How To Fix Low Spots In Shower floor?

Everyone deserves a great experience upon entering their new residence, especially shower room. But facts like finding low spots on the bathroom floor make anyone pissed off. After seeing this, surely the first concern should be how to fix low spots in shower floor.

If you find any low spot on your shower floor where water is stuck off, then you can either fill it with cement or a new flooring layer can be created. Even if the same problem happens to tile floors, removing the tiles and filling the space with cement evenly, then re-tiling the floor can solve the low spots problem. 

However, these are the basic solutions to the issue. Maybe you have been dealing with this problem, which is not that easy to solve.

Don’t worry! Here we have more solutions that you have not tried yet. To get an effective solution to the issue, read the article thoroughly. We hope your pissed off mind will become cheerful after knowing the solutions that we have prepared for you.

How To Fix Low Spots In Shower floor?

Why is water pooling in the shower?

As we know, water pooling while taking a bath is the most annoying thing that may ever happen to you. Firstly, find out the root of the problem. Then it will be easy to reach a solution. The possibilities for the cause of water pooling on shower floor are the following:

  • Clogged pipes: water can’t properly drain out because of the clogged pipes, which causes water pooling on the shower floor.
  • Leaked tap: If there is a leak in the faucet, the constant flow of water creates a shaft in the floor.  Due to which water gathers in the shaft and water pooling happens.
  • Incorrect installation of shower tray: If tile shower floor not sloped properly, there will be standing water on the floor. 
  • Mold growth: Another cause of your water pooling problems can be excess mold growth.

How do you fix a shower floor slope?

Normally, the shower tray looks flat, but not actually. From the shower floor’s edge to its center, there is a slight slope. However, if the shower floor not sloped toward the drain, the water will stick to the floor. Now, learn some simple steps to fix standing water in tile shower. 

Step 1: Remove the tile using a hammer or chisel.

Step 2: Measure correctly to determine the patch and span of the floor. In case of doing so, you can design a detailed plan.

Step 3: Remember, if your floor is 4 feet away from the drain, you should have 1 inch of slope overall. That means ¼” of slope is needed for every linear foot. 

Step 4: After the measurements, apply cement evenly on the floor.

Step 5: Now, Re-slope the floor with a dense thinset mixture.

Step 6: Re-tile the floor and grout them the usual way.

It is considered the hardest task to fix the water pooling problem. In fact, calling a professional will be a wise decision. Otherwise, it will be time consuming and a tedious job if you want to fix it by yourself.

How do you level a tile shower floor?

Water on bathroom floor after shower will not be more than an outlandish thing if the slope is not created properly. So, when leveling the floor, don’t forget to slope it properly. Following some simple steps, you can level a tile shower floor. 

  • Firstly, cut a cement board according to the shape of the desired surface. 
  • Before laying the cement board on the floor, level the floor with premixed thinset mortar.
  • After that, lay down the cement board on the floor before the mortar dries. 
  • Shims can be used to place the cement board. Remove the shims, once the mortar has dried after laying the cement board.
  • Now lock the cement board with the mortar using 2.5-inch deck screws.

After doing all these, the floor level will be raised higher than the drain. In that case, drain extension is needed. Extending the drain with drain extension is the simplest solution to adjust the height of the floor and the drain. 

After securing the shower base, you can easily re-tile the floor. When you’re done, you may relax and enjoy your shower.

Can I use sand and cement to level the floor?

Sand and cement can be used to level the room’s surface.  For this purpose, the ratio of cement and sand should be perfect.

Only a mixture of cement and water gets shrunk and cracked after getting hard. And cement is too expensive. The advantages of mixing sand are as follows:

  • Reduces shrinking 
  • Reduces cracking
  • Reduces cost
  • Makes cement more binding
  • Add density to the mortar

For the best result, the consistency of cement and sand should be 1:4.5 or 1:3. 


How do you level a floor with sand mix?

Applying sand mix is the trickiest part while leveling the floor. First of all, you need to keep in mind, for 1kg cement, you need 4kg/4.5kg of sand. Mix them with water. Then spread the mixture on the floor with the help of hardwood. After that, let the floor dry. This is how you can level the floor with a sand mix.

What is the easiest way to level a floor?

Self-leveling compound is considered the easiest way to level a floor.

How do you level a sagging floor in an old house?

Among the several solutions to level a sagging floor in an old house, the easiest solution is to lay down hardwood or cement board over the sagging floor. If the joists are not strong enough to handle any floor covering, sister the joists. Adding a few adjustable columns to strengthen the joists can handle more weight.

How much does it cost to level floors in an old house?

It can cost approximately 3 to 5 dollars per square foot to level the floor in an old house. 

Can you fix old house uneven floors?

Yes. There are several solutions to fix the old house’s uneven floors. For instance, pouring floor leveling compound or self-leveling compound is the Fuse solution.


On the whole, we tried our best to solve all of your problems by sharing the solution regarding the issue like how to fix the low spot in the shower floor.

Hopefully, by implementing the steps described above, you will be free from the most unpleasant experience while taking a bath. Wishing you luck.

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