Is Dove Sensitive Skin Body Wash Good For Vag?

You might have been a regular user of Dove Sensitive Skin body wash since it is gentle to your sensitive skin. But you know your vaginal skin is more sensitive than the body skin. With that said, here comes one question – is Dove Sensitive Skin body wash good for vag?

Dove Sensitive Skin body wash cannot be said unquestionably good for vagina always. Vaginal health matters, the condition down there may decide the approval of this product in that area. Also, your private area may suffer due to the ingredients of this body wash.

Read this write-up to know what Dove body wash will do to your lady part. Besides, you will get some vaginal wash recommendations from here.

Is dove sensitive skin body wash good for vag

Can you use dove sensitive skin body wash on your vag

To be honest, Dove sensitive skin body wash is not usable on vagina. Even if you want to use it, there are many things for consideration.

Can you use dove sensitive skin body wash on your vag

some women think that this body wash can be used on intimate area since it is for sensitive skin, and vagina is a sensitive body part. They either faced no problem while using it on their intimate area, or they simply are unaware about its ingredients.

Let’s take a look what are the ingredients of Dove sensitive skin body wash. It includes:

  • Water,
  • Glycerin,
  • Acids (lauric, stearic, and citric),
  • Sodium laureth sulfate,
  • Cocamidopropyl betaine,
  • Sodium chloride,
  • Trisodium EDTA,
  • Oils,
  • And more chemicals.

Most of these ingredients are potential irritants. They may dry out the vaginal skin or cause allergy down there. Besides, this body wash is actually for the sensitive body skin.

The bottle does not clearly mention whether it is safe for vagina. So how can it be applicable on the lady part?

Application of wrong soap on the body skin is curable, at least you can guess what irritated your sensitive skin. But vagina is more sensitive than you can imagine.

Wrong skin care product, on the one hand, will irritate your private area. On the other hand, it will enter your body through vagina and start infecting your reproductive organs.

You may not be able to grasp how the problem started. Or, you may not realize that the soap or body wash you used down there is the problem. Without realizing, you will continue using it and making ways for further complications.

Dove manufacturers claim that the chemicals they use are dermatologically tested and safe for skin. It may be true, but remember that they are doing business, and they know common people won’t investigate it. 

Let’s say your vaginal area is already in a bad condition due to harsh products. If you plan to use Dove sensitive skin body wash to soothe your irritated vagina, drop the thought.

It may make things worse. Rather, use plain water to cleanse and consult your dermatologist.

So, the suggestion is, ask your dermatologist or gynaec whether you can use Dove sensitive skin body wash on your vagina. If he permits, then use it, otherwise, don’t use on your own accord. You can ask him for vaginal soap recommendations, that will be helpful.

Is Dove body wash for girls?

Is dove sensitive skin body wash good for vag

Dove body wash is for both- girls and boys. Generally, Dove body wash is for women. The label of the bottle will show you whether it is for boys or girls. Also, the bottle of Dove body wash for men looks different than the bottle of Dove body wash for women.

Is dove body wash good for sensitive skin

Not all Dove body washes are good for sensitive skin. There is only one that Dove offers for sensitive skin, named as Dove Sensitive Skin body wash.

It is made of 100% gentle, skin-natural cleansers and nutrients. Without sulfate, paraben, and fragrance, this body wash respects and maintains the skin’s microbiome (the living protective layer).

The rich lather makes the sensitive skin moisturized, soft, and plump after shower. Due to these benefits, Dove Sensitive Skin body wash is considered the best cleaning agent for sensitive skin.

Which Dove soap is good for private parts?

Unfortunately, Dove manufacturers don’t offer a wide collection for the wellbeing of ladies’ private parts. You can use only the Dove Sensitive Skin beauty bar on your vagina and vulva without any worry

Apart from that, there are other products from different brands to use. Here are top 5 safe vaginal washes dermatologist-recommended for you.

1.Dove Sensitive Skin beauty bar

Be it face, body, or even vagina, this mild beauty bar from Dove is applicable anywhere. Since it is for sensitive skin, it is unscented, pH balanced, and free of harsh chemicals.

Also, it will get rid of bad bacteria, irritation, and foul odor from your vagina. Only a small amount of soap is enough to clean down there. 

2. Cetaphil ultra gentle body wash

This Cetaphil product is manufactured for sensitive, dry skin, including body and vagina. It contains moisturiser, aloe vera, and vitamin B5 to keep both the body and vagina fresh, moisturized, and irritation-free.

Not only that, Cetaphil ultra gentle is fragrance free, which makes this body wash perfect for private parts.

3. Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile soap

The Pure-Castile soap from Dr. Bronner’s is available in scented and unscented versions. Just make sure that the label shows ‘unscented baby soap’ if you intend to buy it for your vagina.

The unscented version not only is good for sensitive skin but also it includes 100% organic ingredients. It will gently clean your feminine area without disrupting the pH balance there.

4. Vanicream liquid cleanser

Vanicream liquid cleanser is another sensitive skin-friendly product that you should try. It excludes chemicals like sulfate, paraben, formaldehyde, fragrance, and dyes that are harmful for vulva and vagina.

Though there are other chemicals included in this cleanser, they are safe and won’t destroy your pH balance.

5. Basis sensitive skin bar

This skin bar is enriched with natural, calming ingredients, including chamomile and aloe vera. It cleanses and soothes vulva and other vaginal parts. Like other vulvar soaps, Basis sensitive skin bar is free of color, fragrance, and harsh chemicals. What’s interesting is, men and women from teen to adult age can use this product for their private parts.


Can Dove body wash give you a yeast infection?

Can Dove body wash give you a yeast infection

Yes, it can. Though Dove body wash contains gentle, skin-friendly ingredients, it may give tension to your vaginal skin. If your private part frequently leaks or feels irritation, using Dove there will invite yeast infection and other vaginal issues.

Is Dove Sensitive Skin soap pH balanced?

Yes, it is. Dove Sensitive Skin soap or beauty bar has a neutral pH level, that is 7. It gently cleanses and moisturizes the skin with natural nutrients. While other beauty soaps have higher pH level to strip the natural oil of the skin, Dove Sensitive Skin soap safeguards the skin with its neutrality.


After reading this write-up, you might have got the answer of ‘is Dove Sensitive Skin body wash good for vag’.

Keeping the vagina clean is the most important if you want to avoid foul odor, disgusting discharges, and infections down there. If you are engaged, you sure won’t want to ruin your steamy nights due to your smelly vag.

Soaps and body washes from Dove are safe for all types of skin. But you have to be careful before you apply a Dove product in your vaginal area.

Make sure to read through the labels and do a little research to know if Dove is safe for lady parts or not. Also, consult a dermatologist for advice and better recommendation.

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