The Best Way to Use a Propane Torch Upside Down – Safe and Easy!

You need to turn your propane torch upside down to remove weed from your garden or braze critical metal joints. But your running propane torch cannot be inverted! Therefore, you need a propane torch that works upside down and to know the best way to use it so that you can avoid accidents.

Rather than holding the whole propane torch upside down, use an extension hose to invert just the torch head. First, turn up the flame regulator to the maximum setting. Second, light the burner for 1 minute to heat it adequately. Third, turn the hose-attached torch head upside down and get a precise flame. This method works for every size of a propane torch.

In this write-up, we will provide the definition, uses, mechanism, benefits, and safety tips of an upside-down propane torch. So, don’t skip and keep reading till the end.

The Best Way to Use a Propane Torch Upside Down - Safe and Easy!
The Best Way to Use a Propane Torch Upside Down – Safe and Easy!

What are the different types of propane torches?

Propane torches come with a small tank and a large tank. Small-tanked propane torches are handheld, commonly air-fed, and used for mini-projects. Large-tanked propane torches have a long extension hose and a torch. They are used for construction purposes. Some large propane torches are oxygen-fed. Apart from the tank size, propane torches have different types of tips and nozzle.

The Best Way to Use a Propane Torch Upside Down - Safe and Easy!
What are the different types of propane torches?

What is an upside down propane torch?

An upside-down propane torch is a propane torch that is inverted, meaning the torch head facing downwards and the bottom facing upwards.

Small propane torches come with a small propane tank attached to a propane burner. You can turn them upside down easily. However, you cannot invert a large propane torch with your hand due to their large tank size.

In this type, you have to attach an extension hose so that you can bend and move the torch head. By holding the burner head upside down, you can hold a large propane torch upside down.

What is an upside down propane torch?

Why should you use an upside down propane torch?

You need to use an upside-down propane torch to –

  • Solder or braze metal holes. 
  • Burn weeds or long grasses under wire fences, in gardens, pavement, and patios.
  • Heat and/or dry construction materials like asphalt, sand, soil, tar, etc.
  • Clean metals and nonflammable materials.
  • Remove extremely sticky dirt, debris, grease, oil, paint, and plastic from camping and garage items.
  • Burn heavy vegetation in buildings, culverts, ditches, and pond edges.    

How does an upside down propane torch work?

How does an upside down propane torch work?

A propane torch tank has fuel and liquid inside it. When you hold a propane torch upright, it runs on fuel.

But when you turn the torch upside down, liquid propane comes down instead of the fuel and helps the torch to burn. Also, the produced flame becomes extremely hot.

However, the flame may not be extinguished as told. If the torch head is not hot enough, the liquid will either clog the orifice (torch opening) or leak. But if the torch head gets hot as required, the liquid will evaporate at the orifice. And the flame will run seamlessly.

To ensure the torch head and the orifice are running smoothly, there is a pressure regulator in the propane torch.

When you higher the regulator of the propane torch, the torch head will get enough heat, the liquid won’t clog or leak, and your torch will run fine upside down. Later, you can lower the regulator as needed.

Generally, propane torches that can be inverted include an extension hose. Just install the hose between the burner and the tank, leave the tank on the surface, and move the torch head at any angle you wish. This way the liquid won’t flow down directly and cause issues.

Benefits of using an upside down propane torch

Benefits of using an upside down propane torch

An upside-down propane torch helps to fix critical areas seamlessly. Moreover, with its higher flame pressure, you can use an inverted propane torch to do things faster than an upright propane torch. 

Propane torches that can be turned upside down come with a built-in pressure regulator. With this, you can adjust the flame pressure you want for your task while working.

Safety tips while using an upside down propane torch

  • Check for leaks or broken parts of your propane torch before igniting it.
  • Wear protective glasses, long sleeves, full pants, and heavy work gloves before using an upside down propane torch. 
  • Make sure your clothes are not loose or hanging and your hair is tied.
  • Always use a propane torch in a spacious, well-ventilated but not windy area. 
  • Since you will be holding the torch upside down, wind will help the flame to jump faster. This may hurt you.
  • Last but not the least, don’t ignite and invert your propane torch near any flammable material.    


What is hotter propane or MAPP gas?

MAPP gas is hotter than propane. The previous one gets hot around 3730°F, where the latter one gets around 3600°F.

Will map gas work upside down?

Yes, it will. Unlike a propane torch, a mapp gas torch has no issue working upside down or in a horizontal angle.

How often should I replace the wick in my upside down propane torch?

Every 10-15 days. That’s because an upside down propane torch burns hotter than an upright propane torch. Depending on the workload, you may need to replace the wick of your inverted propane torch sooner than that.


Though handling a propane torch that works upside down is quite risky, it is useful for light to heavy uses. Remember, you must warm up the propane torch before use. Otherwise, it won’t work when upright, let alone inverted!

Before you invert your propane torch, light it for a few minutes to stabilize its flame and then invert it. Also, after using the torch, wait until the torch cools down before storing it in a warm place.

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