Quip Toothbrush Not Working

A quip toothbrush is among the best electric toothbrushes on the market. However, you wake up one day and find your quip toothbrush not working or stopping when brushing. If that is the case, stick around if you want to know why your quip toothbrush stops working and how to fix it.

Your quip electric brush may stop functioning due to several reasons. Some are fixable and some have nothing to do with your brush motor. However, ensure your quid toothbrush motor does not get wet or exposed to moisture because thus, it can be damaged.

But if your quip toothbrush doesn’t get in contact with water or moisture, you can easily figure out why your quip toothbrush isn’t working.

Quip Toothbrush Not Working
Quip Toothbrush Not Working

Why has my electric toothbrush stopped working?

The main reasons your electric toothbrush stops working can be that its battery is dead or the motor is damaged. If its battery is weak or dead, your electric toothbrush will not go on, or it will keep stopping. That’s because the battery cannot power the motor of the electric toothbrush.

Oral b toothbrush not turning on can also result from a damaged motor. You may damage the motor when changing or removing the quips head. This may cause your quip to stop working entirely or regularly stop when you’re brushing.

Since you know why your toothbrush stopped, now, you may have a query, why my electric toothbrush keeps turning itself on oral b?

Here are straightforward tips on how to fix it.

Why has my electric toothbrush stopped working?

What do you do when your quip toothbrush stops working?

When your electric brush stops working, you need to change its batteries or reset your electric toothbrush. This should make the quip work as expected. However, this doesn’t guarantee your oral b toothbrush repair if it needs to be replaced.

Another reason your electric toothbrush won’t start can be the Sonicare toothbrush not charging. This may be caused by faults like

  • The outlet is faulty
  • The charger cable is damaged
  • The software needs an update
  • The charger is placed wrongly

Suppose you’re using the original charger, and still not working; check whether it’s damaged. After confirming that it’s faulty, get a new charger immediately.

What do you do when your quip toothbrush stops working?

How do you reset a quip toothbrush?

  • Press and hold the power button of your quip for about five seconds to reset it. Depending on the type and model of your quip, you will hear a beep once, and the quip will go off.
  • Continue holding the button; then the quip will beep once or twice, which means it is reset successfully.

How do you replace a quip battery?

How do you replace a quip battery?

Replacing your quid battery is manageable and crucial for your electric toothbrush to turn on and work effectively. So if you want to change your quid battery, you should follow these quick steps.

  • Start by locating two dots at your electric toothbrush back
  • Place your hands on the dots as you grip the handle when holding the quip head
  • Snap to open in two parts without forcing to open the toothbrush head
  • After removing the quip head, carefully remove the motor of your quip toothbrush. Remember to keep the motor away from moisture or water
  • Remove the batteries
  • Insert the new batteries with the negative facing the end and the positive pointing up.
  • Fix your electric toothbrush, then test whether it turns on
  • Press the Q button to confirm whether your quip is working normally

If your electric toothbrush doesn’t turn on after battery replacement, the problem isn’t with dead batteries. Rather, you are supposed to change your quip battery every three months instead of waiting for the battery to die.


How long do quip Motors last?

Although most quid brushes come with a year guarantee, you should replace the motor after three months of usage. You should also change the toothbrush head and the battery at the same time.

Does my quip have Bluetooth?

Yes, if it’s a quip smart toothbrush, it’s Bluetooth enabled. You can connect it via wireless Bluetooth to a quid app on your IOS Smartphone or android phone. But if you’re using an original quip toothbrush, it doesn’t have it.

How many years should an electric toothbrush last?

The lifespan of a quip brush ranges from three to five years. However, the life span may be shorter depending on how you take care of your brush. For example, if you expose it to moisture, it might not last long, so you better take care of it.

Do electric toothbrushes lose power over time?

Yes, this powered toothbrush will lose its power over time; for example, the rechargeable battery will lose capacity and become less powerful. You will also need a  quip replacement head because it’s another part that requires changes every three months.


When you find your quip toothbrush not working, it doesn’t mean it’s damaged. There is a probability that the battery has weak cells, is not charging, or is a problem with the motor.  So before rushing to buy a new one, you should replace the batteries.
To prolong the lifespan of your electric toothbrush motor, ensure you keep it away from moisture. However, if the motor stops functioning, you shouldn’t consider quip motor replacement; instead, get a new quip.

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