Do You Wash Hair Dye Out with Shampoo or Conditioner?

Your hair color reflects your personality. Moreover, It makes you more confident and puts you in a happy mood. However, it may not always look as expected. So, what will you do then? Do you wash hair dye out with shampoo or conditioner to look great?
Well, if you want to remove the color from your hair, you definitely have to do something more than rinse with shampoo or conditioner. Hence, we’re going to share some amazing tips and tricks with you on how to apply and remove hair dye, what to do after dying hair, and how to keep your hair dyed for a long time.
Let’s learn the key factors of hair dyeing and hair dye removal process

Do You Wash Hair Dye Out with Shampoo or Conditioner?
Do You Wash Hair Dye Out with Shampoo or Conditioner?

Do you wash hair dye out with shampoo or conditioner?

Many people avoid the hassle of going to a salon and spending extra money on hair dyeing when it is possible to do it at home. Just like this, hair dye removal is also possible at home. However, shampoo and conditioner are insufficient to completely remove dye from hair. There are some available methods to do so.
You have to go through some simple steps, as given below.

Try baking soda and shampoo ( for permanent hair color)

Do You Wash Hair Dye Out with Shampoo or Conditioner?
Do you wash hair dye out with shampoo or conditioner?

Step 1: Use a clarifying shampoo to wash your hair.

Step 2: Apply conditioner to soften the hair.

Step 3: Apply a small amount of baking soda and sit for 1 minute.

Step 4: Rinse your hair thoroughly with cold water.

Bleach it (permanent hair color)

Step 1: Mix the bleach formula according to the instructions of the hair bleach kit.

Step 2: Apply with a cotton ball to hair and leave for 5-10 minutes.

Step 3: Rinse out the hair until the bleach is completely out.

Apply dish soap (for semi-permanent hair color)

Step 1: Add 5 drops of dish soap to the amount of shampoo you want to apply to your hair.

Step 2: Rinse it with cold water.

Step 3: Continue for another 2-3 days.

Apply a hair remover (for permanent hair color)

You will definitely see an instruction on the packet of hair remover. Follow the instructions accordingly to get the best outcome.


  • Use hand gloves while mixing the bleach.
  • Be careful so that the bleach doesn’t reach your eyes, skin, face, or mouth.
  • Always use cold water while washing hair. That will help to close the hair shaft. Moreover, help you to avoid damaging hair more.
  • Don’t apply 3 in 1 shampoo which is used as shampoo, conditioner, and body wash.

Do you use conditioner to rinse out hair dye?

Do You Wash Hair Dye Out with Shampoo or Conditioner?
Do you use conditioner to rinse out hair dye?

Conditioner helps to moisturize your hair, especially it is good for dyed hair. Some ingredients you may find in moisturizing conditioner are the following:

  • glycerol
  • erythritol
  • panthenol
  • sodium PCA
  • hyaluronic acid
  • sorbitol
  • fructose
  • fatty alcohols
  • cationic surfactants (cetrimonium chloride, dicetyldimonium chloride)
  • polyquaternium polymers
  • propylene glycol

All these ingredients are in favor of colored hair. Because colored hair can be the source of the hair damage. So you need to keep your hair moisturized. And the conditioner does it very wonderfully.
The conditioner prevents chemical damage and locks color in hair. So it’s not only that you can rinse out dyed hair with conditioner; you should apply conditioner to your dyed hair to keep it healthy.

Should I use a conditioner after washing out hair dye?

When it comes to removing hair color, you have to apply bleach or hair color remover. Bleaching dyed hair or applying color remover damages the hair. That’s because both of them contain harmful chemicals. They make hair weaker, dry, and stripped of artificial molecules. They are also rough on hair follicles.
That’s why you have to apply conditioner to lessen the dryness of the hair, soften the hair, and protect the hair shaft.

Should I use a conditioner after washing out hair dye?

Do you rinse out hair dye with hot or cold water?

The first and foremost rule to follow is to never rinse out your hair with hot water. When you rinse out hair dye with hot water, it lifts the outer cuticle layer, allowing the dye pigment to escape from hair and disrupting the color’s staying power.
Either use lukewarm water or cold water to rinse out dyed hair. In fact, cold water helps close and seal the cuticle. As a result, the color locks into the hair perfectly.

How do you wash hair dye after applying it?

The most important factor after dying your hair is how you wash it. Because your hair color will stay depends mostly on the washing method.
You might be perplexed about whether or not to wash your hair after dying it. Yes, if you follow some rules, you can wash your hair after dying it. Hence,
We’re here to help you keep your colors vibrant and put you in a good mood.
Avoid hot water: hot water opens the hair cuticle and helps the color wash away easily, so it’s better to avoid hot water.

How do you wash hair dye after applying it?

Keep chlorine out of your hair:

Normally, your hair does not come into contact with chlorine until you spend time in a pool. Most of the time, chlorine can be found in pool water. It makes hair dull and is considered an enemy of color-treated hair.

Wash your hair less often:

Every time you wash your hair, a little more color will wash away with it. So, instead of washing your hair every day, wash it twice a week.

Use a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner:

Do you shampoo after dying hair? If you answer yes, you should keep in mind that not all shampoos are safe to use after coloring your hair. Sodium laureth sulfate is an ingredient found in shampoo, strips-off the natural oil of the hair along with the color.

Wait until 72 hours have passed:

never wash hair immediately after coloring. When you dye your hair, the cuticles remain open. It takes at least days for it to be restored to its original state.

Blow-dry your hair after taking a shower:

Blow-dry your hair after taking a shower

You can blow-dry your dyed hair after taking a shower. But the temperature should not be so high. Or better yet, you blow dry your hair in cold air mode. Here is more about the benefits of cold air mode.


Do you use shampoo to wash out hair dye?

Yes definitely. But adding some dish soap or baking soda with shampoo brings the best result.

How many washes does it take to get hair dye out?

To get hair dye out, wash your hair 4 times in 20 minutes. Make sure the shampoo is not formulated with color-protecting or enhancing chemicals.

What happens if you don’t wash all the hair dye out?

Your hair may end up looking flat and dull if you don’t thoroughly wash off all the dye.


Hair coloring is currently the most common trend among fashion-conscious people. As you try to dye their hair at home, you should know whether they wash the hair dye out with shampoo or conditioner.

Through articles, we try to enlighten you with the facts. We hope that it will help you. We wish you a happy hair day.

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