shower arm without scratching it?


How high should shower hand hold be?

On average, a shower hand should be held 72-78 inches high off the ground. However, you can adjust the shower hand height according to your own height. With that said, at least a difference of 1 foot height should be between your head and the shower hand. Such a height will make it easy to fix the shower head or take it off when necessary.

Should you turn off the water to change shower head?

Of course you should. Turning off water while changing the shower head will help you to stay dry. Also, you will get a better view and grip on the shower head parts when you work.

What is the point of a rain shower head?

It is a ceiling-mounted shower head. Also known as rainfall or waterfall shower head, it sprays water vertically like a light rain. The light water pressure coming from this type of shower head gives one a relaxing bath.

What holds a shower head in place?

Usually, a shower riser rail holds a shower head in place. It is a vertical metal rail attached to the wall. And the shower head sits at the top of the rail.


A comfortable shower in the morning is a great start for a hectic day. However, if the shower goes bad due to a faulty shower head or setting, it will worsen your mood.

If you know how to stop the shower head from drooping, not only will it make your day but also will save your bucks from being spent on unexpected accidents or shower fixing services.

Make sure to use the right tools to fix your shower head. Otherwise, wrong tools will create more damage to the shower head than it previously had.

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