Can You Put Lotion In a Soap Dispenser?

To deal with high-viscosity liquids like lotion, shampoo, and honey, extraction is a fact. Hence, using a dispenser makes the extraction process easier.

Keeping this in mind, you may ask yourself, “can you put lotion in a dispenser pump?” Well, it depends on the type of dispenser where you want to put lotion and the thickness of the liquid is also a major factor here.

After considering everything, you can come to a decision. If you want to get a clear idea of this fact, take a look at the article. I hope you will know lot more facts along with the answer to your question.

Read on.

Can You Put Lotion In A Dispenser?

Can I put lotion in a soap dispenser?

Before thinking about putting lotion in a soap dispenser, knowing the type of dispenser is important. Basically, there are several types of soap dispensers. They are:

  • Manual soap dispenser
  • Automatic soap dispenser
  • pump soap dispenser
  • Wall-mounted soap dispenser
  • Foam soap dispenser
  • Disposable soap dispensers
  • Refillable soap dispensers

All dispensers are not designed to hold lotion. It depends on the lotion and the type of dispenser.

However, you just need to keep in mind that the lotion should be thin or watery. Otherwise, in the case of thick lotion, the dispenser can be clogged or the spring of the pump can break. Moreover, the dispenser pump will not work eventually.

Can You Put Lotion In A Dispenser?
Can I put lotion in a soap dispenser?

Is it safe to refill soap dispensers?

Liquid soap contains preservatives that stop growing bacteria. However, dispensers are prone to grow bacteria from other sources. Mainly, the use of soap dispensers for kitchen sinks or bathroom areas is common. That means It is always kept in damp places. Additionally, dispensers get contaminated by the following reasons.

Can You Put Lotion In A Dispenser?
  • Thoroughly used by dirty hand
  • Unknown objects like insects move around on these
  • Contaminated by airborne germs
  • Improperly used by users

 That’s why it is more hygienic to bring a new soap dispenser rather than refill the old one.

How do you put lotion in a dispenser?

You can put lotion in shampoo dispenser bottles or in soap dispenser bottles. The texture of shampoo and lotion is more or less the same. So choosing the shampoo dispenser to keep lotion is more preferable.

 There are some simple steps you have to go through to put lotion in a dispenser. The things you need:

  • Plastic bag/decorating icing bag/funnel
  • Nozzle
  • Scissor
  • An empty dispenser

Now, follow the steps that are given below:

 Step 1:

unscrew the dispenser cap

Step 2:

Pour the lotion into a clean plastic bag or decorative icing bag.

Step 3:

Cut the bag’s corner.

Step 4:

Squeeze the lotion into the dispenser.

If you have any questions regarding how to fill plastic squeeze tubes, you can follow the same procedure that is given above. Additionally, for better results, make the lotion thinner, set a nozzle with the plastic bag and drip the liquid into the tube slowly.


If your lotion is too thick, then microwave it for 30 seconds. That makes it thin for a while. Doing this, pouring lotion will be easier. However, don’t over heat it. If you don’t have a microwave, put lotion in a steel bowl and keep it in a pan of hot water for 1 minute.

Can I put lotion in simplehuman soap dispenser?

Simplehuman soap dispensers are designed only to store liquid or gel-type soap. The pump line is so narrow that exfoliates or moisture may get stuck in the dispenser easily.

In that case, whether the lotion is thick or thin, it must carry moisture and exfoliate. That is incompatible with simplehuman soap dispensers.

Can You Put Lotion In A Dispenser?
Can I put lotion in simplehuman soap dispenser?


Can I reuse a foaming soap dispenser?

You can reuse soap dispensers. You can convert soap dispenser to foam dispenser by adding a special pump. But remember, as the dispenser is kept in a damp place, it is prone to bacteria. Therefore, it is better not to reuse it. Rather, replace it when the liquid inside runs out.

How do you fill a liquid soap dispenser?

It is a bit easy to fill a liquid soap dispenser. First, Remove the lid of the dispenser. Take a plastic bag, fill the bag with the liquid, cut the corner and pour the liquid into the dispenser.

You can also use a syringe by removing the needle. Pull the liquid through the plunger and push the plunger downward to pour the liquid into the dispenser.

Can you mix water and lotion?

Yes. Ordinary lotion contains 70-80% water and 10-25% oils and butter. If you want to make the lotion thinner, you can add more water to it.

Are foaming soap dispensers different?

Yes. The function of foaming soap dispensers is different from regular soap dispensers. It contains two compartments. One chember stores soap and the other one is air and has valves to create foam while someone presses the dispenser.

That means foaming hand soap, not foaming actual. Whatever the reason, the texture of the soap in the foaming dispenser is thinner than normal liquid soap. That’s why you can’t put regular soap in a foaming soap dispenser.


Through the above discussion, I hope you have come to learn how to put lotion in a dispenser without making a mess.  You can put lotion in whether the dispenser is automated or manual, push or pump.

Just make sure the opening of the dispenser is larger than regular or try to put thinner lotion in it. Considering these facts, the soap dispenser will never get stuck. Make things handy, simple, user friendly.

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