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Benefits of A Guest Post

Millions of people in the world search new things to buy on the Internet every day. And household products are among the most demanded. So, this may be a good time to change the main niche of your blog or website and start writing about something that really matters.

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Requirements to Write Guest Post in Home Clasp

At Home Clasp we are very demanding with the quality of our content. So we demand the best from our guest writers. In order to be considered for publishing, your contents must follow these guidelines:

  • Above all, be original. So, don’t copy other people’s contents. Make sure to verify the originality of your articles with anti-plagiarism tools.
  • All articles must have at least 1250 words. Always write short and consistent sentences. Avoid filler words.
  • Use a simple and easy to understand language. Make sure your articles have a high readability level using specialized tools.
  • Avoid sarcasm, jokes and bad words. Omit personal opinions on topics that may offend readers.
  • All articles must be written in the third person.
  • Typing and spelling errors aren’t an option. So, please read your text carefully before sending.

Contact Information to Send Guest Post Ideas

After verifying that your article follows our guidelines, send the original “.doc” or “.docx” file to: gp@homeclasp.com. We don’t allow “.pdf” format. So be careful.

Our editors receive hundreds of new articles every day and reviewing them all takes time. So, be patient and wait a few days to get an answer. If the answer is good, congratulations! If not, don’t feel bad, follow our suggestions and send us something new.

And if you have any query, regarding this page, feel free to write us. We will reach you as early as possible.