Do Hotels In Ireland Have Hair Dryers?

Whether a hotel in Ireland has a hairdryer depends on the quality of the hotel room. However, most hotels in Ireland have hair dryers in the room. Some of the hair dryers found are not among the best hair dryers in Ireland.

A hairdryer is found in a hotel bathroom unit, cupboard or wardrobe. If you’re staying in a budget hotel, the room might not have a hair dryer in the wardrobe, but you may get it at the reception. This means it’s a shared hair dryer, and you may have to wait for it when other guests use it.

Do Hotels In Ireland Have Hair Dryers?
Do hotels in Ireland have hair dryers?

Do most Ireland hotels have hair dryers?

Yes, most hotels in Ireland have hair dryers in their rooms. The hair dryers are placed in the room’s main desk drawer. If you can’t locate it, check where you see a mirror in the wall in that furniture drawer is where you will find the dryer.

If you don’t know the hotel’s hair dryer policy, check with the hotel when booking on the website or call the hotel first and ask what type of hair dryers they offer their guests.

Most hair dryers used in hotels in Ireland are basic models that don’t have a diffuser. These dryers have low heat with slower air speeds.

Do Hotels In Ireland Have Hair Dryers?
Do hotels in Ireland have hair dryers?

Some guests fear using hotel hair dryers due to hygiene reasons. Another reason why others refrain from using hotel hair dryers is using a shared hair dryer for fear the room service might not clean it when cleaning the room. 

Therefore, as per TSA hair dryer guidelines, you can bring your mains-powered hair dryer on your next trip. The TSA suggests that if your hair is dry, you should bring it overboard and fit it in the overboard bin.

You should pack a heat-resistant hair dryer protective case to be easily accessible during airport security checks. When packing, ensure you don’t tangle hair dryers’ power cables. If you’re traveling with a fragile hair dryer, pack it in your held luggage, where it will be safer.

Can I use my hair dryer in Ireland?

Can I use my hair dryer in Ireland?

You can if your hair dryer runs on 230 volts or dual voltage hair dryer. This hair dryer will handle Ireland voltage; you only need the power adapter and plug it into your hair dryer since it may not fit in the outlet.

So when planning to travel to Ireland, look out for a hair dryer for sale Ireland and purchase the power adapter for Ireland. You can also buy a voltage transformer; although it’s bulkier and more expensive, you can use it on your hair dryers and other appliances in Ireland.

Even with a power converter, you will still need a power adapter for Ireland because the converter will not have the shape of your hair dryer plug. Additionally, your domestic hair dryer may not be suitable for traveling, so always check and inquire about hotel hair dryers for sale in Ireland.

Do not use your hair dryer if it can’t handle 230 volts because it can quickly get damaged. It can also cause an electrical fire hazard or blow a fuse. Always read the hair dryer manual in Ireland to avoid unsafe operations.

When buying a hair dryer in Ireland, go for strong but lightweight dual voltage, which will work with 230 Ireland power voltage. Here are some features that you must check:

What to check buying a hair dryer in Ireland?

What to check buying a hair dryer in Ireland?
  • Purchase a lightweight travel hair dryer that can be transported; you can fold the handle easily to provide space for other items.
  • A hair dryer that cools down the hair after drying.
  • Look for a hair dryer that can support Ireland’s dual voltage power voltage.
  • Go for a hair dryer that can control temperature and speed settings with faster, hotter speeds to ensure the hair dries quickly.
  • Instead of adding third-party attachments to your hair dryer, buy one with a concentrator and diffuser.
  • Look for a hair dryer with a lengthier cord to make it easy to operate.

Do all hotels have hair dryers?

Do all hotels have hair dryers?

Yes, if you’re planning to travel, it isn’t a must to take your hair dryer to a hotel. Most hotels offer standard hair dryers in each room. Although it may not be as powerful as the one you use at home, you don’t have to worry about sleeping with wet hair.

Most hotels put hair dryers in bathrooms, where you can access them after showering. In other hotels, you will find hair dryers mounted for safety purposes. If you don’t see it in the bathroom, check it in the hotel’s chest of drawers or dressers.

Although you will find a hair dryer in every hotel room, these dryers are not of the best quality, and some are old models. Compared to other powerful models, you may not get the best hair-drying experience with these hair dryers.

If not careful, these models may quickly burn your hair, especially if you have long and thick hair, because they get too hot and lack a temperature control system.

Hotel dryers won’t give you a perfect blowout touch because of their qualities, so you should consider taking a travel hair dryer on your next trip. These hotel hair dryers make hair frizzy and brittle because they lack a heat control feature.

Final verdict

Do hotels in Ireland have hair dryers? Yes, they do. However, if you are traveling to Ireland from another country, you must know Ireland may have a different outlet voltage than your country. If you take your hair dryer on vacation, check the voltage limit of your hair dryer.

A hairdryer in Ireland must have a dual voltage feature. Remember, with a dual voltage hair dryer, you can use it in most hotels worldwide. However, always carry an adapter when you take your hair dryer abroad.

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