How To Fix Butane Torch That Won’t Stay Lit?

Butane torches have become both a necessity and a trendy item in everywhere from kitchens to bars. But if you are disappointed by the fact that the butane torch won’t fire or fails to stay lit, spend a few minutes reading the article!

Though the problem is common, the reason behind it is simple. Butane torches become useless because the fuel tank may get empty or the tank may be full of air. Another possible thing that can happen is that after ignition, it fails to spark. Moreover, sometimes it needs to adjust fuel from high to low.

But it’s a matter of relief that you can easily solve it. Hence, we are going to share with you some easy solutions to all the problems regarding the butane torch.

To give life to your lighter and to get a little idea about the propane torch, read the article thoroughly.

How To Fix Butane Torch That Won't Stay Lit?

What should I do if my butane torch won’t stay lit?

High-quality butane is always preferable for regular use. However, frequent use of a butane torch causes several issues over time, including butane gas lighters not lighting.

We have shared the reasons and some ideas for fixing your butane torch if it is not working perfectly. Check out the table below.

Why does my torch stop working after I refill it?

How To Fix Butane Torch That Won't Stay Lit?

Have you ever experienced things like a butane torch not working after refill? In fact, it happens when you refill your torch with fuel like butane. In most cases, it is caused by the following issues:

  • low temperatures of weather.
  • The air may get trapped in the gas tank.

Low temperatures:

Butane gas has a freezing point of -140 degrees Celsius and a boiling point of -2 degrees Celsius. That’s why a butane gas lighter doesn’t light in cold weather after being refilled with butane.


Keep the lighter closer to a warm place, like your skin. Or rub it by hand. After warming up, it may work.

The stuck air in the tank:

After refilling the butane in the gas tank, air gets trapped.


purge the tank or flip the lighter upside down and push the fill valve. Doing so, the air will come out easily. Do it until the liquid starts to come out.

How do you unclog a butane torch?

Butane torches are a highly demanded device in the kitchen. Therefore, you may notice oil and grease around the torch’s nozzle for the fact that the butane torch gets clogged after a certain time. However, you can clean it and unclog it by following a simple procedure.

  • Mix ¼ teaspoon of dish soap and mix this with a gallon of warm water.
  • Then clean the nozzle thoroughly with the mixture and rinse it.
  • After doing so, if the torch is unable to stay lit, change the nozzle.

Why won’t my propane torch stay lit?

The propane torch has some common issues that cause the torch to be unable to create a flame. The issues are simple and easy to solve. Now, let’s learn why propane torches like the Coleman propane torch won’t light. Here, the following facts are common: 

  • The ignitor needle gets displaced and goes too far away from the burner tube, failing to generate a spark. In that case, butane torch igniter replacement is the only solution.
  • The fuel cylinder has malfunctioned.
  • The torch tip or the tube is not clean enough.

How do you clean a butane torch tip:

You can solve these kinds of problems on your own. For this, you need some small tools, like,

  1. Precision screwdriver.
  2. a cotton bud to clean.
  3. long paint brush (if needed)

Step 1:

Detach the fuel cylinder from the propane torch with the help of the precision screwdriver.

Step 2:

Unscrew the nozzle from the tube.

Step 3:

Using a cotton bud, clean the nozzle.

Step 4:

Clean the whole tube with a cotton bud. In case the cotton bud fails to reach the inside of the tube, take a thin brush and clean it.

Step 5:

Reattach the tube to the fuel cylinder.

Finally, ignite your torch. I hope it will start to flame. As you can see, there is no need for any kind of fluid while cleaning.


Do you have to wait after refilling your butane lighter?

Yes, definitely. As butane is too cold in nature, after refilling the torch, it gets too cold and fails to produce a flame. So you have to warm it up by keeping it in touch with your skin or rubbing it until it adjusts the temperature of the room.

Should I shake my butane before filling it?

Yes, you should. After shaking the torch, the remaining air will escape and there will be no bubbles after refilling.


I hope this article has helped you understand why the butane torch won’t stay lit. However, despite using it properly, it sometimes malfunctioned.

Hence, choosing a good brand of butane helps it stay lit. Because of the brand of ultra-refined butane, it hardly accumulates dirt and causes less damage to the burner, resulting in a smoother flame and a longer torch life.

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