Does Dawn Dish Soap Kill Flea Eggs?

Fleas are small parasites of birds and mammals that live by blood consumption from their hosts. Fleas tend to hide under beddings, floor cracks, furniture, and even in pet fur. Flea bites can cause skin irritation and mild inconvenience. Sometimes flea bites can even spread serious diseases.

However, prevention is the best way to treat fleas, and fleas can be eliminated by killing their eggs. There are many ways to kill flea eggs.

But, the question is, does dawn dish soap kill flea eggs? Yes, Dawn dish soap is one of the most commonly used products to kill fleas.

Through this article, we will discuss various ways to kill flea eggs using dawn dish soap.

Does Dawn Dish Soap Kill Flea Eggs?

Does Dawn dish soap kill flea eggs?

Dawn dish soap can kill flea eggs, though dawn dish soap will not prevent the formation of flea eggs. You can easily wash the dead flea eggs because flea eggs have a smooth surface, and they do not stick to the pet’s skin.

How to use Dawn dish soap kill flea eggs?

If fleas are not handled properly, they will multiply rapidly. However, you can use Dawn to get rid of fleas since the commercial flea treatment price is high. There are two ways that you can use dawn dish soap to kill flea eggs. These are:

Below are the steps to give your pet a dawn dish soap bath-

Fill your pet’s bathtub

Start by filling your pet’s bathtub with warm water. Hence, the water temperature should be comfortable for your pet. And the water level should be around your pet’s stomach. Although, you can use a large bucket if you are going to wash a smaller pet.

Soak your pet in the bathtub

Now, make the fur of the pet completely wet by soaking the pet in the bath. Protect the ears and eyes of the pet from water because it can cause irritation.

Prior to proceeding, it is very important to ensure complete fur soaking because if the pet is with thick fur, it will need more water. In addition, if some fur remains dry, the soap will not work there.

Apply the Dawn dish soap

Next, completely cover the fur of the pet by applying the dawn dish soap. Start scrubbing the neck region and continue towards the tail. You should give a gentle but deep scrub so that no flea eggs can stay on the skin

You can also use a pet brush to scrub deeply. The size of the pet and the level of flea infestation will determine the amount of soap required.

Rinse the Dawn dish soap

Then, wait five minutes before rinsing off the soap from the pet’s fur because waiting this five minutes will completely kill the flea eggs. You can use a hand shower or a cup of water to rinse off the soap.

Using a flea comb while rinsing will provide the best results in removing flea eggs. You should be cautious while washing the eyes and ears of the pet.

Dry off your pet

Finally, gently rub the pet to completely dry it using a towel after rinsing. Although, you can also use a hairdryer to dry the fur. Then, use a flea comb over the dry fur to check whether any flea eggs are left to be extra safe.

Repeat the above process if you still see flea eggs on your pet. However, if your pet’s flea infestation is very severe, it is advisable to wash your pet using dawn dish soap one or two extra times.

The steps of killing flea eggs using dish soap and a spray bottle are mentioned below:

Fill a spray bottle with water

First, take a spray bottle and fill it with warm water. The temperature should be around 21 degrees Celsius or 70 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a comfortable temperature for pets.

Wet your Pet’s fur

Now, spray warm water to get the pet’s fur completely wet by gently holding the neck of your pet.

Rub Dawn dish soap to your pet’s fur

Then, after complete soaking, cover your pet’s fur by rubbing dawn dish soap. Then start the soap application from the neck to the tail. You should scrub the pet’s fur gently but deeply so that the dawn dish soap can reach the skin of the pet.

Since flea eggs are commonly found near the pet’s skin, the dish soap must reach the skin.

Wash the Dawn dish soap

After that, Wait five minutes and then rinse off the soap from your pet by using the spray bottle and using a flea comb as rinsing is very effective at removing flea eggs.

Dry your pet

Finally, dry your pet using a towel and release it carefully from your hold.

Repeat the above process if necessary.

How do you make a flea trap with Dawn?

Make a Flea Trap with Dawn

Dawn dish soap can be a fantastic ingredient in the creation of a flea trap that you can set up in your home and use to kill fleas. Here are the steps to make a flea trap using dawn dish soap:

  • First, fill a small pan partially with water and a few drops of Dawn dish soap.
  • Now, set the trap near the place where your pet spends most of its time sleeping.
  • Then, turn off all lights at night and hang a light right over your trap.
  • Finally, This light will attract and drown the fleas in the water and dawn dish soap mixture.

Fleas are drawn to warm temperatures and bright light. Therefore, they will naturally go towards the trap, where the Dawn solution will kill them.

It is important that you keep your flea trap out of the reach of kids in order to prevent it from being played with or thrown over.

Why does Dawn dish soap kill fleas?

Fleas are small, bloodsucking insects that can be a real nuisance in any home. Now, you may wonder, does dawn dish soap kill fleas instantly? Yes, Dawn dish soap is a powerful compound that destroys fleas on contact. Here are the reasons why Dawn dish soap kill fleas:

Kills by Drowning

Dawn dish soap can kill insects that have a soft external body. But, fleas have a tough exoskeleton, and they are also very lightweight. The tough exoskeleton prevents water penetration inside the body and allows the fleas to float on water because water has high surface tension.

When dawn dish soap is mixed with water, the dish soap reduces the surface tension of the water. After that, the reduced surface tension does not allow the fleas to float, and the fleas sinks and get killed.

Kills by blocking respiration

Additionally, fleas also breathe through numerous small openings in their exoskeleton. Dawn dish soap inhibits flea’s oxygen intake by blocking their exoskeleton’s opening.

Moreover, there is also a wax coating present on the flea exoskeleton, which repels water. If dawn dish soap is applied over the exoskeleton, the dish soap will remove the wax coating and allow water penetration into the flea’s respiratory system and kill them.

Dawn dish soap can also end the flea’s life cycle stages by preventing their eggs from hatching.

How long does it take for Dawn to kill fleas?

Dawn dish soap is a very time-effective way to deal with fleas. Dawn dish soap can kill fleas within a few minutes!

Thsi dish soap works on fleas by destructing their wax coating, allowing water to their respiratory system, inhibiting oxygen intake by blocking the exoskeleton’s small openings and finally by drowning them.

However, it is safe to wait a minimum of 24 hours after the fleas drown. Because sometimes fleas can survive 24 hours of water submersion. The fleas appear dead while submerged, but if they are out of water within 4 to 5 hours, they can recover again.

What kills flea eggs instantly?

Flea eggs are killed by salt, diatomaceous earth (DE), hot water, dish soap, flea products and vacuuming.

Flea eggs can be killed in a variety of ways, including:


One of the most common ways to kill flea eggs is by using salt. Flea eggs cannot tolerate high concentrations of sodium and will die within a few minutes when exposed to it.

Diatomaceous Earth (DE)

Diatomaceous earth is made up of tiny fossilized shells that have been ground up into a fine powder. When spread on surfaces like floors or countertops, it kills adult fleas as well as their larvae by breaking down their external hard exoskeleton.

Hot water

One of the quickest ways to kill flea eggs is by using hot water. Pour a pot of boiling water onto the area you wish to treat and wait five minutes. Fleas and their eggs will die if they come in contact with this hot water!

Dawn dish Soap

The quickest ways to kill fleas is by using Dawn dish soap. The chemicals in dish soap can stop flea eggs from hatching.

Flea Products

Flea products like Frontline or Seresto are designed to kill adult fleas as well as their larvae. Apply these products directly on the corners of the bedding and around the perimeter of your pet house.


One of the quickest ways to kill fleas is by using a vacuum cleaner. Simply place the vacuum cleaner hose on top of the area where you want to treat and turn it on. Eventually, fleas will die from being sucked up into the machine.

You can also use eco-friendly dish soap.


Does Dawn soap kill flea larvae?

Yes, Dawn dish soap will kill flea larvae. While water cannot penetrate the flea exoskeleton, dawn dish soap will allow water and dish soap itself to enter the flea body. Then water and dish soap will drown the flea larvae and suffocate them to death.

How long do flea eggs live?

Fleas lay their eggs in a variety of places, including the seams of your clothing, mattresses, and carpets. These eggs hatch into larvae within 10 days, which will feed on your pet’s blood until they reach maturity (usually about two weeks).

At that point, the adult flea can commence breeding again and continue to suck blood. Flea eggs will not hatch if they do not hatch within 10 days.

What time of day are fleas most active?

Fleas can be active around any time of the day. Fleas are never totally inactive. But, they are least active at sunrise and most active around sunset. At this time, there is an increase in their respiration, egg production, and movement. However, fleas produce dung and eggs all day long.


There are many flea products available in the market. These are usually a bit expensive. As a homeowner, you might want to find a cheaper way to treat the fleas if your pets or belongings are infested with fleas.

As Dawn dish  saop is a cheaper product, a question may arise in your mind: does dawn dish soap kill flea eggs? Can Dawn dish soap kill fleas?

The answer is yes! And surely you have the answer now.

Though the main purpose of Dawn dish soap is not to kill fleas and flea eggs, it can kill fleas along with their eggs on your pet.

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