Why Is Your Hair Dryer Glowing Orange Inside?

Whenever your hair dryer lighter glows orange, it has a problem and might catch fire! It’s caused by dust build-up in hair dryers and fan blowers that prevents heat from escaping, thus causing the hair dryer glowing orange inside. You’re supposed to use your hair dryer on a lower setting or avoid using it for a long time without giving it time to cool. Also, ensure you vacuum it when unplugged, and always check if the dryer smells like burning.

Suppose the problem worsens even after vacuuming; consider replacing it and avoid using it because it might be dangerous.

Why Is Your Hair Dryer Glowing Orange Inside?
Why Is Your Hair Dryer Glowing Orange Inside?

Why Is my dryer glowing Orange?

The dryer glowing Orange, is a sign of danger caused by overheating due to dust build-up. Always use your hair dryer on a hard or tiled floor in case the hair dryer gets too hot to handle. But instead of using a faulty dryer, you should plug it out of the socket.

Several problems would cause your hair dryer to glow Orange, making it difficult to use. So let’s check the hair dryer overheating fix.

The switch

When the switch is not working properly, it might affect the functionality of your hair dryer. However, this shouldn’t worry you because the problem can be fixed. Some hair dryer brands have more than an off switch. The other switches control functions like heat or speed, so if they get faulty, it can increase the chances of a dryer catching fire.

Why Is Your Hair Dryer Glowing Orange Inside?

Problem with hair dryer fan

The hair dryer fan problem is another major problem that affects the hair dryer. Due to dust build-up, the fan may not be perfect, causing the fan’s function to pull air inside the vent and push it through to the nozzle.

You use the air from the nozzle to dry your hair. So when the fan isn’t functioning well, you won’t be able to style your hair as you want.

Problem with the heating element

The heating element of a hair dryer is another part that gets faulty. You may wonder if should heating element be red. It’s a high-resistance, non-conducting wire wound around the frame and shouldn’t turn red. This continuous wire may get faulty and cause your hair dryer not to work properly.

A problem with thermal cutout

If your hair dryer sparked and stopped working, it may be something serious. The thermal cut is located in the element assembly, which aims to shut off the dryer element after it becomes too hot. It can overheat and not shut off or release sparks if it doesn’t function properly.

These problems can be solved with hair dryer repairs, including parts such as the heating element, fan, and thermal cutout. Here are the most common hair dryer repairs

Servicing the switch:

The fan switches, including the on/off, work almost the same way since they control the functions of the hair dryer. Here is how to service the witch

  1. Unplug from the socket and unscrew to remove the housing. The screws are located near the motor vent.
  2. Switches are placed in the handle or dryer’s main housing, mostly between the electrical cord, motor, and heating element. Then remove the switch and disconnect.
  3. Use a tester to ensure the switch still functions. If it’s an on/off switch, indicate an open circuit in the off position and a closed circuit in the on position.

Servicing the fan:

It’s function is mainly to pull air in the fan through the vent and push it out through the nozzle. The speed switch controls the fan. In most cases, these fans are durable but can be affected by moisture. Other things that can affect the air intake in the fan include hair, debris, and lint. Cleaning it is easy to use a soft bristle toothbrush or compressed air.

To repair your hairdryer fan, you can follow these steps

  1. Unscrew the housing and lift it.
  2. Inspect the fan blades and check whether they need repair or replacement.
  3. Using a tester, check the motor to see whether it is ok. If you are to change the motor, replace it with a motor with the same watts and size. However, if you can’t get a motor replacement, or it’s costly, like half the price of the dryer or more, purchase a new hair dryer.

To service the heat element:

Heating element, when applied, the electric current is supposed to heat up. However, if the dryer overheating burning smell, you should take caution because it means there’s a problem.

The fan passes the air through the element to the nozzle. So if you suspect your dryer heating element is faulty, follow these steps.

  1. Remove your dryer’s housing.
  2. Check the two wires carrying current to the element. Evaluate the wires to see if there are breaks or debris.
  3. Use a tester to test for continuity. Ensure the circuit between the two wires is closed; if there’s nothing, check the thermal cutout.
  4. If your thermal cutout works, replace your heating element with the same part.

How to service thermal cutout:

When your thermal cutout doesn’t shut the hair dryer element, it causes the dryer to heat up, meaning it has a problem. If you want to test whether your thermal cutout has a problem, follow these steps.

  1. Open the hair dryer housing.
  2. Check whether the thermal cutout has discolored, debris, or distorted.
  3. Using emery paper, clean the contact points carefully. You can remove the debris using compressed air, but hold it from a distance to avoid damaging the sensitive wires. 

How do you know if your dryer is overheating?

You will know your hair dryer is overheating when temperatures rise beyond normal whenever you’re using it. The shell becomes hot, there’s a burning smell, and it goes off when used. Most hair dryers come with thermal safety devices that cause them to go off when temperatures become abnormally high.

How do you know if your dryer is overheating?

The thermal cutout switches it off before overheating because if it overheats, it causes permanent damage to some parts that are sensitive and high can cause melting. That’s why you should ensure the hair dryer doesn’t overheat.

Hair dryer overheating may be caused by

  • Using the dryer intensively or due to a blocked circuit.
  • This can also occur when the ventilation grilles are clogged.
  • A component failure like a thermal fuse, fan, or thermostat can also cause it.

Always determine the origin of your hair dryer overheating to prevent it from getting damaged. If you notice your hair dryer’s shell or power cord melts, stop using it immediately, and don’t make the mistake of leaving hair dryer plugged in.

There can be a short-circuiting problem; if there’s a problem, ensure the dryer does not touch when not running, and if it’s plugged, it may cause electrocution.

Can a hair dryer catch on fire?

Yes, your hair dryer can result in fire or electrocution; that’s why you should avoid overheating. However, if you use your hair dryer on a high setting for a long time, it could cause overheating.

If your hair dryer heats up occasionally, you can put it off for 10 minutes and then try to use it again. If the problem continues, the best thing is to resolve the issue.

Can a hair dryer catch on fire?
Can a hair dryer catch on fire?


What brand of dryers lasts the longest?

The BabyBlissPro hair dryer is one of the longest-lasting hair dryers. It also has amazing features like drying hairs faster, powerful airflow, and ease of holding. The buttons are easy to use, and it’s also light.

Is it safe to leave my hair dryer on all day?

No, that’s damaging the hair dryer. Once you’re done using it, switch it off and unplug it from your socket. A hair dryer can be a fire hazard, and it isn’t designed to be used for prolonged hours. Leaving it may be hazardous or even cause a fire.

Should the inside of my dryer be hot?

Yes, the inside of your hair dryer should be hot, from 80 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. The maximum heat can go up to 140 degrees, though it may damage or burn your hair or scalp. It’s recommended to keep the heat moderate. When the temperatures get so high, it could damage the sensitive parts of your hair dryer.

Does your hair dryer have a warranty?

Most hair dryers have a warranty, but it depends on the company. Some companies will give a year, whereas others may give you two years warranty. So when purchasing, check the brands’ warranty.


Your hair dryer glowing Orange inside is a cause for alarm. It means the hair dryer is overheated and can cause a fire. Whenever the dryer starts showing an overheating problem, you should attend to the problem immediately.

Different parts can be faulty, causing the overheating. You should replace the parts with an identical part; if not, replace the hair dryer.

If you must use the overheated hair dryer, put it off for 10 minutes to cool off, then switch it on again.

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