Can You Use Dog Shampoo To Clean Ferrets?

Many people choose to keep ferrets in their home because they are useful pets to kill rats. However, they have severe itchiness and have a stinky smell.

Hence, you will need a shampoo that can solve both of these issues. These may drive you to think, “can I use dog shampoo on sensitive pets like ferrets?”

The truth is that ferrets are fragile and have different pH levels compared to other pets. As a result, bathing them with dog shampoo is not a good idea. Then what do you do! Don’t overthink it. Here, we’ll fill you in by sharing the best shampoos for ferrets as well as some amazing tips for getting rid of their itchiness and stinky odors.

Let’s get started.

Can You Use Dog Shampoo To Clean Ferrets?

Is Dog Shampoo Safe for Ferrets?

Several facts come up when it comes to cleaning ferrets with dog shampoo. As we know, dog shampoo contains surfactants, conditioning agents, solubilizers, and preservatives. All these chemicals are too harsh for the ferrets. These can lead to severe itchiness and dryness. And the toxicity of these ingredients will strip away the natural oil from ferrets and make the fur dull and lifeless.

Despite the mildness of these chemicals, ferrets require more gentle shampoo. That’s why only the cat shampoo that is used to bathe kittens is eligible for the ferrets. Even tearless baby shampoo can be an excellent alternative instead of dog shampoo.

Can You Use Dog Shampoo To Clean Ferrets?

Can You Use Dog Flea Shampoo on Ferrets?

Dog shampoos and dog flea shampoos are formulated in different ways. Dog flea control shampoo, mostly concentrates on killing fleas rather than cleaning dogs. Because the cleaning agents in dog flea shampoos are present in small amounts.

Yet, it serves both the purposes of cleaning and killing. However, dog flea shampoos are gentle on ferrets. So, when you need to kill fleas on ferrets, dog fleas shampoo is completely safe for the ferrets and eliminates fleas, pick, and larvae too.

What Are The Best Shampoos for Ferrets?

Can you use dog flea shampoo on ferrets?

Ferrets are delicate and stinky. Because of their delicacy, you cannot use harsh chemicals on them. There may arise questions like, do ferrets like baths? In one word, it doesn’t! But it needs to be washed at least once every 2-3 months until it gets into something that needs to be washed.

However, make sure the shampoo has a special fragrance to get rid of the stinkiness. Keeping the facts in mind, there are special shampoos designed for ferrets. Now, let’s find out the right kind of shampoo for ferrets.

8 In 1 Ferretsheen 2-in-1 Deodorizing Shampoo

If you are looking for a shampoo that works as a deodorant for ferrets, then you can consider this one. Except for the fact that it’s hard to rinse, it’s a good choice for ferrets.

The aloe vera and jojoba oil-formulated shampoo will condition your pet’s hair and also help to remove stinky odors for a long time.

Product item form: Liquid

Benefits: Deodorize

Type: Natural

Odor: Fresh

Special ingredients: Aloe vera. Jojoba oil

Petpost Ferret Shampoo

PetPost shampoo is considered as a deodorant and flea killer. Despite being a powerful cleaner, the most surprising fact is that it’s totally organic and free from harmful chemicals. It is completely safe for ferrets and protects them from any kind of infection.

Product item form: Liquid

Benefits: Kills fleas and ticks and eradicates odors.

Type: Natural

Odor: Fresh

Special ingredients: Safflower oil

Marshall 8-Ounce Ferret Aloe Vera Shampoo

Marshall Ferret No Tears aloe vera shampoo is specially formulated to moisturize these tiny little creatures. The odor is too strong. Marshall no tears formula shampoo is gentle on ferrets and it’s pH-balanced.

Product form: Liquid

Benefits: Include a no-tear formula that moisturizes the skin.

Type: Natural

Odor: Eucalyptus

Special Ingredients: Aloevera

Mad About Organics Oatmeal Shampoo

Oatmeal shampoo is super gentle on fragile pets even like rabbits. The natural formulation with oatmeal protects skin from drying. In winter, this can be the best option, as the ferret gets too dry in these cold months. In the presence of different essential oils, it may be irritating to skin. You can find directions on the back side of the packaging about how to bathe a ferret with oatmeal shampoo.

Product form: Liquid

Benefits: Super moisturizer

Type: Natural

Odor: Floral

Special ingredients: Oatmeal

Kaytee Squeaky Clean Critter Shampoo

Kaytee Squeaky Clean Critter Shampoo thoroughly cleans your pet. It’s tearless, pH-balanced, and essential oil-free. However, this shampoo is not for killing fleas and ticks.

Product form: Powder

Benefits: Effective as pet’s body cleaner, deodorize body

Type: Natural

Odor: Odorless

Pro Pet Works oatmeal pet shampoo

Pro Pet Shampoo works as both a shampoo and conditioner. It’s a healthy way to treat your pet. It helps restore the natural oil on ferrets and makes their hair soft and shiny. It’s hypoallergenic and contains vitamin E. However, it can sometimes cause hair loss and has no effect on flea control.

Odor: Aloevera

Product form: Liquid

Benefits: Include the purpose of both shampoo and conditioner, the restoration of natural oil, and the relief of itching.

Type: Natural

Special ingredients: Oatmeal, Vitamin E, and Aloe vera.


Can you use Dawn dish soap on ferrets for fleas?

Dawn dish soap can kill fleas. But the harsh chemical that is present in the dawn can irritate the ferret’s skin. So it’s better to avoid dish soap to get rid of fleas from them.

What should I bathe my ferret with?

It will be better if you wash ferrets with homemade ferret shampoo. If it’s not possible, then you should bathe them with natural formulated shampoo.

How often should a ferret be bathed?

You don’t need to bathe them often. Once every 2-3 months it is ok to wash until the ferret gets dirty.

Can I bathe ferret with baby shampoo?

Baby shampoos are mild. So obviously you can bathe ferret with baby shampoo. But baby shampoos are not formulated to kill fleas and remove itchiness.

How warm should the ferret bath be?

Ferret bath temperature should be that much bearable that the ferret can stand on water. The water temperature should be in between 37^celsius to 40^celsius (99^Fahrenheit to104^Fahrenheit).


Dogs and ferrets both are pets, but they are very different from one another in terms of their look, character, behaviors, and even skin type. So there is no way to use dog shampoos on pets like ferrets.

Moreover, some ferrets finely go with the dog shampoo, but most of them are so sensitive that only some specific shampoos suit them. So without any doubt, bathe your little love with a suitable shampoo. Keep your lovely pet clean, odor-free and playful.

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