How To safely and Easily Fix A Hair Dryer That Popped and Sparked?

Hair dryer is a wonderful solution when you need to dry your hair and turn it from frizzy to wavy in a few minutes. However, hair dryers popped and sparked is a common fact. Basically, due to the lack of care and proper use, it occurs.

If this ever happens to the dryer, it may end up burning. On top of that, your hair and scalp get damaged if the dryer is flaming or gleaming. These may also start dangerous fires.

To tackle this problem, you must first determine why and from where the sparks are originating. We will provide here some information on why blow dryers behave in this form and how to tackle the problem in the right way possible.

In addition, reading the article, you can discover what to do and what not to do to keep the hair dryer from ending up in the garbage.

So without further ado, let’s learn together how to fix a blow dryer.

How To safely and Easily Fix A Hair Dryer That Popped and Sparked?
How To safely and Easily Fix A Hair Dryer That Popped and Sparked?

Why does my hair dryer popped and sparked?

Most probably, you will experience the hair dryer sparked and stopped working when it gets hotter than usual. Most probably, sparks occur due to the melting of the metal and the carbon bits. It happens because of excessive current, or amps. Including these, here are some more reasons we are going to share behind this occurrence.

Dryer fan not working:

This may happen because of physical damage, an incorrect setting, or other external dysfunctionalities. Furthermore, dust and lint clog the dryer’s air vents, causing the fan to move abnormally and result in the dryer overheating. In that case, you may find hair dryer glowing orange inside, which means it is in danger of catching fire.

How To safely and Easily Fix A Hair Dryer That Popped and Sparked?
How To safely and Easily Fix A Hair Dryer That Popped and Sparked?

Hair dryer on the wrong voltage:

Plugging the dryer into a double voltage ( 240 instead of 120)

The dryer may be clogged with hair, lint, and insect debris.

lint and hair are highly flammable. Sparks may be seen when the metal gets overheated and turns red. When lint, dust, or hair come into contact with that overheated metal, it causes sparking and popping.

What to do if your hair dryer pops and sparks?

Popping and hair dryer sparking happens because of the malfunction of the machines. Let’s learn what to do to avoid these kinds of unexpected things while setting your hair. 

Tools required to begin the repair process

  1. Screwdriver to open the dryer.
  2. Thin brush/mini vacuum cleaner to clean the internal part.
  3. an electronic cleaner (isopropyl alcohol).
  4. Flux (a cleaning chemical agent that helps bond any loose connections)
  5. Hot glue.

After collecting all the required tools, here are the steps to go through:

What to do if your hair dryer pops and sparks?

Clean the dryer internally:

Any electric accessory tends to get dusty. Moreover, hair dryers easily catch hair or other lint. That’s why the best thing you can do is keep your dryer clean after every use. With a thin brush, clean the fan too. Don’t let the dust, lint, or hair stick in the dryer.

Keep the dryer temperature medium-low while using:

Try to use the hair dryer at a moderate-high temperature. Hair dryers typically heat from 80 to 140 degrees Celsius. 90–148 degrees Celsius is the standard temperature to dry your hair. Keeping the temperature at this level not only serves your purpose, but it also extends the life of the dryer by preventing overheating.

Maintain a standard voltage

Try to use a plug and socket that is compatible with the voltage of the dryer. Electrical systems should be able to handle 220-volt hair dryers. This may also help not to hair dryer sparks when turned on.

Find out any loose connections

Sparks occur due to bad connections too. To bond the connections, use flux to clean the surface, then use hot glue to fix the connection perfectly.

How can I avoid getting burned by a hair dryer?

How can I avoid getting burned by a hair dryer?
How can I avoid getting burned by a hair dryer?

After using a blow dryer, sometimes your hair becomes frizzy, burned, in a word, damaged. But taking some easy steps and avoiding some facts may make your hair look wonderful.  Rather than having burned hair from blow dryer, you should be aware of some dos and don’ts.


  • Buy a good hair dryer.
  • Adjust the temperature according to the type of hair.
  • Apply a heat protectant for hair to get rid of damage caused by heat.
  • Part your hair into 2-3 sections and dry it part by part.
  • Attach a hair dryer diffuser to dry your hair intensely.
  • While drying the hair, move the dryer back and forth.


  • Overheat the dryer and apply it to the hair directly.
  • Due to urgency, get your hair job done in a hurry.
  • Choosing a cheap, quality hair dryer.
  • Tie your hair right after blow-drying.
  • Unmoving the dryer while drying hair.
  • Plugged in while not using.


Can hair dryer damage electronics?

In the case of using a hair dryer to clean the internal area of electronics; the heat may cause damage to the wiring. Not only that, with your blow dryer, your cleaning job may not be done properly.

What does it mean when a hair dryer sparks?

By observing the colors of sparks, you can be aware of which part burns. Likewise, if the hair dryer sparking green, it is clearly understood that the copper on the armature is burning up, and orange sparks mean the spray duct is burning up.

Should I unplug my hair dryer when it’s not in use?

Of course, yes! When not in use, unplug your hair dryer or any other accessories that can get hot.

Is it worth fixing a broken dryer?

As hair dryer parts are tiny and sensitive; once the machine becomes electronically faulty, it may malfunction again and again even after being fixed. So you are better off buying a new one.

Can a dryer catch fire if it’s not running?

This may happen but the dryer must remain plugged in whether it is running or not. A short circuit occurs due to loose contact of cord and switch. And thus the dryer caught fire.


For a good hair day, a hair dryer may help a lot. To avoid exceptions, such as a hair dryer popped and sparked, we have tried to help you to know how to fix a hair dryer safely and easily.

Hair dryer damages are irreversible in some ways. However, you may fix the hair dryer easily. Moreover, a good quality dryer is not that expensive to buy.

So it will be a wise decision to replace it rather than fix it. Till then have a good hair day.

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