Does dish soap kill spiders?

The spider is one of the creepiest creatures that make you scared, right? Not only you, the big beady eyes and the short hairy legs make many people scared. However, you can kill it with insecticides or dish soap. Now, you may ask, does dish soap kill spiders or not?

Yes, dish soap kill spiders and not only that it kills spiders within a very few seconds.

Before killing it, you should know its beneficial and harmful sides. 

In some cultures, spiders are known as good signs. In most states, spiders symbolize artistry, patience, manifestation, ancient, balance, and wisdom. It is also beneficial to the entire ecosystem.

Spiders, in general, frighten some people while enchanting others. This article will be helpful for those who find spiders creepy. 

Let’s get into the facts.

Does dish soap kill spiders?

There are many ways to kill spiders, including applying insecticides. What will you do if there is no insecticides in your home? Well, in that case, you can use dish soap to kill spiders. It works excellently!

Dish soap has powerful substances that are enough to kill a soft-bodied spider.

Dish Soap Kill Spiders
Dish Soap Kill Spiders

How can soap kill spiders?

Spiders are soft bodied which are not covered with shells like turtles. It covers itself with protective cuticles. The components of soap can easily break down the protective cuticle of soft-bodied spiders and spider mites.

To kill spiders with dish soap, mix 3 spoons of dish soap and 1 gallon of water. You can either store it in a spray bottle and spray it on the spider. You can also drown the spider in water and kill it.

Will dish soap kill spider mites?

Spider mites are mostly seen on plants. It is considered one of the most harmful beasts to plants. It damages plants by piercing plant cells and sucking plant juice.

A little bit of dish soap mixed with water can kill spider mites. The direct application of insecticides can be harmful to plants. To avoid mistreating plants and get rid of spider mites, dish soap is a wonderful solution! 

Will Dish Soap Kill Spider Mites
Will Dish Soap Kill Spider Mites

Does dish soap and water kill spiders?

The spider’s skin is so thin and soft that dish soap can easily demolish it. But don’t apply dish soap directly to spiders. Rather than that, add water with dish soap. Mixing dish soap and water can kill spiders.

In this way, your purpose will be served, and you can also reduce the use of dish soap. 

Does Dawn dish soap kill spiders?

Killing spiders instantly rather than slowly is more humane. In that case, a question can come to your mind: what kills spiders instantly? Here is an answer:

Dawn dish soap is known as one of the most powerful among all the dish soaps. If normal dish soap can kill spiders, it is obvious that Dawn dish soap will kill spiders instantly.

How does Dawn dish soap kill spiders?

In several ways, Down can kill spiders. Instead of applying Dawn dish soap directly to spiders, combine the following ingredients.

Dawn dish soap and vinegar:

Mix 2.5 tablespoons vinegar, 2.5 spoons of Dawn dish soap, and 1-gallon warm water.

Dawn dish soap and vegetable oil:

Add 1 part vinegar and three parts water with a few drops of Dawn dish soap.

Dawn dish soap and water:

Combine 4 tablespoons Dawn dish soap with 1-gallon of water.

It can kill spiders by mixing it with the ingredients I’ve mentioned.

How dish soap can kill spiders

The cuticle of a spider contains a component lipid. Lipid means fat. We know, dish soap is used to break down grease. 

According to the chemical reaction, the hydrophobic part of dish soap sticks to the lipid oil of spider skin. It traps the oil in the center and breaks it into smaller droplets. 

Thus, the whole process is too simple for Dawn to break down the lipid of a spider and demolish it. 

Why do I need to kill spiders and spider mites with dish soap?

Some spiders can be harmful to humans. When a spider bites a human, it can cause redness, swelling, itching, headaches, and nausea.

It is rare for them to attack humans until they feel threatened. It also makes the ceiling dirty, making webs. 

On the other hand, spider mites attack leaves, turning the color green to yellow or brown, making the plants suffer, even the plants stop growing. Therefore, it’s necessary to kill the spider mites as soon as possible. 

Applying dish soap to water is the simplest way to kill spider mites and spiders. It is not harmful to the plants but effectively kills spiders and spider mites.

Kill Spiders and Spider Mites with Dish Soap
Kill Spiders and Spider Mites with Dish Soap

Facts to know when applying dish soap to spider mites

While you are spraying soapy water on mites, it affects the plants as well. The soapy water can be harmful to plants. You can avoid that by following some facts.

You should keep in mind some issues before applying dish soap to spider mites are,

  • do not spray during the full sun while the temperature is above 90 degrees or the humidity is high.
  • do not spray too often.
  • avoid spraying dish soap without mixing water or vinegar.

Following the above rules, you can kill the spider mites without damaging the plants.

Why you shouldn’t kill spiders 

If we talk about spiders, they work as pest controllers. They trap harmful pests in their webs and eat them. They play a significant role in balancing the indoor ecosystem. So, it is not wise to kill spiders. You can apply several ways to get rid of spiders without killing them.

There is an old rhyme regarding spiders: “If you want to live and thrive, let the spider run free.” So think twice before taking any action against spiders. 


Can you drown a spider in soap?

Yes. Drowning a spider in soap is possible if the soap is liquid or mixed with water.

Will vinegar kill spiders?

Yes. White vinegar contains acetic acid. It harms and kills spiders.

Will Dawn kill spider?

Yes. Dawn is a powerful surfactant and is used as an insecticide. Though spiders and spider mites are not insects, they must be killed by Dawn dish soap.

Does dish soap kill spider mite eggs?

Yes. Dish soap is too powerful to kill spider mite eggs, larvae, and nymphs.

Does dishwashing liquid kill spider mites?

Yes, of course. Not only dishwashing liquid but also any other soaps can kill spider mites. 


I hope you have got your answer to the question: does dish soap kill spiders or not?  Though spider mites and spiders are arachnids and classified as arthropods, they are not the same. 

In a word, spider mites are harmful. And spraying dish soap is the best solution to get rid of spider mites. In this way, plants are not hampered. 

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