Difference Between Foaming Soap Dispenser and Regular Soap Dispenser

After the COVID-19 pandemic, regular washing of hands with soap has been mandatory. You see soap dispensers and tap water everywhere outside businesses, industries, and schools because everyone must decontaminate their hands often. As a result, the demand for soap and dispensers has skyrocketed, and so has the means of dispensing it.

The most common type of soap is the regular liquid or bar soap, but there’s a new kind on the block known as foaming soap. However, regular soap is slowly losing popularity because it’s more expensive than foam soap. But are there any differences between these two?

Institutions and public areas with more people washing hands are opting to use foam soap because it’s economical and cost-effective. The places where foaming soap is used preserve more water because people need much less water to wash off, unlike regular soap.

Let’s have a clear concept of these two dispensers and explore the core distinctions between these two.

Difference Between Foaming Soap Dispenser and Regular Soap Dispenser
Difference Between Foaming Soap Dispenser and Regular Soap Dispenser

What Is A Foam Soap Dispenser?

Regular soap is no longer commonly used in bathrooms, but people have opted for soap dispensers. A foam soap dispenser is mounted on a bathroom wall near the sink.

It’s a container with liquid soap, but it squeezes out as form through a pump nozzle. The liquid soap ingredients blend in the chamber and then get dispensed through the nylon mesh.

Foaming soap is cheaper than liquid soap, but the latter is more effective in killing germs. Liquid soap is more effective because it’s unaltered when discharged, and the user must work it to lather in the hands, prompting complete coverage. Foam soap, however, is misleading in how it comes out.

Although it appears more in quantity, the actual soap is much less, and this happens because of the air injection that makes the foam. Foaming soap is cost-effective when made locally. It saves more water, both of which positively impact the environment.

Difference Between Foaming Soap Dispenser and Regular Soap Dispenser?
What Is A Foam Soap Dispenser?

How Does Foaming Soap Work?

Initially, foaming soap is liquid, but when you pump the container, the air is released into the liquid soap to make it foam. Foaming soap is then dispensed as foam, meaning less soap comes out yet looks like so much in your hands.

Is Foam Soap the Same as Regular Soap?

Regular soap is the common multipurpose soap found at home, made from several ingredients. In a domestic setting, regular soap is used for bathing, washing, and other household chores.

On the contrast, foaming soap is dispensed as foam, and little effort is needed to make it lather. After discharge, foam soap is easy to spread in the hands and rinse, unlike regular soap.

Foam soap is liquid soap mixed with air and then dispensed. But, you may find that your liquid soap is too thick for the dispenser. What do you do about it? You can warm the liquid soap at 40 – 50 °C, let it cool, and stir gently to avoid making too much foam. Then let it cool and evaluate the thickness.

Dilute it with water before adding it to the dispenser. The soap is aerosolized, meaning it’s diluted with air, making it more cost-friendly. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, washing hands has been more rampant than before. As the new norm, foam soap is now common in large institutions like health care centers, food industries, and schools to sterilize. 

Is Foam Soap the Same as Regular Soap?

Can You Use Foaming Soap In An Automatic Soap Dispenser?

Soap dispensers come in different types; wall-mounted pump dispensers and automatic dispensers. The automatic dispensers are operated by a sensor, allowing you to get the desired function. Other dispensers are concealed behind the mirror, giving a very sharp, classy outlook, or go for the counter-mounted dispensing spouts holding liquid soap.

When purchasing a soap dispenser, consider the type of soap (liquid or foam) you’ll need to use. But, can you turn liquid soap into foaming soap? Yes, you can turn liquid soap into foaming soap by mixing it with water at a ratio of 4:1, then pour the liquid into a foaming dispenser.

Ensure that you know the kind of soap the dispenser you choose is designed, to avoid running into trouble with the machine. Foam and liquid soap dispensers aren’t interchangeable, and it’s crucial to set them apart.

The most important thing is the soap that comes out of the dispensing machines serves the purpose. Foaming hand soap starts as liquid soap before the transformation in the aeration pump, then delivers foam to the user, and you’ll find it referred to as liquid foaming soap.

Can You Use Foaming Soap In An Automatic Soap Dispenser?

Can you use a regular soap dispenser for foaming soap?

Foamy soap is the same as liquid options, but they differ in appearance because the former is fed with air and water, leading to a frothy layer. This is why when you dispense foam soap, you get properly lathered soap and don’t have to work it while in your hands. However, you can’t use regular soap in foaming dispenser because the former needs a special mechanism to mix with water and air before discharging.

On the other hand, you may wonder how to convert soap dispensers to foam. It may be challenging because foaming soap needs a valve to mix ingredients and produce the foam. Refilling the soap can be easy, but the challenge is turning the liquid soap into foam. However, if you can fit a special pump into the dispenser, you’re good.

What happens if you put foaming soap in regular dispenser?

Regular soap dispensers differ from foaming soap because the latter has valves that transform the liquid soap. Foaming soap dispensers have two compartments; one holds liquid soap, while the other holds water and air valves.

Once pressure is exerted during use, the air is pushed into the dispensing unit, which mixes with soap to create the foaming soap, which is discharged as such. With this, interchanging both dispensers will not deliver the same results for foaming soap.

Now, can you reuse foaming soap dispenser? If saving money and making the world greener sounds like a plan, you can reuse a foaming soap dispenser in various ways, like making a flower vase, condiments, or hand lotion. However, ensure that you wash it clean before reusing it to avoid contamination, but don’t use them for edibles.

How do you make foaming soap dispenser?

How do you make foaming soap dispenser?

You can purchase foaming soap or make it at home in the simple steps. Considering the daily trips, your household makes to the bathrooms, the amount of soap and water they use is a lot. However, making foaming soap at home and adding it to a foam dispenser will save you water, energy, and resources. Follow these steps, then go on to use your DIY soap.

  1. Put water in the soap dispenser and leave space for other ingredients.
  2. Add two tablespoons of castile soap into the water.
  3. Select your favorite essential oil and add ten drops to the dispenser.
  4. Add one teaspoon of carrier oil to work as a moisturizer.
  5. Secure the lid, and shake the mixture vigorously to mix the ingredients.
  6. Once everything dissolves, begin to enjoy your cost-effective soap.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you refill a foaming soap bottle?

You can refill just any foaming soap dispenser, including bath and body foaming hand soap dispensers. After a refill, you will find the foaming hand soap not foaming. Then add some soap to make it thicker and to help it form as it should be.

Can any hand soap be used in a foaming dispenser?

Yes, you can use any hand soap to make foaming soap. Select your favorite hand wash or dish wash soap. Add an inch or more of the soap to an empty foaming dispenser, depending on the thickness you want. Then fill up with water and shake it till it’s ready to use.

How do you reuse a foaming hand soap dispenser?

Foaming hand soap dispensers come in various colors and sizes. You can reuse them for different functions like holding hand glue, liquid laundry detergent, cleaning products, or home dector.

Do you need a special dispenser for foaming soap?

Yes, you need a special dispenser for foaming soap. Although Foamy soap is your regular liquid soap, it goes through aeration and water addition to produce a frothy soapy layer.


Since handwashing has become more common in the last two years, people shop more for it.

Due to frequent use, soap has transformed from regular to advanced options like foaming soap. The dispenser for regular soap is different from a foaming dispenser, and you can’t interchange either for the other unless some adjustments are made.

Foaming is the same as regular liquid soap, but it dilutes with more water and air to make the foamy lather dispensed.

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