How To Protect Bathroom Floor From Urine?

It feels terribly awful when you enter the toilet and a nasty smell hits your nose. In fact, it occurs when urine accidentally splashes on the floor and is not cleaned up immediately. Whatever, if this happens to you ever, you must think of how to protect the bathroom or toilet floor from urine.

Most of the time, it happens when there are elderly or young people at the home. To get rid of problems like splashing urine on the bathroom floor, first, proper “bathroom training” for children should start at an early age.

In such cases, old people need some accessories for the toilet. For instance, splash deflectors, washable floor mats, and disposable floor mats are very effective solutions to protect floors from urine.

However, if you are still confused about what to do, don’t be worried. Roll your eyes on the article because we are here to help you with amazing solutions regarding the problem.

Read on.

How To Protect Bathroom Floor From Urine?

Why does urine on the bathroom floor occur?

Even if you follow all toilet manners, urine around the toilet can occur accidentally.

However, before solving the problem, you should know the root of the problem. Most of the time, urine on the bathroom floor happens for the reasons that are given below.

  • Due to the aging problem: At old age, muscles that control the release of urine get weakened. So it’s a common thing to lose control after entering the toilet and urinating on the floor.
  • Urinate by standing: Man thinks peeing by standing is manly. But the fact is, peeing standing up causes splashbacks of urine out of the commode bowl.
  • Urinate with an incorrect angle of attack: While urinating, angle of attack should be proper. Aiming with a 90-degree angle causes nasty splashback of urine. Keeping the angle low is better.
  • When a toddler is not potty trained: When a toddler is not potty trained yet, it’s common for him to pee on the toilet floor.

So, whether you are in a hurry or accidentally, spilling urine out of the toilet bowl can happen at any age.

How to clean urine from bathroom floor?

First of all, along with many types of bathroom floor cleaners, you can also use cleaners like dish soap, detergent, and shampoo.

Mix any of them a little bit with warm water, spread them on the floor, then scrub with a toilet floor brush or sweep them up with a broom until the suds wash away. Additionally, you can use a toothbrush to clean the tile grout. This is the easiest way to clean urine from the toilet floor.

If the bathroom smells like urine after cleaning, to remove urine odor, you can use a urine neutralizer for toilet. It can fight against the bacteria that cause bad odors and also help to remove stains caused by urine.

How to prevent urine around toilet?

First of all, following some toilet manners can be helpful to prevent urine around the toilet. You can also take the following additional steps, for instance –

  • Lower the angle

Keep the angle low by standing while urinating. However, sitting while peeing is way better than standing while peeing. It lowers the chance of splashback of urine probably 0%.

  • Hang a toilet rule poster

Another thing you can do is hang toilet rule posters in the bathroom. The poster will work as a friendly reminder to everyone.

  • Disposable Toilet Mats

Disposable toilet mats can protect the bathroom floor from odors as they contain deodorizer. Moreover, it absorbs the splashed urine.

However, if you are unwilling to wash urine mats, you can simply choose these user-friendly disposable toilet hygienic paper floor mats as it is easy to dispose of.

How To Protect Bathroom Floor From Urine?
  • Washable Toilet Floor Protectors

The function of both disposable and washable floor mats is the same. Nevertheless, washable urine-absorbent floor mats for adults are more cost-effective than disposable toilet mats. You can use washable toilet floor mats or rugs multiple times.

  • Caulk the Base of the Toilet Bowl

When urine spills, sometimes, it goes underneath the base of the toilet bowl and it is tough to clean under the base.

In that case, the base of the toilet can be sealed with a silicon-based caulk. It cannot be used to clean the toilet floor, but it does protect against urine around the toilet’s base.

How To Protect Bathroom Floor From Urine?
  • Urine Splash Guards or Deflectors

Sometimes urine comes out through the gaps between the toilet bowl and the toilet seat. To get rid of this problem, pee splash guards are the only solution. It works as a shield so that the urine does not come out from the commode.

Best way to clean urine around toilet?

Among thousands of solutions, here we are providing the best way to clean urine. Follow the below steps to

Step 1: Mix 8 ounces of hydrogen peroxide with 3 tablespoons of baking soda and a few drops of dish soap.

Step 2: Pour the mixture into a spray bottle.

Step 3: Spray the solution onto the floor and allow it to sit for at least 15 minutes.

Step 4: Scrub the floor well with a brush. And take a toothbrush to clean the tile grout well.

How to protect wood floors in bathroom from urine?

As wood floors are very sensitive to harsh chemicals, toilet cleaners are not suitable for these. You have to follow some dos and don’ts to protect the wooden floor.


  • Use either washable or disposable urine mats.
  • Apply natural cleaning products
  • Apply vinegar a little to clean urine smell from bathroom
  • Clean up water or urine as soon as possible.
  • Try to keep it dry.


  • Using baking soda.
  • Applying vinegar in a large amount
  • Scrubbing with a rough scrubber.
  • Applying a cleaner that contains harsh chemicals.
  • Leaving the floor wet.

Natural cleaners to clean urine from toilet floor

You can clean the stain and clean urine smell from bathroom in a cost effective way using natural products.

Take a look at the table

Cautions:  These mixtures cannot be stored for further use. Because it won’t work anymore. Even if they are kept in the container for a few days, they can react and explode.


What happens if you leave pee in the toilet for a long time?

Leaving pee in the toilet for a long time causes stains and makes the urine odor worse.

Why you shouldn’t leave pee in the toilet?

Despite not having a urinary infection, your urine naturally contains bacteria. This bacteria increases over time, and the intensity of the smell also increases. That’s the reason you should flash after every time you pee.

Can urine clog a toilet?

No!Urine can’t clog a toilet as its texture is watery.

What are the effects of not flushing the toilet?

Flushing the toilet reduces the risk of getting affected by diseases. Otherwise, the human waste will attract flies and spread bad odors. Moreover, not flushing increases the growth of bacteria and causes stains in the commode pan .


Overall, the best way to protect the floor from urine is to clean your  washroom floor as soon as the urine splashes on it. Don’t be lazy about cleaning your bathroom regularly after knowing the ins and outs about how to protect the bathroom floor from urine.

There is no doubt that everyone wants to have a hygienic and clean toilet. We hope this article is going to help you with every idea that we mentioned above. Happy Cleaning.

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