Best Shower Head to Save Water Reviews 2023 & Buyer’s Guide

Human beings can’t live without water. However, sweet water sources are increasingly scarce on the planet and global warming is making the situation worse.

Despite the imminent water crisis that humanity could face, most human beings continue to waste water without reason. Maybe, when you take a shower every morning, you consume more water than you need. To prevent this, it’s urgent that you install the best low flow shower head in your bathroom.

The best water saving shower head is specially designed to reduce consumption between 30%-75%. These gadgets use special valves, rubber washers and other elements to reduce water flow to minimum.

If you’re seriously thinking about changing the best high pressure shower head for a water-saving model, pay close attention to this article. Here you’ll learn how to choose the best model according to your requirements. You’ll also find a top 10 list with the top-selling shower heads of 2023.

Best Shower Head to Save Water Reviews 2023 & Buyer’s Guide

Best Shower Head to Save Water 2023

Benefits of Best Shower Head to Save Water

Saving water is always a good idea. So, there’s no better decision than installing the best shower head for low water pressure in your bathroom. That way, you’ll also save money and encourage other members of your family to do the same.

Below, you’ll find a list of benefits that you can get by installing the best handheld shower head for low water pressure at home.

Money Saving

Certainly, water-saving shower heads help you save money, because:

  • Reducewater consumption.
  • Reduce energy consumption.
  • Require low maintenance.
  • You can get one for less than $50.
  • You don’t need to pay someone else to install them for you.


Above all, water-saving shower heads are durable, because:

  • Have long lasting warranties.
  • Made with resistant materials.
  • Can resist high temperatures and high impacts.
  • Resistant to pathogens, limescale, rust and chlorine.
  • Their surface doesn’t scratch so easily.

Easy to Install

Also, water-saving shower heads are easy to install, because:

  • You don’t need too much tools during installation.
  • Installation materials come included.
  • The instructions are easy to understand.
  • You don’t need previous experience to install them.
  • You don’t need someone else’s help.


In addition, water-saving shower heads are versatile, because you can:

  • Vary the spray function.
  • Adjust the water pressure manually.
  • Use a handheld model to bathe your pet.
  • Focus the water string on certain parts of your body.
  • Increase and stabilize water pressure.

Top 10 Shower Head to Save Water Reviews

Every time you install the best shower heads to save water in your bathroom, you’re helping to save the planet. However, not all shower heads to save water are really effective. If you want to get the best results, you can only opt for the best of the best.

Below, you’ll find a top 10 list with the most popular water-saving shower heads on the Internet.

1. Heatsistance High Pressure Shower Head

The Heatsistance Shower Head is a great option for those who want to save water without sacrificing performance!

Heatsistance High Pressure Shower Head

This shower head has a number of features that make it water efficient, including small silicone nozzles that help to reduce water waste.

The Heatsistance shower head also has a high pressure spray stream, which can help to conserve water.


  • The installation process is fairly easy and it only takes a few seconds
  • Features anti-clog jets and nozzles that are easy to clean
  • Made out of silicone materials that is resistant to lime deposits
  • The chrome plated outer surface is rustproof
  • Controlling the water pressure is a bit difficult

It has a durable construction as it’s made of strong chrome plated ABS plastic. Furthermore, it features a customizable swivel ball joint that protects it from cracking and moisture damage.

2. Niagara Conservation Earth Spa Shower Head

It saves 30% of the water you spend with a normal shower head. In addition, it has three different spray functions: needle, massage and combination.

Niagara Conservation Earth Spa Shower Head

This product also includes a sturdy 72-inch stainless steel hose and wall mounting bracket. The plastic shower head is also resistant to rust and mold.

  • Saves 30% more water.
  • 3 Different spray functions.
  • Stabilizes water pressure.
  • Very fragile product.
  • Not the best to eliminate limescale.

Certainly, Niagara Conservation Earth Spa Shower Head is another excellent option for your shower. Its 3 different spray functions allow you to turn your shower into a spa. In addition, you can focus the water string on any part of your body, using the stainless steel hose. However, the shower head is made of plastic, which makes it very fragile.

3. PureAction SH388 Water Softener Shower Head

It has a built-in filter that eliminates toxic substances that can harm your skin, hair and nails. It also increases the pressure and reduces water consumption. In addition, it has 3 different spray functions: massage, rain and power rain.

PureAction SH388 Water Softener Shower Head

Certainly, this is the best handheld shower head for the money, because it also includes 2 additional water filter cartridges and a Teflon tape roll. It also has a 1-year warranty, which allows you to get a replacement in case of any failure.

  • 1-year warranty.
  • 3 Different spray functions.
  • It includes a water filter.
  • Very fragile product.
  • Not the best to eliminate limescale.

PureAction SH388 has more features than the best RV shower head. It certainly softens water, by eliminating limescale and other dissolved particles. However, the difference isn’t much compared to a regular shower head. So, if you’re looking for the best water head filter in the market, this certainly isn’t the best choice.

4.  Rain Shower Head with Handheld, Lanhado

The Rain Shower Head from Lanhado is a powerful shower that is also designed to save as much water as possible. 

Rain Shower Head with Handheld, Lanhado

Its air injection technology allows it to provide optimized performance at different water pressures. Moreover, it’s 11.5 inch long arm can be  adjusted 180 degrees, so you can easily get the angle that you need.

  • Easy to install
  • Comes with three different spray modes
  • Rainfall shower head is large and covers a lot of surface area
  • Handheld shower head has 9 different settings
  • The extension arm is a bit flimsy

This shower head comes with a water flow adjuster that will allow you control the water supply. That is how you’ll be able to effectively save water while using this shower head.

5. Wassern Elite 7 Function Shower Head

It has 7 different spray modes, much more than you can get from any other product. It also has a water saving button that reduces water flow instantly. Its 81 silicone jets increase water pressure and prevent limescale clogging.

Wassern Elite 7 Function Shower Head

You can use it as an overhead or handheld shower head. In Addition, its brass ball joint allows you to change the direction of water very easily.

  • 7 Different spray modes.
  • It increases water pressure.
  • It prevents limescale clogging.
  • Very fragile product.
  • It may crack and start leaking.

Certainly, Wassern Elite is one of the best handheld shower heads on the market. It has 7 different spray modes, so you can choose a different mode per each day of the week. It also increases water pressure and prevents limescale clogging. However, it’s too fragile and tends to break on its threaded joint.

6. High Sierra 1.5 GPM Shower Head

Certainly, High Sierra Shower Head is stronger and more durable than other products on the market. It’s completely made with metal and saves up to 40% of water. Its award-winning design is modern and matches with any décor style.

High Sierra 1.5 GPM Shower Head

You can control the water pressure at convenience using a trickle valve. It also has an angle swivel ball joint that allows you to change the direction of the water string.

  • Modern design.
  • Saves up to 40% of water.
  • You can control the water pressure.
  • The increase in water pressure isn’t considerable.
  • It may start leaking during first days of use.

High Sierra Shower Head has a striking design and is stronger than the best rated shower heads. However, it doesn’t increase water pressure as well as other products. In addition, it may start leaking from its swivel ball joint after installation.

7. Heatresistance High-Pressure Shower Head – Chrome

This high-pressure shower head can a great choice for those who are looking for an eco-friendly option. It is made with a water-saving nozzle that reduces water waste by up to 80%. And it is also designed to deliver a powerful, yet gentle, rain-like shower experience.

Heat Resistance High-Pressure Shower Head Chrome

Do not underestimate this showerhead because of its compact size, as it can output up to 2.5 GPM of water flow. It is made of high-quality ABS plastic and chrome-plated brass, making it both durable and corrosion-resistant.

  • Comes with a teflon tape for creating a leakproof seal
  • Features a water restrictor for limiting the water pressure
  • Made out of ABS materials that can be easily cleaned
  • Has a compact design
  • The design may not be suitable for everybody

This deluxe showerhead is capable of providing strong blasts of water to help you get clean during your shower.

8. Shower Head Fabulous Rainfall Shower Head

It has 5 different spray modes to provide the best showering experience. It’s also lightweight, durable and resistant. This shower head increases the water pressure, allowing the water string to reach a larger distance. Its flexible stainless steel hose also allows you to focus the water string on certain parts of your body.

Shower Head Fabulous Rainfall Shower Head

This product also includes a limited lifetime warranty. So, you can get a replacement in case of any failure.

  • 5 Different spray modes.
  • Its metal ball connection prevents leaks.
  • Made of plastic.
  • Very fragile product.

Certainly, this product is one of the best low-price alternatives in the market. It’s light and easy to use. You can focus the water string on different parts of your body thanks to its flexible stainless steel hose. However, the shower head is very fragile and can easily break if it accidentally falls to the floor.

9. PureAction SH225 Filtered Shower Head

It filters the water eliminating limescale, chlorine and other hazardous substances. It also increases the water pressure. So, you can get incredible results if you have an unstable inlet pressure. In addition, it’s completely made of metal for maximum resistance and durability.

PureAction SH225 Filtered Shower Head
  • Eliminates hazardous substances from water.>
  • It increases the water pressure.
  • Includes 2 additional filter cartridges.
  • The filter cartridges are very difficult to replace.
  • Made with cheap materials.

PureAction SH225 works as a shower head and water filter at the same time. It also increases the pressure of water, which is one of its most interesting features. However, it’s a too fragile product because it’s made with cheap materials. In addition, it’s very difficult to unscrew from the shower arm.

10. Nepwiz 15-Stage Shower Filter

It filters water in 15 stages. Nepwiz Shower Filter eliminates chlorine, limescale and other substances, providing superior water quality. It also adds vitamin C and other nutrients to water to rejuvenate your hair, skin and nails.

Nepwiz 15-Stage Shower Filter

In addition, this product includes 2 additional water filters. Each filter can last up to 6 months, depending on the quality of water.

  • Eliminates dangerous substances and bad odors.>
  • Adds vitamins and minerals to the water.
  • Includes 2 additional water filters.
  • Not the best shower head filter for hard water.
  • Not the best to remove chlorine smell.

In contrast with other shower head filters, this one uses more filtering layers to provide better results. However, it isn’t the best to eliminate limescale and bad odors. Also, its big size makes it less discrete, ruining the aesthetics of your shower.


Buying Guide-Shower Head to Save Water

Water is the most valuable natural resource. Water is an important part of our daily routine and without it we couldn’t live. However, sweet water is increasingly scarce in the world. Also, millions of people in the world don’t have access to good quality water.

Therefore, wasting water is like committing a crime and it makes no sense to continue doing that. Most people spend more water than they need while showering. If you never turn off the shower faucet while you soap up, you’re probably spending too many liters of water unnecessarily.

In cases like this, it’s better to install a new water-saving shower head. These products significantly reduce consumption and increase water pressure. Some models can filter the water and others vary the water spraying mode. Today, the best shower faucets to save water can do more than you imagine.

In this buying guide you’ll learn everything you need to know about shower heads to save water. The best materials and the best features you need to have a superior showering experience. So, pay close attention to the tips you’ll find here. That way, you’ll be better prepared to choose wisely.

Water Saving

The amount of water you consume in the shower depends primarily on two things:

  • Available water pressure.
  • Time you spend showering.

First of all, it’s recommended not to spend more than 5 minutes per shower. That way you’ll reduce water consumption considerably. However, if the water pressure is very high, the consumption will remain high, regardless of the time you spend in the shower.

Usually, the maximum recommended water pressure for homes is close to 80 psi. However, it can vary considerably depending on the water service in the neighborhood.

In the past, a standard shower head could deliver between 5-8 gpm with a water pressure of 80 psi. However, the new standard is 2.5 gpm at the same water pressure. In places where water service is too expensive, it’s convenient to reduce consumption even more.

Actual water-saving shower heads can deliver 1.6 gpm at 80 psi. That’s 36% less water consumption compared with a normal shower head. However, in the market there are shower heads with a higher percentage of savings. Usually, this value varies between 30%-75%.

In these cases, the rule is simple. The higher the percentage, the better. Best shower heads use built-in valves or special inserts to reduce the water pressure. Also, the diameter of the water jets can tell you if the shower head really saves water. The smaller the diameter, the lower the water consumption.

Shower Head Type

Basically, there are 3 types of shower heads:

  • Regular.
  • Stationary.
  • Hand-held.

It’s a fact that hand-held models are the best for saving water and energy. For example, regular shower heads are located at a certain distance from your body. During the time the hot water string crosses that distance to reach your body, it becomes colder. That forces you to increase the temperature of water, so that it reaches your body hot.

When you do that, you’re increasing the consumption of electrical energy. However, hand-held models allow you to focus the water string on certain areas of your body. That way, the distance is less and the water reaches at higher temperature. In addition, when you reduce the distance, you also reduce the pressure and water consumption.

Certainly, hand-held shower heads are much more expensive than the rest because they include additional elements such as:

  • Wall mounting bracket.
  • Flexible hose.

    Best hand-held shower heads allow regulating the output pressure by operating a valve on the handle or rotating an external ring in the shower head. Others increase and stabilize the pressure using rubber washers or special valves.


    Above all, the best shower head to save water must be resistant to water. And the best materials for this purpose are: plastic, brass and stainless steel. Plastic models are water resistant but very fragile. So, your plastic hand-held shower head could easily break if it falls to the ground.

    In addition, plastic tends to lose its resistance with high temperatures. So, it isn’t the best material for hot water. In addition, plastic shower heads tend to lose their external paint coating with use, affecting their aesthetics. In addition, mold may easily adhere to the surface.

    If you use a white plastic shower head, the black mold stains will be visible and very difficult to remove.

    Brass models, on the other hand, are more resistant than plastic. Also, they have a great variety of coatings that blend well with different décor styles. You can find them in chrome, golden and oil rubbed finishes. However, brass is also a fragile material and can be easily broken with excessive stress.

    So, you must be careful not to tighten too much the shower head to the shower arm. You may break the shower head when trying to uninstall it. Also, the thread notches could wear out.

    Certainly, best water-saving shower heads are made of stainless steel. This material is resistant to water, high temperatures and high impacts. In addition, it adds a touch of luxury and elegance to any bathroom, raising its aesthetic value. Usually, these models are the most expensive in the market, but they’re worth every penny.

    Spraying Modes

    Certainly, best shower head models can’t only save water. They can also change the shape of the water string, taking the showering experience to a whole new level. In the market you can find models with more than 5 different spray modes. So, if you want to transform your shower into your personal spa, this is certainly the kind of product that you need to buy.

    Big shower heads with many water jets are the best of all. This configuration allows covering a larger area using less water. However, the more water jets are in the shower head, the smaller they tend to be. This can be a big con, especially if you have hard water at home.

    Hard water has a high concentration of calcium salts, which tend to clog water jets. If you want to escape from this problem, always choose silicone or rubber water jets. These materials have a non-stick surface, preventing limescale accumulation.

    Filtering Properties

    Some shower heads to save water also function as filters to improve the water quality. Best of all use different filtering stages to remove pathogens and dangerous substances such as:

    • Cadmium.
    • Mercury.
    • Lead.
    • Chlorine.
    • Pesticides.

    Obviously, the more filtering layers the shower head has, the bigger it will be. Best models have the water filter located just above the shower head. On the other hand, some models have the water filter cartridge inside the shower head. However, these models aren’t very efficient and the filter stops working after first weeks of use.

    Good water filters are always heavy. The usual range for shower head filters is between 1-3 lbs. So, if your shower head filter weighs less than that, it’s simply useless. To verify the filtering qualities of the product, it’s convenient to take a look at the components of each layer.

    Coconut activated carbon and ceramic spheres are common ingredients in these filters. However, others may include Germanium and magnetite, which ionize water. Ionized water has a relaxing effect on the body and is beneficial for the skin.

    Best models go further and add vitamins and minerals to water. They use small spheres of slow dissolution that dose the optimum concentration of nutrients. Over time, your skin, hair and nails will look better. You won’t even have to use conditioner to soften your hair.


    The best shower heads are always easy to install. So, if you need too many tools to screw a shower head to a shower arm, it’s better not to buy. Best models include all the necessary materials for installation, including Teflon tape.

    Usually, installing a shower head isn’t difficult. However, things could get a bit complicated when trying to replace the water filter cartridge. Usually, this cartridge is located inside hard plastic or metal casings.

    Threaded casings are the best, because you only need to turn counterclockwise to open them. However, pressure sealed casings are more difficult to open. Even many users on the Internet have hurt their hands trying to open them. So, before buying, make sure the water filter cartridges are easy to replace.


    Your water-saving shower head is also a decorative element. And it must blend with the decoration of your bathroom. In the market you’ll find many different elements. Some modern and others more classic. Before buying, check out the design and imagine how it will look installed in your bathroom.

    The external coating and the color of the shower head are also important. Modern and minimalist bathrooms look great with chromed shower heads. On the other hand, oil rubbed metal shower heads blend better in bathrooms of classic style.

    If you opt for plastic models, you’ll also find them in a wide variety of different colors. Choose an option that blends well with the color of your wall tiles.


    Certainly, the product you choose must have a long lasting warranty. Low quality models don’t offer any type of warranties because their manufacturers know that they won’t last long. Usually, too cheap products break during the installation process or may crack with the high water pressure.

    Best models have lifetime warranties, which means you can get a replacement in case of failures, regardless of time. However, you only have the chance to change your old shower head once.

    Before buying, verify that the product has a warranty. Otherwise, it’s better not to buy. Also, check out the product reviews and check if other buyers have managed to use their warranties.

    Many manufacturing companies have an awful customer service. So, when you try to contact them to claim a replacement or return, they disappear and don’t answer your messages.


    Certainly, you may confuse yourself trying to choose from so many options available in the market. Therefore, the risk of choosing wrong becomes higher when you don’t know well which brands are good and which are not. Don’t be fooled by deceptive offers and better opt for the best selling brands.

    In this article you’ll know which are the 3 best brands of shower heads to save water. Certainly, if you choose any of them, you can be sure that you’ll make a good investment of your money.

    Good brands always offer long lasting warranties for their products. If you contact them, you’ll always receive a satisfactory response. Best of all, shower heads from well known brands are more durable and can last a lifetime.


    Internet is full of false information. In many shopping websites you’ll find products that promise to make miracles. Then you buy them and you end up receiving a piece of trash. So, where can you find the answers to all your questions? The answer is simple: Internet reviews.

    Many buyers often share their opinions and personal experiences with certain products. That way, they can help other future buyers to make a better decision. In many shopping websites you can find reviews about many products. However you must be careful.

    Some sellers pay other users with verified accounts to write good reviews about their products. This strategy is one of the most effective and frequently used by experienced sellers to convince people to buy something unusable.

    So, it’s convenient that you take a look at different review websites like this one to get a clear idea of ​​the product quality. Some websites also allow you to rate the product using a 5-star system. In these cases, choose products with 4 or 5 stars.

    Also verify the reputation of the seller. Some irresponsible sellers ignore your messages when there are problems or you’re demanding a refund of your money. Check if other buyers who had problems with their shower heads have received a timely response from the seller.


    Certainly, the price is the most important thing for many buyers. In the market you can find cheap and expensive options. Usually, cheap models don’t exceed $50. However, the risk of buying a low quality product is high.

    On the other hand, there are expensive models with many more features than a regular shower head that can exceed $100 in price. If you’re looking for a durable and resistant product, it’s better to opt for an expensive model. However, you must be careful or you could end up spending a small fortune on an imitation.

    As said before, stainless steel hand-held models are the most expensive. However, they’re also the most efficient in saving water and energy. In addition, they allow you to focus the water string on certain parts of your body. So, they’re certainly the best option to invest your money.

    If you don’t want to spend too much money, it’s better to look for different prices in the market. You can visit the official product website, physical stores and shopping websites. Then calculate the average value of all prices. After that, choose the product with the price closest to the calculated value.

    If you don’t have too much money to buy a new model, you can opt for models from previous years. Many sellers usually sell half-price those old items that were never sold due to their high price. So, stay alert to any possible offer.

    Best Brands of Shower Head to Save Water

    Currently, generic products abound in the market. This fact considerably increases the risk of choosing wrong. However, that would never happen if you always opt for the most reliable brands in the market.

    Below you’ll find valuable information about the 3 best manufacturers of shower heads to save water.

    1. WASSA

    WASSA is the top-selling brand of water-saving shower heads on the Internet. Its products are tough, durable and easy to install. In addition, they increase and stabilize water pressure, providing a more pleasant showering experience.

    WASSA shower heads have luxurious designs and considerably improve the aesthetic value of any bathroom. Certainly, WASSA is the best option to save water with style.

    2. Niagara Conservation

    Niagara Conservation is one of the most recognized brands of water saving products in the United States. Currently, its headquarters is located in Texas. It started on 1977, when its founder Bill Cutler developed his first model of a water-saving shower head.

    Since then, Niagara Conservation continues in its commitment to develop new technologies to preserve water for future generations.

    3. High sierra

    This company began in 2006, when its founder, David Malcolm developed a special nozzle to turn a water string into a light rain with drops of uniform size. David is an agricultural irrigation expert focused on developing new water-saving technologies.

    High Sierra shower heads provide only 1.5 gpm. This is 40% less water consumption compared to a regular shower head. So, if you pay too much money on water bills, this is the product you need.

    Shower Head to Save Water FAQs

    If you have too many questions and haven’t yet found the answers you’re looking for, don’t worry. You’ll certainly find all the information you require on the following FAQs section.

    Q1. How to replace a shower head arm?

    Answer: First of all, remove the shower head, turning counterclockwise. Then, remove the old shower arm. If it’s stuck, cover it with a dry cloth and remove it using a channellock. Finally, install the new shower arm and the shower head.

    Q2. How to install a shower arm?

    Answer: To install a shower arm, follow the same procedure explained previously.

    Q3. How to remove shower head without wrench?

    Answer: If you don’t have a wrench at home, you can use a dry cloth to prevent scratches on the surface and remove using a channellock.

    Q4. How to remove flow restrictor from Moen handheld shower head?

    Answer: To remove the flow restrictor form a Moen handheld shower head, you must follow these steps:

    • First, uninstall the shower head using a dry cloth to prevent scratches and a channellock.
    • Then, remove the O ring inside the thread of the shower head.
    • After that, gently tap the threaded end of the shower head against the palm of your hand.
    • Remove the screen.
    • Then, move the neck of the shower head until you find the flow restrictor.
    • Finally, remove the flow restrictor using needle-nose pliers.
    Q5. What is the best way to clean a shower head?

    Answer: To remove mold, limescale and soap scum accumulated on the surface of a shower head, mix equal parts of water and vinegar in a container. Then, soak the shower head overnight in the solution. The next morning, remove the accumulated waste using a dry cloth.

    Q6. What is the usual water consumption of a regular shower head?

    Answer: The usual water consumption of regular shower heads is 2.5 gpm at 80 psi.

    Q7. How can you reduce water consumption?

    Answer: To reduce water consumption, don’t spend more than 5 minutes per shower and install special shower heads and water-saving gadgets on your shower.

    Final Verdict

    Certainly, saving water these days is more important than ever. Installing shower heads to save water is the best way to show your concern for the planet. By saving water, you’re helping to build a better future for the following generations. In addition, you’ll spend less money on water and electricity bills.

    You can learn more How To Stop Shower Head Drooping Down?

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