Can i Use Blue Shampoo Right After Dying My Hair?

Yes, blue shampoo is best suitable to use after dying your hair because the blue pigment neutralizes the unwanted undertones in your bleached or colored hair. After dying your hair, you’re supposed to rinse using the blue shampoo.

After you’ve rinsed your hair with blue shampoo, you should wait three days before you wash it again. This is to let your hair absorb the dye you applied. Hence, after three days, you can use your blue shampoo as often as four times a week until the orange tones on your hair are neutralized.

Here are tips on when and how to use blue shampoo before and after coloring your hair.

Can I Use Blue Shampoo Immediately After Dying My Hair?
Can I Use Blue Shampoo Immediately After Dying My Hair?

When Can I Use Blue Shampoo After Dying My Hair?

You can use the blue shampoo if you color your hair dark blonde or light blonde. This is because these hair dyes leave unwanted undertones on your hair that are very bright. If your hair has undertones, you can use the blue shampoo immediately after dying.

If you are coloring your hair at home, rinse it for about three minutes until it is clear. After the water is removed, you can use the blue shampoo to wash your hair. This is because the blue shampoo has cleansing properties and will tone down the orange color and neutralize them.

Can I Use Blue Shampoo Immediately After Dying My Hair?
Can I Use Blue Shampoo Immediately After Dying My Hair?

Feel free to use the blue shampoo because it doesn’t contain a harsh chemical that can damage your hair or the dye you’ve applied. Blue shampoo is ideal compared to toning, even for damaged and dehydrated hair.

When applied to the hair, the blue shampoo forms a color film, meaning it doesn’t damage dry hair. On the other hand, toning shampoo contains peroxide to neutralize the unwanted color. Unfortunately, peroxide is a chemical that dehydrates hair.

So, if your hair is damaged, use the blue shampoo to neutralize the unwanted orange tones instead of a toner.

Process of using blue shampoo after dying

  • Wash your hair immediately after coloring it to neutralize the orange color.
  • Re-wash your hair after 72 hours.
  • The next time you wash your hair, must you use blue shampoo? It depends on the unwanted orange intensity. So you can continue with blue shampoo since it neutralizes the brassiness after every wash. If your hair still has undertones, don’t use the blue shampoo daily.
  • How many times you will use the blue shampoo depends on the intensity of the orange. For example, if it’s dark orange, use the shampoo almost four times a week, but if it’s orange, wash it twice a week. However, if it’s light orange, wash it once a week.

How Long do I Wait To Use Blue Shampoo After Dying Hair?

Can I Use Blue Shampoo Immediately After Dying My Hair?
How long do I wait to use blue shampoo after dying hair?

You should use the blue shampoo three days after dying your hair if it still has an unwanted undertone. It’s also advisable to avoid works that make you over-sweat because the sweat may wash away your hair color.

Washing it immediately with blue shampoo ensures you wash away all the excess dye. It also ensures the color is evenly distributed on the hair strands. However, if you want to maintain a shiny, vibrant color, you should avoid washing your hair daily; instead, you should wash it once or twice weekly.

Leaving blue shampoo in your hair for an hour or longer, regardless of your hair condition (damaged or healthy) may leave your hair with a noticeable blue tint. Unlike other shampoos, where you focus on massaging the hair roots when using blue shampoo, you should ensure you spread it thoroughly on your hair from the roots. This will ensure the dye is evenly distributed.

Can I Rinse My Hair After Dying It?

Can I rinse my hair after dying it?

You must rinse your hair after dying it to ensure you remove the excess color. You should rinse it until all the color is removed, and after rinsing it with blue shampoo, use a conditioner of your choice to replenish moisture in your hair and boost the shine.

If you’re planning to use hot tools on your hair, apply heat-protectant products and leave-in conditioner. It will make your hair look freshly toned. Additionally, you shouldn’t wash your colored hair with hot water.

This is because the hot water opens up your hair cuticle. You should use cold water since it seals the cuticle. Remember that the more you use hot water on your hair, the more chances it loses its vibrancy.

Do You Use Regular Shampoo After Blue Shampoo?

Do you use regular shampoo after blue shampoo?

Yes, you can use regular shampoo after or together with the blue shampoo. You can alternate the two if you still have an undertone. When choosing a regular shampoo, avoid shampoos and conditioners containing sulfate. This is because the blue shampoo doesn’t penetrate the hair like dye, so using sulfate shampoo will wash out the blue shampoo blue pigment.

Additionally, you should use sulfate-free shampoo if you want your toned hair to stay shiny and vibrant for longer. So, after all the undertones have been neutralized, continue washing your hair using sulfate-free shampoo. At this stage, you can use the blue shampoo once a week.

Final Verdict

If you’re still wondering, can I use blue shampoo right after dying my hair, then The answer is yes. What makes the blue shampoo the most ideal is that it doesn’t contain chemicals. So your hair will remain healthy even after neutralizing the unwanted orange.

It won’t harm your hair when you use it once or twice weekly during maintenance. Remember not to use shampoo or conditioner containing sulfate. It will affect your hair color. Also, avoid washing your hair with hot water since the hot water opens your hair cuticle, leading to your hair fading fast.

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