Is Ivory Body Wash Antibacterial?

The thought of a warm bath or shower with your favorite body wash feels heavenly, especially if you sweat a lot. A sweaty body needs an entire body wash to clean off all bacteria and dirt, leaving your body feeling fresh.

An antibacterial body wash might be all you need to rid your body of unwanted bacteria if you sweat a lot. During the day, you contact thousands of bacteria, with some being hazardous. Some skin problems like athlete’s foot and ringworms result from bacteria.

Using an antibacterial body wash will help fight these organisms and control how they reproduce.

Is Ivory Body Wash Antibacterial

Is ivory body wash antibacterial

The ivory body wash doesn’t have an antibacterial formulation or chemicals; hence it’s not a fit for the category. Soaps with antibacterial properties have a label indicating so. Furthermore, regular soaps work akin to their antibacterial counterparts.

How do I know if my body wash is antibacterial?

Antibacterial body wash should be gentle, with enough moisture, and ideal for daily use. The formulations in antibacterial kill germs and can cause skin dryness, unlike other soaps.

Facial skin is delicate, and some antibacterial brands are fit to use on the face. However, check out for ingredients like alcohol and fragrance because they can irritate the skin.

Antibacterial body washes ingredients

When you go shopping for antibacterial body wash, here is a list of ingredients to look out for;

Tea tree oil (TTO)Is Ivory Body Wash Antibacterial

It’s famous for its natural antibacterial, antiviral, fresh scent, and antifungal properties. TTO treats acne by lulling redness and inflammation and reducing the risk of scaring. If dandruff is a headache for you, TTO will wipe it out and control its production.

Oregano oil

Another natural oil contains herbs like phenols that kill hazardous microbes giving it antiviral, anti-parasitic, and antifungal.


Mechanical exfoliators don’t kill bacteria but absorb toxins and wash them off. Some mechanical and chemical exfoliators present in the antibacterial body are charcoal powder and benzoyl peroxide.

Benzalkonium chloride

According to the European Medicines Agency, Benzalkonium chloride contains antiseptic and disinfectant effects akin to cationic surfactants. It is ideal as an antimicrobial preservative for most pharmaceutical products.


(isopropyl alcohol) is alcohol with over 60% concentration with its effectiveness in germ-killing. Microbes like bacteria, viruses, and fungi are highly susceptible to the germicidal effects of isopropanol.

Bentonite and kaolin clay

These clays are potent with minerals and antibacterial effects that bind toxins and bacteria on the skin. Both work well to treat acne. Plus, they’re great for treating acne by drenching excess sebum and oil that fuels acne.

Chlorhexidine gluconate

It’s an additive that kills multiple germs, bacteria, and fungi on contact and even after rinsing off.

What is an antibacterial body wash good for?

The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) outlines that most antibacterial soaps contain triclosan, a chemical that alters hormones. Therefore, avoid shopping for a body wash with alcohol and triclosan to enjoy the benefits. Here are the positive sides of an antibacterial body wash.

Fight bacteria & bacterial infections

Antibacterial soap gets rid of the bacteria you contact throughout the day. However, it may not be ideal for daily use because germ-fighting properties can irritate your skin.

Choose an antibacterial body wash that contains moisturizers to soothe your skin after washing. You can use an antibacterial body wash to prevent the spread of diseases and the multiplication of germs.

Manage skin dryness

Is ivory body wash antibacterial

An antibacterial body wash with moisturizing elements help clean and lock in moisture. Use an antibacterial body wash daily to get rid of your skin of germs and bacteria while moisturizing it. The antibacterial body wash contains hydrating properties that keep your skin healthy while averting excess dryness.

No clogging of pores

Antibacterial body wash will clean your skin of dirt, excess oil, and bacteria leaving the skin healthy with open pores. The medical medical-grade ingredients in body wash keep the skin dirt-free and the pores as well.

What are the ingredients in Ivory body wash?

You may be wondering, is ivory body wash fragrance-free? The answer is yes, the Ivory body wash is a fragrance-free product, and ideal for sensitive skin. It’s a gentle, mild formula with moisturizers that leave the skin clean and healthy. Here is a table displaying its ingredients.

Is Ivory body wash good for you?

Yes, the ivory body wash is gentle with skin-soothing properties that leave the skin clean and healthy. The ivory body wash is good for the whole family as it’s free of dyes and strong fragrances. 

Is Ivory antibacterial?

Ivory is not in the antibacterial class because it lacks the properties of such chemicals. For a soap to be considered an antibacterial, it must contain germ-fighting formulations which you find on the packaging.

Which body washes are antibacterial?

Natural Riches Tea Tree Oil Body Wash

It consists of natural ingredients and potent oils like jojoba, TTO, coconut, and aloe. These ingredients work together to clean, moisturize, kill bacteria, and nourish the skin.

This product will clear your body of odors, ringworms, itchiness, athlete feet, and calm inflammations.

Derma-nu Anti-fungal Therapeutic Soap

Free your body from odors, skin dryness, and itchiness using the derma-nu Anti-fungal Therapeutic Soap. The TTO and mint present in this body wash help fight bacteria that cause ringworm, psoriasis, acne, toe and nail fungus, and skin irritation.

Buena Skin Tea Tree Body &Foot Wash

The blend of essential oils in this body wash combat bacteria and fungi, preventing persistent infections. This herbal product is excellent for athletes or people who work out intensively.


Dettol Sensitive Antibacterial Body Wash

The Dettol Sensitive Antibacterial Body Wash is ideal for delicate skin. It’s gentle, moisturizes the skin, and is dermatologically approved.

The formula is pH-balanced to protect germs, and glycerin works to keep moisture in the skin, leaving it feeling soft. However, it’s strong scented and may be unideal if you’re sensitive to a pungent smell.

Premium Nature Tea Tree Body Wash

As the name suggests, it’s a product of natural ingredients, and it cleanses the body while removing all bacteria to leave your skin healthy. The elements present control athletes’ feet, jock itch, ringworms, and recurrence.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is regular body wash antibacterial?

The regular body wash is not antibacterial because it doesn’t contain antibacterial chemical formulations. However, both antibacterial and regular soap is effective in fighting germs.

Should I wash my body with antibacterial soap?

Washing your body with antibacterial soap is okay but carefully check the ingredients to avoid harming your skin. Although antibacterial soap kills germs and prevents skin problems, don’t use it daily as it can irritate the skin.

Does Ivory body wash dry out your skin?

The ivory body wash is gentle to protect sensitive skin and moisturize it to avoid dryness. This formula is free of dye, parabens, and phthalates. It is pH- balanced and leaves the skin with sufficient moisture and nourishment.


The question whether is ivory body wash antibacterial or not should be answered now. And no, the ivory body wash does not consist of antibacterial chemicals to qualify it as such.

However, the body wash is full of other benefits like TTO, which cleans off dirt, and moisturizes and nourishes the skin.

Incorporate an antibacterial body wash in your bathroom and reap the multiple benefits of such products as protecting your skin from bacterial infections like athletes’ feet and ringworms.

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