Ants On Toothbrush Indicate Diabetes?

Ants are found everywhere, especially in places like plant tubs, food, or even on toothbrushes. However, we are familiar with so many weird myths relating to ants. One of them is that ants on toothbrushes indicate diabetes. Ants On Toothbrush Indicate Diabetes?

Well, that sounds interesting, but is this even true? If true, there must be some scientific explanation. So here we are going to share some information to help you learn whether it’s true or just misspoken.

If you have any confusion regarding the fact, read this article. Hope you will find your answer.

Ants On Toothbrush Indicate Diabetes?Ants On Toothbrush Indicate Diabetes?
Ants On Toothbrush Indicate Diabetes?

Can ants tell if you have diabetes?

Sometimes, in the case of diabetes patients, improper filtration of the kidney happens. That causes excretion of glucose molecules while urinating. That can attract ants. Besides that, some other factors of urine make the ants come into the toilet. Those are:

  1. Strong smell of urine: the strong smell of ammonia in urine attracts ants.
  2. Energy sources: urine contains large amounts of glucose. Ants take it as an energy source.
  3. Minerals sources: Urine contains minerals like calcium to help ants form a harder exoskeleton. That’s why ants are attracted to urine.
  4. Sweet taste of urine: Sometimes due to malfunction of the kidney causes urine that tastes sweet. As ants like sweets, they are attracted to urine.

Excess glucose or a sweet taste in the urine may indicate that something is wrong. You may take it as a symptom of diabetes ants in the toilet. In this way, ants can make you alert, but it doesn’t mean that you have diabetes. To clear up confusion, what you can do is test your sugar level.

Why do ants come to my toothbrush?

Ants are attracted to your toothbrush because you may not clean it properly. Hence, the stuck food or toothpaste in the bristle of the brush attracts the ant. Not only that, the sweet aroma, chemicals from toothpaste also attracted the ants. That’s why ants come to the toothbrush.

Why do ants come to my toothbrush?

Does toothpaste attract ants?

It’s a very common fact that toothpaste can attract ants. Certainly, any type of toothpaste contains sorbitol, which is known as an artificial sweetener. As we know, sorbitol is made from sugar and corn syrup. Usually, processed foods like corn syrup make ants go crazy. So it’s natural that ants are attracted to toothpaste.

Besides toothpaste, ants also like certain types of mouthwash for the same reason. But if you ask: do ants like mint toothpaste? The answer will be maybe not, because ants hate the mint smell.

Does toothpaste attract ants?

How do I keep ants out of my toothpaste?

Ants dislike certain kinds of smells that come from natural ingredients. Some say vinegar for ants in the bathroom helps to get rid of ants. But in this way, ants won’t go away permanently. To get rid of ants permanently, follow the simple steps given below,

Step 1: Combine 1 cup of warm water with 12 teaspoons borax and 8 spoons sugar.

Step 2: Mix the ingredients together until the solution dissolves.

Step 3: saturate a cotton ball into that.

Step 4: block off any possible entry points.

Step 5: After the ants stop coming, remove the cotton ball.

If nothing works, you can apply a commercial non-toxic, less toxic or natural spray to get rid of ants.

In case ants are attracted to toothbrushes, you can keep your brush in a brush holder or container where air can easily pass. Since ants are tiny creatures, they can easily get into the brush holder somehow. The only solution is to keep natural ingredients like the following:

  • Cinnamon or cinnamon leaves,
  • White vinegar, 
  • black pepper, 
  • cardamon,
  • paper mint,
  • Dry lemon or orange peel,
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth

Keep any of these in the brush holder along with the toothbrush. Ants can’t tolerate these smells.


How do you get rid of a sugar ant infestation?

Basically, ants follow the smell of food. First of all, keep your food in a safe place where ants can’t reach it. And also keep some natural ingredients at the probable entry points of ants. If there is a hole in the wall or cracked tiles, seal it off. These simple steps can help you get rid of a sugar ant infestation. 

How do I know if I have an ant infestation?

If there are a few ants visible in your house, that means they have already made colonies outside of your home. And also come in search of food sources. It is a big sign that your home will be infested.

Why are there ants in my room?

Despite the fact that there is no food, an ant can come to your house. It’s not that ants only come to the house for food. If it makes you think, then why do ants come to my house or room? It happens because of the high humidity, warmth, and dark environment in your room that makes the ants come to your house.

What smells do ants dislike?

Black pepper, peppermint, cinnamon, vinegar, and citrus have a strong odor that ants can’t tolerate.

Why do ants suddenly appear in my bathroom?

Seeing ants in the bathroom may make you think about how to get rid of ants in bathroom. First of all, it may happen if you don’t wash your bathroom properly. So keep it clean. Besides that, ants love the chemical odor, the musty smell that comes from the drain, and even fermented hair. That attracts the ants to suddenly appear in the bathroom.


Overall, reading the article, now you should know that, “ants on toothbrushes indicate diabetes” is of course a misconception.

So never go with the myths, misconceptions, or folk tales. Test your blood, kidney, and sugar levels to know if you have diabetes or other health issues.

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