Are Hair Dryers Dangerous?

Hair dryers are a popular household item used daily across all ages and gender. A hair dryer is an accessory used to dry your hair after washing to give you a sleek, pleasing look. But this question may linger to your mind: are hair dryers dangerous? No way, rather hair dryers are safe at home, but can also be dangerous if mishandled!

Therefore, you must understand how to use the tool properly without causing damage to your hair or the user. Like all other electrical appliances, hair dryers can be harmful, which calls for caution and common sense.

Are Hair Dryers Dangerous?

Are hair dryers harmful?

Is dryer harmful for hair? A dryer can harm your hair if not handled with notice concerning the heat you use to dry your hair.

Are Hair Dryers Dangerous?

Hair dryers absorb the moisture in your hair to leave it dry by producing hot air. However, they can harm your hair, as the hot air can lead to brittle or fried hair. While a hair dryer can damage your hair, you can limit the risk of using it properly.

The heat hair dryers can be detrimental to your hair shaft, leading to split ends over time. You can use the coolest air on hair dryers to reduce damage and still get the same results.

Are ionic hair dryers dangerous?

Ionic hair dryers aren’t safe for frequent use, primarily if used for a long time. During use, they build an electromagnetic field, which can be harmful. They’re more costly than ceramic options and also other traditional hair dryers. In addition, it’s not suitable for styling, especially in thin air, as it leaves it limp and tired.

Do hair dryers give off radiation?

Are Hair Dryers Dangerous?

Yes, hair dryers emit radiation just like a smartphone. When the dryer is on, it creates cesspools of radiation, and the user is exposed to them. You may think that the radiation from a hair dryer isn’t as harmful as your smartphone produces; no way, think again.

Although the spectrums of radiation between the two may vary, their quantum is the same. For instance, a hair dryer running for five minutes will emit the same radiation as a smartphone when receiving a call.

Are ceramic hair dryers safe?

Ceramic hair dryers are safe and ideal for all hair types. It distributes heat evenly to your hair, maintaining its health. Further, ceramic hair dryers are harmless, non-toxic, and heat-resistant, thanks to the material of origin.

They emit non-damaging infrared beams that help blood circulation. These options heat up fast and work gently to dry your hair from the inside out, hence preventing excess damage.

Are tourmaline hair dryers safe?

As mentioned above, ceramic dryers discharge non-toxic infrared heat. Now, you may want to know, are infrared hair dryers dangerous? Well, infrared hair dryers are safer and more gentle on your hair than other options. A good example is the tourmaline hair dryers, which produce gentle heat and -ve ions, which dry or style your hair ideally to give it a shinier and less kinky finish. 

They also allow your hair to tolerate higher heat levels without getting damaged.

Can hair dryers cause fires?

Emphatically yes. If hair dryers are left running and unsupervised, they can cause fires. Like other modern accessories in the household, they are meant to better our lives through convenience.

Anything with a heating element can be hazardous if mishandled, and this happens mostly when the human factor comes in. People are fond of using appliances for purposes other than what they’re designed to do. For instance, using a hair dryer to dry damp sheets without supervision can quickly start a fire.

Are old hair dryers dangerous?

Old hair dryers can be dangerous as they wear out slowly, depending on the brand and how regularly they’re used. A hair dryer’s lifespan is nine years if used for about eight minutes or less daily.

Although some brands are built to last for extended, daily use for prolonged periods can wear them out gradually. Therefore, if you notice mishaps like a messy finish with your old hair dryer, it’s time to replace it with a modern option.

How likely is a dryer to catch fire?

The typical hair dryer is a plastic tube with electric elements that generate heat up to 1500 watts. This means it can get hot, and if there’s any fault, the heat can eventually cause the outer plastic to melt and burn or electrocution.

The scenario is possible when the human error comes to play, like leaving the dryer unattended, yet it’s powered. In addition, using a dryer for other purposes other than primary tasks can also trigger fires. Further, faulty wiring can also cause a dryer to catch fire.

Hair dryer safety measures

Human error is responsible for most accidents in our homes. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission states that human actions can trigger fires. And here are safety measures you should adhere to when using a hair dryer.

  • Disconnect it from the power source after use.
  • Don’t use a hair dryer when bathing.
  • Keep it far from a basin or tub.
  • If it falls in a wet area or water, don’t reach for it, but switch off the power immediately.
  • Keep the openings clear to allow proper function of the appliance.

How do you properly dry your hair?

Before using a hair dryer on wet hair, ensure that you squeeze the excess moisture with a towel. This way, the dryer will take a shorter time to dry your hair.

Additionally, your hair will be exposed to less heat, which can weaken and damage it. Use the low heat setting on your dryer and dry it in sections to make the job easier and distribute heat evenly from the scalp. Whether in a rush or not, ensure you use the right tools, like a power source and nozzle, to dry your hair.

Is it better to let your hair dry naturally or with a towel?

You can use a towel to dry your hair, but you must do it well to avoid frizzy, puffy, or tangled results. Drying your hair naturally is also an option if you have enough time to sit in the sun. Remember always to use a towel that’s 100% cotton to gently squeeze out water from hair without rubbing it.

You can twist or wring the hair in a cotton towel to reduce drying time as it absorbs water 27X its weight. Alternatively, you can use a microfiber towel to soak up extra moisture from your hair gently.

Final Verdict

Are hair dryers dangerous? No. However, hair dryers can be hazardous if mishandled or used for the wrong purpose. As a common household item, dryers can only become dangerous if human errors happen.

For this reason, you should treat a hair dryer with precaution like any other electric appliance in your home. Use a hair dryer for the intended purpose, keep it away from the shower or tub, and switch it off when done.

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