Can You Use Shampoo As Bubble Bath?

Are you wondering whether can you use shampoo as bubble bath? If that is the case, the answer is yes.

A tub with lots of bubbles is an excellent way of ending a long and tiresome day. A bath is a perfect way of relaxing your body and releasing tension.

However, some bubble baths often consist of ingredients that are not safe for the skin. Therefore, you have to choose the best bath products for your skin.

A shampoo bubble bath is a cool homemade product that will be good for your body. The shampoo has similar ingredients as the shower gel.

Let’s explore more…

Can You Use Shampoo As Bubble Bath?

Can You Use Shampoo As Bubble Bath?

Then how to make a bubble bath with just soap? Well, you have to go through a simple process here. And for your convenience, we are going to share the process now.

How To Make A Bubble Bath With Shampoo?

Bubble baths are dreams for every woman. You need some ingredients to make a healthy homemade shampoo:

Required Ingredients

  • Shampoo
  • Honey
  • Liquid soap
  • Milk

Step- By- Step Process

  • Mix half a cup of the soap with a half cup of shampoo.
  • Add two spoons of honey, and half a cup of milk.
  • Add the mixture to the bathwater while the tub is filling with water.

That’s a simple way of making your shampoo bubble bath. The bubble bath is not only filled with bubbles and foam; it is very healthy with natural ingredients. The components are significant for soothing and hydrating the skin.

You can add other ingredients if you want extra scent; vanilla extract and a cinnamon pinch are good. If you like to relax your muscles, add seawater to the bubble bath.

Oil will be good for hydration. Make sure the water is hot since it will gradually cool down.

Glycerin can be an extra ingredient for a shampoo bubble bath. The soap additive is effective for moisturization.

Can You Use Shampoo As Bubble Bath?

How To Make Bubble Bath With Just Soap?

Making a normal soap bubble bath is simple. You just need:

  • Soap
  • Water
  • Coconut oil or glycerin

Make sure the water is warm and distilled. Add a half cup of liquid soap to a quarter cup of coconut oil or glycerin. The mixture will give you an incredible soap bubble bath.

Some people may ask, can you use baby shampoo as bubble bath? Yes, baby shampoo can be used to make a bubble bath and use the same process.

Benefits Of Using Shampoo As Bubble Bath

Can You Use Shampoo As Bubble Bath?

1. Detoxify and Cleanse

Bathing in a warm bubble bath helps to eliminate skin impurities and dead skin tissues. Remember we said you keep the bubble bath warm.

Heat will open your skin pores hence ensuring effective cleansing. The shampoo doesn’t contain chemicals that will affect your skin, therefore, it will not nullify the detoxification impact.

Another effect of a bubble bath is that you will sweat, making the detoxification more effective. Sweating will allow the eradication of toxins in the body, and boost the lymphatic system.

2. Relax Your Mind

Relaxing the mind is a perfect way to brighten your mood. Taking a bath is one way to relax your mind. A warm shampoo bubble bath will give you the best mind relaxation especially if you had a tough or rough day.

Submergence in a shampoo bubble bath will help calm the nervous system, minimize stress levels and body anxiety, and improve your mood. A warm bath can trigger serotonin production, a brain chemical responsible for happiness.

3. Hydrate, Nourish, and Heal Our Skin

It’s essential to keep our bodies hydrated as they’re largely made of water. Bathing with a water bubble bath helps keep the skin and body hydrated. It’s a significant addition to the recommendation of drinking eight cups of water.

Taking a warm shampoo bubble bath improves several skin conditions. Skin ailments like rough and dry skin patches, irritations, and eczema are a threat to the skin.

You can remove or reduce them by using a warm shampoo bubble bath. Apply a moisturizer after taking a bath.

4. Sleep Better

Having quality and enough sleep is an overall health benefit. Unfortunately, several people struggle to get sleep at night. Body internal temperature is among the signals that show our body is ready for sleep. The temperature triggers the body to produce melatonin, which is responsible for our sleep.

Therefore, getting a warm shampoo bubble bath will prepare our bodies for better sleep. The bubble bath will give the body the heat it needs to produce the hormone for sleep. In addition, the bath is significant for sleep preparation.

Safety Concerns In Using Shampoo Bubble Bath

The shampoo is one non-hazardous detergent to use for a bubble bath. However, there are safety concerns you have to be careful when using it.

Modern shampoos are mostly made of the same components as detergents. Some shampoo ingredients can turn into formaldehyde while in storage.

When the formaldehyde-making agents combine with emulsifying components in shampoos, they can produce carcinogenic nitrosodi-ethanolamine.

What To Do-

Use less amount: don’t over-use shampoo for a bubble bath. You can use half of the amount you normally use to make it safe for your body. Make sure the shampoo doesn’t get into contact with your eyes.

Read labels: shampoos usually contain some detergent. Go for those with the fewest ingredients to minimize exposure.


1. Can You Use Shampoo In The Bath?

Definitely yes, you can use shampoo in the bath.

2. Can Baby Shampoo Be Used As Bubble Bath?

You can use baby shampoo as a bubble bath, and apply the processed I have described above.

3. Is It Safe To Use Shampoo As Bubble Bath?

It’s safe to use shampoo as a bubble bath. However, you have to check on the shampoo with less chemical ingredients to avoid some skin issues.


If you have been asking whether can you use shampoo as a bubble bath, then  you should have the answer now. The shampoo is a nice product for a homemade bubble bath because of its health benefits.

Despite the safety concerns, shampoo remains a perfect alternative to other detergents. However, you have to be careful with the safety considerations.

Give your body the best relaxation with the bubble bath.

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