Can Electric Toothbrushes Cause Canker Sores?

When you think about why mouth ulcers like canker sores happen, the first thing that may pop into your head is the teeth cleaning tool you are using.

If you are already an electric toothbrush user or planning to use one, you probably wonder if electric toothbrushes cause aphthous stomatitis, commonly known as canker sores. Hence, if we analyze the side effects of an electric toothbrush, we can see that they are related to the cause of canker sores in the mouth!

However, most of the time, improper brushing techniques and vitamin deficiencies lead to several oral problems, so the toothbrush cannot be directly blamed. In fact, it is difficult to determine which factor is actually responsible for such problems.

We will help you hereby giving you as much information as possible. After reading the entire article, hopefully, all of your questions and confusion will be resolved.

Can electric toothbrushes cause canker sores?

Can a toothbrush cause canker sores?

You can’t blame a particular matter for having canker sores. It’s true that somehow the quality of toothbrushes plays a role in popping canker sores, but you should definitely know more of that. Take a look below.

  • Rough brushing: when you press hard on your teeth while brushing, it also hits the sensitive tissue of the inner cheek. and can cause canker sores.
  • Food sensitivities: It sounds weird, but it’s true that some fruits and vegetables that are high in citrus cause canker sores. Oranges, pineapples, lemons, and a few vegetables like tomatoes, are the foods that cause canker sores.
  • Use of harsh toothpaste: Sometimes you need to choose toothpaste according to the sensitivity of your oral tissue. The harsh chemicals of toothpaste may take one step ahead of canker sores.
  • Time of brushing: Brushing for more than two minutes decreases the condition of oral health.
  • Vitamin deficiency: canker sores caused by the lack of B12, folic acid, zinc, and iron. Calcium deficiency is another reason for developing canker sores.
  • Wearing dental braces: Dental braces cause continuous friction in the sensitive tissue that is in contact. The result of such continuous friction can raise problems like mouth ulcers. It can be caused if a minor injury occurs to the inside of the mouth due poorly fitting dental appliances or poor dental work.
  • Stress: When people are under stress, they bite their cheeks or lips. Sometimes that causes oral problems like fever blisters. This is how stress causes canker sores.
  • Hormonal Changes: Due to the menstrual period, women have hormonal changes like an increase in progesterone. That helps blistering oral problems.
  • Continuous friction of wisdom teeth: At a certain time, wisdom teeth lean sideways and start to rub against the cheek, while chewing. This continuous fact causes canker sores.

Here are some canker sore pictures,

What are the disadvantages of an electric toothbrush? (pros and cons)

Electric toothbrushes have the ability to give you the best brushing experience. However, like other electronic products, it has some limitations and lackings. Apart from the beneficial purpose, you must consider the disadvantages of electric toothbrushes.

Let’s learn some of its pros and cons too. Here we go.


  • The advanced timer of this particular toothbrush starts to remind you after two minutes of brushing.
  • The rotating, vibrating power helps clean teeth effectively.
  • Can be used upto 5-7 years. You just need to change the brush head every three months.
  • The little brush head and the medium bristle brush help to clean hard-to-reach areas of the mouth. 


  • Whether the brush is waterproof or water-resistant, electricity and water together are not compatible with each other. It’s quite dangerous if there is a small amount of water on an electric toothbrush while charging.
  • needs extra care.
  • It costs more than a manual toothbrush.
  • It is difficult to handle for older people and children as it needs to lower the vibration, oscillation, and rotation while brushing teeth and gums.

Need more information? Click here to know more about the advantages and side effects of using electric brushes.

Can electric toothbrushes cause canker sores?

What Vitamin Are You Lacking When You Get Canker Sores?

The problems with oral health happen because of vitamin deficiencies. The lack of B-12 deficiency is perhaps the most common reason behind all oral problems.

Additionally, the lack of zinc, folate, iron, and calcium is also responsible for developing these kinds of mouth ulcers. For instance, fever blisters, cold sores, herpes labialis, herpes simplex, lesion and oral herpes- all occur for a poor diet lifestyle.

How do I stop getting canker sores?

Maintaining basic hygiene of the mouth and intake of nutritious food helps get rid of such problems like canker sores. Not only that, there are some foods to avoid with canker sores. 

To make you more aware, below we are going to share some tips and precautions to treat canker sores. Take a look at the given table:


Why do my teeth hurt after using electric toothbrush?

When you get hurt using an electric toothbrush, it basically happens how you have used it. You have to be gentle while brushing, whether it’s an electric or manual toothbrush. Pressing hard through the toothbrush on the gums causes pain after brushing.

How long should you brush with an electric toothbrush?

According to the basic rules of brushing, it’s two times per day and for no longer or less than two minutes in every session.

Does mouthwash help with canker sores?

Mouthwash helps reduce the pain of canker sores as it works to kill bacteria that can irritate the site.

Can we use electric toothbrush daily?

Obviously, you can use an electric toothbrush. Just make sure the bristle of the brush is soft or medium-type and don’t be lazy to maintain simple brushing rules.

Are canker sores an autoimmune disease?

Not at all. You may confuse thinking chronic canker sores autoimmune are related. But canker sores do not seem to have any correlation with other autoimmune complaints.

How can I get relieved from canker sores immediately?

Canker sores are such painful experiences that you may wonder how to get rid of a canker sore in 24 hours when they appear. There is a vitamin B12 dosage for canker sores available that will provide you immediate relief. And also debacterol for cold sores also works for any type of mouth ulcers.


Finally, you have learned whether electric toothbrushes cause oral problems such as fever blisters, canker sores, and aphthous ulcers or not. Despite having some disadvantages of manual toothbrushes or an electric toothbrush, these are not really responsible for such problems.

Lack of nutrients, stress, hormonal imbalance, and above all, canker sores happen because of the excess pressure on tissue while brushing. So, be gentle while brushing; eat nutritious food; avoid hard-bristled toothbrushes; stay happy and healthy.

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