Can You Melt Silver With A Propane Torch? The Answer May Surprise You!

A propane torch is basically a handheld, portable ignition tool that is used for melting metal, burning rope ends, and soldering. But can you melt silver with a propane torch? This is what we are going to tell you! 

Here, propane can melt metals with a melting point below 1300 °C. According to the melting point of silver, it is clearly perceived that a propane torch can easily melt silver.

However, there are also some facts you should know, like precautions, effectiveness, and other effective ways to melt silver. If you want to know more, spend a few minutes reading the article.

Can You Melt Silver With A Propane Torch? The Answer May Surprise You!

Does a propane torch work to melt silver?

A propane torch is a handy tool that gives effective results on home repair jobs rather than industrial jobs. You may wonder how to melt silver at home! you know in this case, a propane torch is the most dependable tool. However, in the case of a small amount of melted silver, it works perfectly.

As you have already come to know, propane melting furnaces can be heated up to 1300 °C. Usually, it can melt metals with a melting point below 1300 ° C in 15 to 20 minutes.

And the pure silver melting point is 961.8 °C. Therefore, for minor and subtle repairs, a propane torch is the best option to choose. Not only that, if there is a question like, “will a propane torch melt silver solder, then be sure that, definitely, it will.

Can You Melt Silver With A Propane Torch? The Answer May Surprise You!

What kind of torch do you need to melt silver?

Among so many torches that can melt silver, you can choose any of them according to the amount of silver. When we compare the three torches based on heat, the MAPP torch comes out on top. And then propane and butane come as the silver melting kit.

For random industrial use, the MAPP torch will be the best. Hence, for household work like softening old paint, loosening rusted or stuck bolts, or soldering silver, a propane torch will be perfect. But subtle work like repairing a silver glass frame with butane is enough to complete the job perfectly.

Can You Melt Silver With A Propane Torch? The Answer May Surprise You!

If you still confused to choose which one you should pick to melt silver, take a look at the comparison table,

How to melt silver without a torch?

Melting silver with a torch is an easy and affordable method. Though torches for melting silver are available, even, without a torch, you can melt silver with acid. Rather than saying “melt,” we can say “dissolve.”

Yes! You read it right. You can dissolve silver in acid. Don’t overthink. Take a look at the below steps to learn how to melt silver without a torch.

Firstly, you need some essential things to make the melting method complete. And here is the list.

Required Tools And Materials

  1. Silver measuring weight machine
  2. Nitric acid
  3. Two acid-proof containers
  4. Silver precipitant crystals
  5. Plastic, wood, or glass stirrer rod
  6. Filter (acid-proof)
  7. Apron (rubber)
  8. goggles or face shield
  9. Distilled water
  10. Tap water

Now, follow the steps below:

Step 1: weigh the silver. Put it in the bucket.

Step 2: Add 150 ml of nitric acid for each ounce of silver.

Step 3: After dissolving the silver, add the silver precipitate crystals.

Step 4: After that, the silver will get back to a solid shape.

Step 5: Pour off the acid with a filter.

Step 6: Rinse the silver with tap water, and finally rinse it with distilled water.

Step 7: Let the silver dry.

Can you melt silver with Mapp gas?

Mapp gas has the ability to melt silver.It is considered the best torch for melting silver. It has a high flame temperature of 2925 °C (5300 °F) in oxygen. As silver’s melting point is 1,763 °F, it’s easy for Mapp gas to melt the silver. You can use Mapp gas.

In places like hardware stores, industrial purposes for heating, melting, soldering, blazing, and welding.


What torch burns hotter than a propane?

Mapp gas torches burn hotter than propane.

What’s the easiest way to melt silver?

Keeping the silver in a ceramic crucible and melting it with a high-flame torch is the easiest and most convenient way to melt silver, as well as any other metal.

How hot will a propane torch get metal?

A propane torch has limits in terms of heat. However, it is capable of heating 3/16 to 1/4-inch thick steel bars across the short dimension.

Can you melt aluminum cans with a propane torch?

Of course. The melting point of aluminum is too low. That’s why propane torches can easily melt cans.

What burns hotter than MAPP gas?

Acetylene is the hottest burning fuel gas among all the fuel gas.


Overall, we have tried our best to share the ins and outs of the facts, such as whether you can melt silver with a propane torch or not. However, when doing this at home, you need to be mindful and aware.

A little mistake can cause irreversible damage to the tools or even to yourself. So wear the protective apron and goggles, and keep your baby away while doing such things like melting silver.

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