Does Brushing Your Lips With A Toothbrush Make Them Bigger? Know The Truth

I have always wondered if toothbrushing could make my lips appear bigger. It’s an intriguing concept, isn’t it? However, after conducting thorough research, I discovered that there is no scientific evidence to support this idea.

While it is true that brushing your lips can temporarily increase blood flow to the area, it is highly unlikely to make any noticeable, long-term difference in their size. Brushing your lips with a toothbrush will not permanently make them bigger.

In fact, attempting to make your lips appear larger by vigorously brushing them may actually do more harm than good. The skin on our lips is delicate and sensitive, and excessive brushing could easily cause irritation and damage.

Understanding Lip Size And Why Brushing Does Not Make Them Larger

Our lips are a vital component of our look regarding facial characteristics. Lip size has always been fascinating, from boosting our overall appearance to magnifying our smile.

Does Brushing Your Lips With a Toothbrush Make Them Bigger?

Here is the science behind our distinctive pouts and the numerous elements that affect lip size, and why brushing does not make them bigger:

1. Genetics

The primary determinant of our lips’ size and shape is genetics. Like any physical characteristic, our lips are greatly influenced by the genes we acquire from our parents.

According to research, our lips’ thickness, fullness, and overall size are all influenced by specific genes. If you love their full lips, you probably have the same DNA as your parents.

2. Ethnicity

Lip sizes vary across different ethnic groups, providing important information on the influence of ethnicity on lip size. For instance, people of East Asian or Caucasian heritage often have thinner lips.

Does Brushing Your Lips With a Toothbrush Make Them Bigger?

In contrast, those of African, Caribbean, or Indigenous descent typically have fuller, more sensuous lips. As a result, ethnicity plays a role in the natural variance in lip size seen across various groups.

3. Age

As we become older, our lips vary, which may alter their size and form. Our lips might lose volume and seem thinner over time due to natural processes, including a decline in collagen synthesis and the elastin fibers’ breakdown.

Additionally, smoking and lip-pursing activities may cause repeated muscle movements that may lead to the formation of fine lines and wrinkles, which can further affect how the size of the lips appears.

4. Hormonal Factors

Particularly in women, hormonal changes may affect a person’s lip size. As part of the general development of secondary sexual characteristics, higher estrogen levels throughout puberty may cause changes in the size and form of the lips.

Similar to how transient swelling and increased lip volume might result from hormonal changes during pregnancy. It’s crucial to remember that these modifications are often transient and return to their former size after the hormone fluctuations have subsided.

5. Lifestyle and Habits

The size of your lips may vary depending on your habits and way of life. Due to the repeated puckering action and exposure to dangerous chemicals that hasten the breakdown of collagen and elastin fibers, smoking, for instance, has been associated with thinner lips.

On the other hand, frequent exercise and eating healthy may help maintain general skin health, resulting in plumper lips that seem healthier.

6. Injuries and Medical Conditions

In some cases, lip size can be influenced by injuries or medical conditions. Trauma to the lips, such as cuts or burns, can change their size and shape permanently.

Certain medical conditions, such as angioedema or lip edema, can cause lip swelling and increase its size temporarily or permanently.

Does Brushing Your Lips With a Toothbrush Make Them Bigger?

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Benefits of Brushing Lips with Toothbrush

While brushing your lips with a toothbrush does not magically make them bigger, this practice offers numerous benefits. Here is what I found:

1. Exfoliation for Softer Lips

One of the primary benefits of brushing your lips with a toothbrush is exfoliation. Our lips are exposed to numerous external factors, such as harsh weather conditions and harmful UV rays, which can leave them dry and flaky.

By gently brushing your lips with a soft-bristled toothbrush, you can remove the dead skin cells, revealing a smoother and softer pout. As a result, your lip balm or lipstick will adhere better, giving you a flawless finish.

Does Brushing Your Lips With a Toothbrush Make Them Bigger?

2. Enhanced Blood Circulation

Brushing your lips can also help increase blood circulation. A toothbrush massage encourages blood flow to the area by stimulating the delicate skin on your lips.

This increased circulation can give your lips a natural, rosy tint, making them appear more plump and fuller.

3. Improves Collagen Production

Collagen is a structural protein essential for maintaining our skin’s elasticity and youthfulness. Regularly brushing your lips can stimulate collagen production in this area.

This can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles on and around your lips, giving you a more youthful and rejuvenated look.

4. Prevents Chapped Lips

Chapped lips can be pretty bothersome, especially during cold winter months or in arid climates. Brushing your lips can help to prevent chapping by removing dry, flaky skin and allowing for better absorption of moisturizing products.

Remember, though, always be gentle while brushing to avoid any irritation or damage to your delicate lip skin.

5. Boosts Lip Hygiene

Our lips deserve the same attention and care as the rest of our faces, yet they are often overlooked. Don’t forget to include lip brushing in your daily regimen to eliminate dirt, oil, and residual lip products effectively.

This simple practice promotes better lip hygiene and safeguards against bacterial buildup that could result in breakouts or infections.

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Negative Effects of Brushing Your Lips

You already know that brushing your lips using a toothbrush has many benefits. However, along with the benefits, if you overbrush your lips, there are some negative effects you should be aware of. The following are the negative effects that brushing your lips can have on them.

Skin Damage

Your lips have delicate skin that can easily be damaged. You may unknowingly cause irritation, tearing, or even bleeding when brushing too hard or too frequently with a toothbrush.

The bristles of the toothbrush, although gentle enough for your teeth, can be too harsh for the sensitive skin on your lips.


Brushing your lips can be a double-edged sword. While it can effectively remove dead skin cells, it may also strip your lips of their natural oils. This can lead to dry, chapped lips, especially if you frequently brush your lip and fail to apply a moisturizer afterward.

The loss of natural oils can leave your lips feeling dry and dull, which is not ideal for a healthy and attractive appearance.

Alternative Methods for Fuller Lips

Numerous lip augmentation techniques can help you achieve your desired look if you desire fuller, plumper lips. From invasive surgeries to simple do-it-yourself remedies, there are options to suit everyone’s preferences. The following are some of the popular alternatives:

Home-Based Options

Several at-home cosmetic solutions can give the illusion of bigger lips to those who prefer non-invasive methods. Lip liner can be used to define and enhance the size and contour of your lips, instantly creating a fuller appearance.

Additionally, some products provide temporary plumping effects, giving your lips a voluminous look without any invasive procedures.

A Lip Surgery

If you’re looking for a permanent solution, lip surgery is an option to consider. This is the most invasive treatment among those described here. One popular technique is vermilion advancement, which stretches the lip’s vermillion (red) region, making it appear larger.

This procedure yields permanent results. Another option, called V-Y mucosal advancement, is preferred for individuals with thin or sagging lips. If you’re a man with facial hair, a gullwing lip lift may be suitable, as it can help camouflage scars.

Lip Fillers

Lip fillers are a popular choice for those seeking temporary or permanent results. These fillers are artificial substances that are injected into the lips to add volume. Permanent fillers do not break down within the body and are non-invasive.

On the other hand, semi-permanent fillers have a typical duration of action of one to two years and also stimulate the body’s natural collagen production, providing additional benefits.

Lip Implants

Lip implants offer both temporary and permanent solutions, utilizing the body’s natural tissues to enhance lip volume. Autologen implants use collagen extracted from another part of the body and last for approximately six months.

Fat transfer is another option, where fat is extracted through liposuction and used to augment the lips. Lastly, a SMAS implant can be implanted along with the procedure for those considering a facelift. This type of implant utilizes the deep layer of facial tissue, resulting in long-lasting effects.

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How to Brush Your Lips Properly

You’ll need an exfoliator and a toothbrush with soft bristles to effectively brush your lips. You may also consider using a moisturizer like coconut oil or olive oil after exfoliating.

Creating natural exfoliants from common household items like baking soda, oats, coffee grounds, or toothpaste is easy. These exfoliants work by gently removing dead skin through friction.

Follow these simple steps for a quick lip scrub:

  • Wet the lips using warm water.
  • Apply a thin layer of exfoliant to your lips.
  • Using gentle circular motions, brush your lips with the toothbrush.
  • Rinse off the exfoliant using warm water.
  • Apply the moisturizer (Petroleum jelly, castor oil, or glycerin with lemon juice, coconut oil, or cocoa butter) to ensure that your lips are moisturized.

If you experience any irritation while exfoliating your lips, stop immediately.


After reading till now, you already know that brushing your lips with a toothbrush does not make them bigger. However, doing this have other benefits. If you are not sure about anything, the following questions will aid you in clearing your confusion:

Can brushing your lips make them pink?

This is a question many people have, as they wonder if a simple act like brushing can help maintain their lips’ best appearance. Brushing your lips does have benefits, as it keeps them clean and supple by removing dead skin cells.

However, it’s important to be cautious when brushing your lips, even though it can potentially help exfoliate them and give them a pinker appearance.

Can I Brush My Lips With Toothpaste?

Yes, you can. Brushing your lips with toothpaste can bring surprising benefits. Using toothpaste on your lips can help create a smoother, plumper appearance. Also, the chemicals in toothpaste work to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells, leaving your lips soft and moisturized.

Does Lip Brushing Make Lips Smoother?

Yes, it does. By gently brushing your lips with a toothbrush equipped with soft bristles, you can effectively eliminate dead skin cells from the surface of your lips. This simple method helps reveal the softer, smoother skin hidden beneath, leaving your lips feeling irresistibly smooth.


No scientific evidence supports the claim that brushing your lips with a toothbrush can make them bigger. While gentle exfoliation may temporarily increase blood flow to the lips, resulting in a slight plumping effect, this effect is minimal and short-lived.

However, it is important to remember that the size and shape of our lips are largely determined by genetics and individual factors. If you desire fuller lips, alternative methods, such as lip fillers or lip-plumping products, may provide more noticeable and long-lasting results.

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